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Build your social community, connect with your potential customers, promote your brand, and experience the unmatched potential of social media through our social network development solutions, turning ideas into reality. Our development solutions are an amalgamation of modern architecture and features for seamless business growth.


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Social networking platforms are the most powerful resource in the present digital era. It holds the future of technology. It is the largest community, connecting people all over the world with each other and businesses, brands, and services.

Strivemindz is a leading social networking development company offering highly customized and robust solutions to take your business to new heights of success. We help businesses to expand their horizon and connect to their end-users directly and effectively. We understand the importance of your online presence which allows our developers to build automated, user-friendly, highly efficient, and active social media development services.

Our social media development services are highly customizable and responsive according to your requirements. Our algorithms are easy and adaptive to adhere to changes and perform accordingly. We offer a plethora of services for social media software development such as website and app development, plugin development, automated posting feature, chat community, content management, etc. We use modern technology such as Chatbots, IoT, AR/VR, and AI solutions for powerful social networking services and interactive user experience.

Why You Require Your Business To Be Online!!

Designing digital solutions to reach your target audience, building a community to understand their exact requirements and view your products and services from their eyes.

Reach your customers directly

Social media allows you to connect with various groups of people irrespective of their age, gender, country, etc. it allows you to reach different segments of your target audience and turn them into potential buyers or customers through its power of marketing through photos, and videos, chatbots, etc. It helps you to understand your audience and their needs in a better way that too just a click away.

Community Support

Businesses that stand by their customers and design their services and products specifically according to their customer's needs tend to perform better than their competitors. Social media allows you to build a community with your users where you can directly connect with them, share with them, and listen to their reviews, opinions, and needs. It helps people connect to the brand and its story, turning customers and clients into the community.

24 x 7 Availability

Our developers are experts in designing highly customized websites and mobile apps to keep you connected 24x7. It provides all modern features like sharing posts, photos, videos, and stories with your community. It keeps you updated about the current trends and demands and also communicates with the users through instant messages on the go. Connect anytime, anywhere.

Why Strivemindz is Top Social Media App Development Company?


Accessible Solutions


Customized to the core


Extensive Customer Support


Multichannel Approach


Expensive Adaptiveness


New Age Technology


High Quality Evaluation


Infrastructural Security

Our Robust Social Media App Development Services

Customized Social Network Web/App Development

Social Network Analytics

Messaging App Development

Custom Facebook App Development

Photos/Videos Sharing Apps

Social Publishing Platforms

Dating Portal Development

Social eCommerce Development

Online Polls/Reviews Platform

Discussion Forums

Community Portals

Q&A Platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

Strivemindz holds years of experience in website and app development solutions. We provide our clients with perfect solutions for social media web/app development, content management, branding and marketing using social media, etc. Our team of developers is well experienced and experts in building solutions that bring a profitable return, along with our UI/UX designers, marketing, and SEO experts working together in developing futuristic, efficient, and appealing solutions. Our social media development solutions are loaded with the latest features and technology.
Social networking development is the creation of social network platforms that are used by businesses to promote themselves and connect with their community. It provides an opportunity to reach more and more people to turn them into potential customers.
Yes absolutely. All of our services are highly customizable. Our development process starts after listing down all your requirements and understanding your work process. We make sure to develop solutions that specifically represent you, and your business and highlight all its features.
Social networking allows businesses to connect and reach their target audience directly. They can advertise themselves using the power of social media. It helps businesses to connect to a diverse group of people all over the globe and understand their profile for better product and service functionality.
Yes, we provide migration and updating of your existing solutions with the latest technology upgrade with all required features.

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We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


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