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Construction is complicated and your construction needs an efficient management system for a right foundation.


Construction Management Software for Builders and construction businesses of All Shapes and Sizes

No matter, if you’re building single-family homes, luxury mixed homes, or large office buildings, construction projects have no counts of moving parts, and their success depends on number of variables, many of which are out of your sense. But custom software developed by out expert developers makes it simpler to keep everything managing smoothly, automating management and manage your business — and its buildings — to grow.

Strivemindz believes that’s no matter if you’re a national builder or a boutique outlet, project handling and management are key to your successful constructions, your reputation, and your bottom line. That’s why we offer custom solutions for builders of all kinds.

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At Strivemindz we do believe that from designing part to integrating the pre-sales marketing campaign to capturing leads, managing customers’ expectations and sharing building milestones, your management platform empowers the strong, transparency in relationships keeps customer happy and inspire them to recommend your work to their friends. Strivemindz’s custom management software integrates with third party providers to make budgeting, invoice and payments a snap.

Indoor Navigation Solution

Our profound research and extensive work experience enable us to deliver industry-leading indoor navigation solutions for web and mobile applications for platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS, and wearables as well. The indoor navigation allows users to navigate within a building to save time and improve user experience.

Equipment Management

We develop and design completely customized equipment management software and applications that comprise several quintessential automated utilities like inventory management, equipment tracking, maintenance, project management, accounting and finances, integrated asset management software as well, and many more.

Construction ERP

Construction ERP software is developed by industry software experts who integrate enterprise software systems for asset management, labor/field management, supply chain management, and sales.

Project Management

With our personalized project management solutions, you can get seamlessly enhance your project strategy making, planning, and execution with real-time analytics and dedicated dashboards. We intelligently transform the way of workflow management among the staff. Our project management software and mobile application are OSHA compliant as well.

Construction Bidding

Bidding management software solutions are developed for features such as mobile bid apps, online plan rooms, and CRM (Customer/Contractor Relationship Management) systems. Bid management platforms are developed for project questionnaires and generating bid packages with customizable scope sheet apps.

Job Scheduling

Our powerful and versatile job scheduling software enables companies to automate the entire job scheduling and report generation process in a more fast, accurate, and efficient way. With our job scheduling software, you can easily schedule the jobs, manage workflow, track work progress, assign tasks, and generate real-time reporting.

Construction Estimating

Our construction estimating software services includes mobile applications and programs with responsive designs that track materials and soft costs. We create databases for labor cost and materials, while integrating databases into estimation platforms. Solutions are developed for takeoff trails, automatic pricing, and pre-loaded labor and material platforms.

Account / Finance

We understand how crucial it is to have a reliable and efficient account and finance software for any company. Our team of expert developers and designers creates a powerful and capable software and application for you that seamless integrate into your existing systems and meticulously automates the accounting and finance management and reporting.

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