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Grow your enterprise and startup business online with our custom B2B/B2C development solutions integrated with the latest technology to keep your sales and revenue ever growing with a strong customer upfront. Our solutions are designed to help businesses connect with each other and customers.


Increase Your Sales With Our B2B/B2C Portal Development Services

B2B/B2C is connecting customers and businesses together and digital evolution is doing the same, it has brought consumers and enterprises, startups, etc close. The increased use of smartphones has completely changed the way how people interact and practice trade nowadays.

B2B and B2C mean trade between business to business and business to consumer respectively. B2B’s purpose is to connect with more and more businesses and B2C wants to reach more and more customers. Both want to increase their sales and bring in more profit and revenue while cutting down sales costs. At Strivemindz, we follow a mantra of selling smarter and faster to keep your business ahead of your competitors. Our proficient developers, business and sales analyst along with marketing team build highly tailored solutions to understand your customer base and develop the right strategies to lock them in.

Our solutions are user-friendly and highly interactive with the latest and trending UI/UX to attract the right audience. Our B2B portals allow entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups to come together and develop a collaborative business strategy. We develop methods and actions to cut your operational cost and expand your business to boost your customer base with reduced inventory and warehouse expanses. Our developers create world-class websites and apps to sell services and goods directly to customers.

Our B2C applications are highly scalable and interactive. Our marketing and strong SEO optimization tend to attract more potential buyers and create brand awareness which alternatively increases sales and productivity.

Why Your B2B/B2C Business Require To Be Online!!

Turn your business into a selling magnet with our highly functional and efficient B2B/B2C platform, portal, web & mobile app development solutions.

Draws In New Clients

Online presence helps in building brand value, and reputation and attracts new clients as you are no longer geographically limited, it increases your reach and credibility. Websites will help you connect with your clients and build a community. You can showcase your products, services, etc. to generate more leads by convincing customers of the adequate resources and expertise your business comes with. It builds the trust of existing and prominent customers with the brand and enhances its value and position in the market.


B2B/B2C businesses with online presence and stores save up a lot of infrastructure costs. Online websites, platforms, and mobile apps are a cost-effective solution in comparison to a physical store. It provides an opportunity for people to start their business and drives entrepreneurship and raises the bar of startup culture. It cuts down several unnecessary costs which in turn brings in more profit and adds to sales.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Our developers are experts in designing highly customized websites and mobile apps to keep you ahead in the game. We provide marketing, and SEO optimization services as well to generate more leads and drive traffic towards your websites and social profiles. Better SEO will surely keep you strong in the market and a preferred choice among your prospective customers. We apply the latest trends and digital marketing skills to promote your business to bring in more sales and revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Strivemindz holds years of experience in website and app development solutions. We provide our clients with perfect solutions for B2B/B2C web/app development, branding, marketing, etc. Our team of developers is well experienced and experts in building solutions that bring profitable returns. Our UI/UX designers, marketing, and SEO experts work together to develop futuristic, efficient, and appealing solutions. Our software solutions are loaded with the latest features and technology.
B2B and B2C stand for business to business sell or purchase and business to consumer sell respectively. Our platform will enlist all your services, products, etc. to help your end-user see them, understand them and then make a purchase. We provide marketing with SEO management to help you reach your target audience.
Yes absolutely. Our developers can design all kinds of digital solutions such as website development, mobile app development, portal, etc. as per your business requirements.
Yes, our software solutions come integrated with different and required third-party integrations to provide the utmost user experience.
Our developers hold years of experience and industry expertise in building complex, feature-rich, robust, and highly scalable projects. Our UI/UX designers are proficient in designing user-friendly, engaging UI which are easy to navigate and use. We have previously developed projects with different levels of complexities and have delivered outstanding results.

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