Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce consultation, configuration, customisation, migration, integration, and support are all included in Salesforce implementation services. Strivemindz specialises in CRM development, assisting businesses in implementing dependable Salesforce solutions to fuel their sales, customer support, and marketing activities.

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Salesforce Implementation Services for Your Business

Salesforce came up with the decision to be a part of this world because of the emerging requirement to stay competitive in the tech savvy era. Salesforce IoT allows the business to develop smart customer profiles and it puts data regardless of network, time,location and devices. Not only this but it also helps in the implementation of inventive iot engagement rules.Salesforce linked with IoT personalizes results with salesforce iot harnessing iot data to develop and deploy proactive sales marketing or various business processes. At Strivemindz,with the implementation of salesforce, iot service can be offered along with improved customer experience and also it locates the problems at a faster pace. Our Salesforce implementation services hold the caliber to catch up with the events and resulting data of customers. The iot cloud is connected to salesforce clouds like sales cloud marketing,cloud app, cloud community, cloud and service, cloud iot that helps to assist the potential of salesforce for proactive engagement with customers and employees. By the implementation of salesforce iot cloud the product can be increased and the business will be able to close more deals and find new customers very easily. Salesforce iot is all about connecting devices and also linking an organisation or business to the customers across the various connected devices. Iot cloud provides details on how customers employ the internet of things that would allow the companies to define how they offer service linked to businesses and also improve their approach to new clients in those industries.

Best Salesforce Implementation you can get

Strivemindz's Salesforce Implementation Process


Salesforce assistance

We examine your current company needs and create business objectives that Salesforce should serve (enhancing salespeople's productivity, shortening sales cycles, or developing a holistic customer perspective). Then we go through how to use Salesforce features to meet your business goals and the adjustments and integrations required to make the solution utterly compliant with your needs. We also meticulously organise the implementation process to ensure that each stage is completed on time and within budget.


Configuration and personalisation

We can customise your Salesforce solution in two methods, each with its level of complexity, expense, and platform change. First, configuration entails using point-and-click tools to change Salesforce's default capabilities. On the other hand, customisation is a development procedure that allows you to fine-tune the platform using Apex code if you need large-scale adjustments to fulfil your company goals.



We undertake integrations to guarantee that your Salesforce solution works flawlessly with third-party systems, including ERP, e-commerce platforms, and document management systems. That data flows between connected apps are visible.

Data migration from an outdated CRM

We migrate your data into the new Salesforce solution without losing or corrupting it, causing system outages, or disrupting your business activities. Because your legacy data was analysed and organised before to transfer, it is well-structured and ready to use as soon as it is moved. We build data formatting principles to help maintain data quality after being migrated.

Training for the users

We offer Salesforce training to assist customers in adapting to the capabilities of the given Salesforce-based solution, make the greatest use of Salesforce default and custom features, and maximise employee productivity.


After QA engineers test a bespoke Salesforce-based solution in the development environment, the solution is moved to the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment, where representatives from the customer firm may sample the solution's functionality and ensure it works as expected. If the customer approves the project, Strivemindz's professionals deploy the new Salesforce solution to the customer's production environment and make it available to their staff.

After-launch assistance

At the start of Salesforce usage, we provide on-demand after-launch support services (for instance, during the first three months after launch). In addition to user training, these services allow for the fine tweaking of features and the implementation of initiatives to improve user acceptance (resolve any Salesforce-related issues, provide release notes, etc.).

Why Choose Strivemindz for Salesforce Implementation Services?

We have an experienced salesforce IoT consultant that personalizes the apps so that the clients can enjoy enhanced customer service along with faster response. We offer Rapid delivery, Agile methods, proficient and skill developers, extensive customer satisfaction, 100% customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, active support,maintenance and the best salesforce services to the company.Many companies trust strivemindz consider this as a one stop destination to solve all their problems.

What are our salesforce cloud offerings

At strivemindz our expert salesforce Iot developers hold deep knowledge and proficiency that helps them to perform towards enhanced integration and iot. They try very hard to offer resources that can increase productivity and enhance the revenue of a company efficiently.

Create connected customer profiles

In the salesforce IoT cloud, a person can develop comprehensive customer profiles that are linked to the product and also these connected customer profiles are linked to all the devices in the position of customers with data coming from such devices. Unique custom profiles are developed based on potential parameters that allows the user to proactively immerse with the customer device to files.It also helps to sketch a comprehensive image of the customers of a company that allows engagement with them and makes the work of personalization easy.

Customer context

The machine learning aspect that belongs to the salesforce IoT cloud stores customer context and analyses the past behaviours and actions when crafting decisions in real time. It keeps a track of the history of the customer, location of the customer and service history and also helps to unite with IoT device data to offer the company a complete image of what's going on.

Lead generation

With the products that are linked to the cloud, the sales team holds the caliber to come up with the updated items that are close to a warranty deadline that just got a big new update and is working below the standard. These are some of the details that can be used in various ways to improve the sales processes. The company can target the customers perfectly who require their product. The company can also prepare the salesforce IoT cloud to conduct the actions by defining rules. Try setting up a rule based on the performance metrics and whenever a product goes below the standard,entry gets crafted automatically to the sales and customer support to check it . These are some kinds of data that are employed in various ways to understand and foretell customer needs along with their behaviours. The IoT cloud greatly enhances the retention of customers and acquisition through a comprehensive automated process.

Data management

The data management handles the storage retrieval and updates of the elementary data items record and files in iot since the capturing data is carried by making the use of huge data to build marketing and sales. Processes have become important to build customer behavioural records. We at strivemindz, offer you the caliber to offer your clients great service experiences.

Traffic View

Stirvemindz offers a traffic view that helps in considering your website traffic.With the help of salesforce IoT,getting traffic views for a business means developing a cheat sheet. The traffic movements can easily be inspected with any browser or device available in your home network.

Output connectors

At strivemindz, we offer output connectors that help you to give out event data to many ends. With just a single click, the output connectors send data over a particular channel and convert them into an easily accessible format.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


AR/VR Apps



Machine Learning

Geo Location






Chat Bot


Salesforce IoT performs with the rest API that allows it to catch data from any source system to which it is connected, embracing wearables,home assistants and computer networks.
With IoT systems, one of the biggest issues is security as the organisation holds no authority over hardware and software sources that are used in the IoT network.
Cloud Computing helps to offer a track for the data that is accumulated by IoT to reach distinctive devices and it allows better collaboration that is employed by the developers to access data from anywhere and perform on projects with no delays.
There are various benefits of IoT for businesses including enhanced retention rates and customer loyalty. A unified view of the customer data and better strategic decisions improves productivity and sales.
The Salesforce IoT Explorer edition basically works with CRM for better customer services. When data accumulated through IoT is implemented on a cloud with CRM, it becomes quite simple to engage with the clients. When the collected information is reported to the CRM,it helps the user by permitting them to act by ordering replacement or new part automatically without getting involved in the process.

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