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As a team of blockchain engineers, full-stack developers, and UX designers, Strivemindz offers real-time dApp development services.

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What is dApp Development?

dApp stands for decentralized applications, and the term is usually used in relation to blockchains. dApps are typically developed using web technologies like any other web application. The main difference is that dApps use smart contracts to interact with blockchain platforms. dApp is a software application which runs prominently on P2P network of computers. Not like applications that run on single computer, dApp is backend code that runs on a decentralized P2P Network. The frontend development of dApp is entirely focused on: Java, Java-Script, Python and many others (Basically preferred for app development) Developing backend for dApp is a smart move, we need to re-discover many logical patterns and then come up with techniques like blockchain and smart contracts.

Our dApp Development Services

As a company providing dApp development services, we help businesses gain an edge in the competitive blockchain landscape through smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and metaverse virtual worlds. With our experience, involved tech team provides the software that is made with the latest technologies available in the market, to give an optimised solution of the problem in the software to every customer connected with us. The services we provide covers almost everything

dApp Developers

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Why Should You Choose our dApp Development Company?

Strivemindz is a leading dApp development company in UK, India & USA, providing highly scalable decentralized blockchain dApp development services to its clients and enabling them to become the innovators of blockchain technology. dApp is already getting recognition in the business sector, and that is quite surprising. As the blockchain and IT sectors are developing themselves, the decentralized applications can become the leading cause of your success. Because the world is looking for connectivity among the different parts of the worldand through this connectivity can be easily achieved. Being a company in the same field we have observed the trend and we feel DAPP is becoming more populareach day.

Big IT and Tech companies are turning towards decentralized applications for securing a position in the state of their business and getting success in the future.

Hire dApp Developers

Our dApp development team comprises in of software developers that are expert in the required skills, energetic to work with you, and diligent while engaging with you. So, that you can get someone who can carve a path for you for building your own dApp based application.

Having enough experience with some of the leading names in the financial service industry, we understand the importance of technology and the way it is connecting and changing with the in time.

Join us in this journey to get one of the most innovative, unique and beyond thinking solutions with a help of every new tech stack out in the market that can help you stand out.

dApp Development Technology Stack

We connect brands and influencers with similar goals and conjecture. The brands increase their visibility and number of users, and the influencers get better opportunity to choose for project and better deals.


It is a global accessible open source platform for DAPP. It is used to write codes, control digital values, and follow exact instructions.


It is one of the best platforms for the usage of the blockchain technology

It is an open source community

It mainly focuses on libraries for enterprise grade blockchain deployments, tools and framework.


It is an open source platform specially used for blockchain development platform for businesses. The apps that are built on this platform are called CorDapps. It enables you to secure your privacy using smart contracts.


It is a platform for digital payment which ensures safe and secure payment options, It also provides a collaboration platform for the financial systems It also gives you the ability to create, trade and send all types of digital money.


This open source platform is used to create decentralized web based applications. The platform is widely used to create the blockchain based operating systems. The app created with the platform is flexible enough to use and give the accurate result. The company can rely on this platform.

Hedera Hashgraph

It is owned and governed by some of the world’s leading organizations. It is a distributed ledger technology which is widely used for startups, enterprises, and individuals.

What is our Approach?

We provide you facilities that will full-fill all your needs.

  • Fabricate the dApp frontend design using UI and UX interfaces.
  • Create customized dApp Development.
  • Build safe and efficient exchange solutions.
  • Allow secure cryptocurrency and trade exchange.
  • Provide tested app using different techniques.
  • Maintain your dapp.
  • Can give smart Contract development.
  • Tested on both manual and automatic technologies .
  • Result oriented program and development.

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