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The entertainment and media industry is emerging rapidly as content and media screening is no longer limited to big screens and limited platforms. Different types of content are being streamlined and consumed by audiences worldwide thus the demand and supply chain is growing at a fast pace. Therefore we help businesses accomplish higher audience engagement with efficient operation, content, production, and distribution management through our digital solutions.

Strivemindz holds years of experience in developing entertainment and media software solutions. Our team analyses consumer behavior, content streaming, distribution processes, data, market trends, titles, etc. to build media portals, video streaming apps, audio streaming services, OTT platforms, etc. for our clients who are digital agencies, and media companies, publishing houses, etc.

Our media and entertainment software solutions are integrated with next-gen technology like AI, IoT, AR/VR, etc. to build an interactive platform offering customized data as per audience preferences to make a long-lasting impact. Our solutions tend to provide seamless entertainment by streaming content across various devices through peer-to-peer connections. We ensure to take your entertainment industry to next level through our digital mediums providing rich viewing experiences.

Why Your Entertainment & Media Business Requires To Be Online!!

Define new heights for your entertainment and media industry with increased revenue and audience with our feature-rich, highly functional, scalable, and efficient platforms, portal, web & mobile app development solutions.

Reach Potential Customers

Online presence helps in building brand value, and reputation and attracts new clients as you are no longer geographically limited, it increases your reach and credibility. Websites will help you connect with your clients and build a community. You can showcase your content, packages, services, etc. to attract more audiences by convincing customers of the adequate resources and experience your business comes with. It builds the trust of existing and prominent customers with the brand and enhances its value and position in the market.

Social Media for Marketing

Our digital marketing team with SEO experts will assist you to promote your platform, apps, content, etc. on social media platforms using the right strategy and approach. Social media marketing will enhance your business and its value in the market by directly targeting the right audience and creating brand awareness. We offer planned and strategized marketing campaigns to promote your business.

Online Sales

Our developers are experts in designing highly customized websites and mobile apps to keep you ahead in the game. We provide marketing, and SEO optimization services as well to generate more leads and drive traffic towards your websites and social profiles. Better SEO will surely keep you strong in the market and a preferred choice among your prospective customers. We apply the latest trends and digital marketing skills to promote your business to bring in more sales and revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Strivemindz holds years of experience in website and app development solutions. We provide our clients with perfect solutions for the entertainment and media industry such as video streaming apps, audio streaming apps, live-streaming apps, video editing, etc. Our developers are experts in developing such solutions, we work with industry experts who understand your niche and its requirement to produce the best result. We are always available to support and solve your issues.
Our apps leverage the power of modern technology such as AI, IoT, Blockchain development, AR/VR, etc. to provide innovative, high-performing apps to keep you ahead of your competitors.
We understand your confusion with all the technicalities involved therefore we help you choose the best and most convenient option according to your business. Our industry experts along with project managers will help you jot down your requirements, and understand your work process to come up with the best possible solution.
Yes absolutely, we have previously developed video editing software leashed with the latest features and technology. Get in touch with us to get your app.
Yes, we provide migration and updating of your existing solutions with the latest technology upgrade with all required features.

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