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Sales Cloud is designed to simplify and make it faster for businesses to expand. It includes automated tools to help you sell faster to prospective and existing customers, build accounts, acquire more leads, complete transactions faster, increase productivity, and make informed decisions based on current data. In addition, our Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions enable your sales professional to focus solely on sales and provide excellent results.

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Increase Sales & Generate High ROI With Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Services

Salesforce Sales Cloud aims to automate the sales process while assisting sales managers and salespeople. The Sales Cloud features to aid in the development of a flawless sales process, disclosing how it is followed, providing vast customer information, and managing effective customer interactions across many channels. If we appropriately personalize the Sales Cloud, we may increase the value of our sales. We, at Strivemindz, build Sales Cloud from the ground up to the point where it generates a positive ROI for us within the first month of operation. We also provide Salesforce Sales Cloud modification services, as well as any bespoke capabilities, to help you build the perfect solution for your company. We also provide Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration services with other third-party applications. Salesforce Sales Cloud can help you take your sales and income to the next level. It allows you to sell at any time and from any location, making your business smarter and quicker. Furthermore, Sales Cloud collects critical data from your company insights. Furthermore, it obtains a 360-degree perspective of your customers and creates a customized experience for them. At every stage, Salesforce Sales Cloud unifies your marketing, sales, and service. It also adds Al and Einstein Analytics to your sales cycle.

Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

Expert consultants and developers at Strivemindz have extensive expertise and experience with CRM, Cloud computing, and Salesforce solutions. Our developers and consultants will set up, set up, and personalize your Salesforce Sales Cloud to enhance revenue and improve sales outcomes. This includes developing highly effective email templates, workflow and approval processes, as well as unique reports and dashboards tailored to your industry and company needs.

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Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Management Solutions Are Simple To Use

Managers of Sales

Sales Path lets sales managers simply establish and manage the sales process. It outlines what steps sales reps should take at each level, assisting sales managers in obtaining the desired behaviour from their reps.

Records of Opportunities

The Sales cloud provides a lead conversion process that can be customized and simplified to match your company's specific needs. The procedure may be equally effective whether you operate a B2B or B2C firm. It aids in the establishment of a procedure for converting leads into opportunities. It also aids in the automation of workflows and the validation of criteria to guarantee a consistent and easy lead conversion process.

Dashboards and Reports

The Sales cloud has several useful tools, including reports and dashboards. It allows sales managers to keep track of important sales figures as well as monitor sales representatives' performance. It also exposes the sales reps' strong and weak points that affect their productivity, allowing sales managers to improve their performance. Advanced sales forecasting makes it simple to develop a better sales strategy and make smart sales decisions for better results.

Builder of Procedures

Process Builder gives sales managers more authority and opportunity while also ensuring automated procedures.

Einstein Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud Einstein's AI-powered analytical capabilities aid in the better analysis of historical data, opportunity management, and business trends, resulting in more accurate sales projections.

Community Administration

Customers may learn about the best features of Sales Cloud by going to one place for all solutions. It keeps track of your affiliates, distributors, and suppliers' content, social listening, work process, and commitments. Salesforce Sales Cloud community setup allows you to share information and collaborate with others. Community is similar to a discussion portal in that it allows you to communicate and debate business concerns with key members of your organization.

Territory Administration

It enables you to integrate your sales agents and manage their tasks so that you can conveniently and efficiently allocate your resources, improving earnings and sales. Additionally, you may set assignment rules and allocate them to different areas. It helps you create territory users and assign them territory responsibilities, which may help you quickly identify your major resources and close sales.

Managers of Leads

Salesforce allows you to keep track of essential lead information. You can see the most recent contact information by looking at the activity timeline. After that, use Sales Path to examine the pertinent documents and best practices. Lead tracking helps you to see where a marketing team lead came from, read the relevant information on which to act, and monitor and create emails from the CRM. It also configures automatic lead scoring and routing to ensure that leads do not fall through the cracks and are followed up on by the appropriate sales professional while they are still hot. It tracks and converts your leads from click to close. Additionally, when the transaction is completed, contacts are made.

Data Transfer

Salesforce Sales Cloud is recognized to be a source of truth for full data; it assists in merging all your data from separate external and internal sources into the Sales Cloud. We use data migration software to ensure a smooth and flawless data transfer to Salesforce. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of numerous migrating tools. They are capable of analyzing the intricacies of migrations and providing the best solution for each organization.

Management of Accounts and Contacts

Sales Cloud may let your company keep all of the information about your customers and their interactions in one location. The proper implementation helps your company maintain track of key contacts and their duties, as well as the partners working on the account and the executives assigned to those accounts and their tasks. You can better organize your contacts, plan your duties, and manage your deals using Sales Cloud. Customer contact management also allows you to quickly and easily access important customer data. You may also leverage your customer's social content stream to learn about their opinions on items or services. Our social collaboration tools may be used to exchange ideas, relevant documents, and every business contact.

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The following characteristics alter a company's marketing strategy.

  • Account & Contact Management
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Lead Management Sales Forecasting
  • Management of Opportunities

The version you choose is determined by your company's requirements. To learn more, connect with us.

The most notable difference is that Sales Cloud is an automation tool for sales operations, whereas Support Cloud is an automation platform for customer service processes that include working on cases and their solutions. Salesforce Sales Cloud is available in four distinct editions:

  • Essential — The Essential edition is for small organizations with up to ten employees. It includes all of the main features for managing your sales cycles, such as account creation and management, as well as monitoring leads, prospects, and customer cases.
  • Professional — Any size team can use the Professional edition. Through sales forecasting and customizable reports and dashboards, the Professional Edition gives comprehensive company insights.
  • Enterprise — This edition includes all of the features of the professional edition as well as automation technologies like workflows and approval procedures.
  • Limitless — The Unlimited edition includes all of the Enterprise edition's capabilities plus unlimited online training, 24/7 customer support, and numerous sandboxes. Find out more about the Salesforce Sales Cloud Editions.


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