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Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services

Salesforce service cloud implementation services from Strivemindz make customer support discussions smarter on any channel, at any time, and in any location. It has assisted several companies across the world in implementing, customizing, and integrating Salesforce's Service Cloud to improve and streamline their customer service.

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Salesforce Service Cloud Solutions That Deliver Perfect Customer Service

You can help your service staff work quicker, regardless of where they are, with Salesforce service cloud. To quickly handle problems, they employ a set of smart productivity tools that provide agents with a complete and shared picture of all customers and interactions. Service Cloud also offers quick assistance for self-service portals. By linking clients to account information, knowledge articles, and community members, we can scale up our support operations and provide immediate responses. The inbuilt Al-powered chatbots aid in quickly resolving client complaints. Furthermore, it provides assistance to clients across all channels and at all times. You'll be available to your consumers on their preferred communications channels, including SMS, Chat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and more, at any time they need you.
With the built-in, Al-powered chatbots, you can effortlessly provide one-on-one assistance or scale up the service. Salesforce Service Cloud provides reliable and efficient field service. It also reduces the amount of in-person visits by providing field service professionals with the tools they need to do their jobs swiftly and accurately in one go, even while working remotely.
The built-in Al aids in better performance. It automatically directs tasks, reduces human data input, and brings contextual recommendations to the surface for service teams using Al. It also quickly engages clients with intelligent chatbot help. You may go digital with Service Cloud and be ready for change with an Agile platform. It allows you to get up and run faster while also future-proofing your organization with a low-code, customizable platform that allows you to quickly deploy sophisticated service innovations and generate ROI.

Strivemindz's Salesforce Service Cloud Solutions

For customer service, Service Cloud has a wide range of features. This kit, however, is not ready to use. It's more of a starter package for your future customer service skills. And everything has to be properly organized, changed, configured, and, in some cases, completely rewritten to ensure that your company gets the most out of it. Strivemindz is ready to assist you regardless of where you are in the Salesforce decision-making process. Our key Service Cloud services are listed below.

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Important Features of Salesforce Service Cloud


The Omni-Channel functionality allows you to give customer assistance across many communication channels. You can cover all channels, from phone, email, and live agent chats on the web to video chats, community sites, and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Clod assists in bringing cases together from various channels and assigning them to the appropriate agents based on pre-determined criteria.

Case Management

Service Cloud's case management tool covers everything from case creation, prioritizing, and assignment through escalation, reassignment, and closure. You may also set parameters for particular steps, and Service Cloud will conduct the jobs automatically. Service Cloud initiates the requested action after analyzing the relevant data.

Service Console

The Service Console allows agents to quickly obtain information about each case. It depicts the cases' history as well as their present status. Agents may also access information about clients and accounts, making it easier to discover the information they need in case data.

Knowledge Base

Service Cloud assists in the development of a comprehensive knowledge base that is extremely beneficial to agents. It not only benefits the agents in finding all of their answers but also in solving cases more quickly. Furthermore, the evaluation of each knowledge article's value makes the knowledge base more beneficial for the agents.

Process and Routine Automation

Using workflows, macros, email templates, approvals, and other features in Service Cloud, you can simply automate operations. For instance, a client is really unhappy with the support and service person. According to James, a consumer incentive is required. James' manager, Peter, receives an Incentive approval request from Salesforce. When she gives her consent, James gives the consumer this incentive by selecting and sending a suitable email template. Another day in customer service: James notices that the system has received eight similar cases. He uses a bulk macro to respond to all of them at once, resolving the cases. Then he runs another macro to automatically close the cases. These kinds of automation save time for agents and management.

Service Analytics

Service Analytics, which is powered by Salesforce Einstein, is easily accessible to both service managers and agents. It provides useful information on the agents' and department's performance. Service Analytics makes it easy to see reports of different complexity. It might be a report on the rate of first contact resolution. Or on the number of case reassignments per case type, with an average customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate for each case type and agents that reassign cases more than a particular number of times per week. Apart from reporting, Service Analytics may make recommendations to an agent on how to increase customer satisfaction, for example.

Field Service

Service representatives may need to work with field employees to fix a problem. Field Service allows you to achieve this. Users of the Service Cloud can schedule field employees, manage their schedules, track component or material usage, and so on.

Self-Service Communities

With Service Cloud, you can develop self-service communities. Customers can use them to explore your knowledge base and find solutions on their own. You may also add a chat feature to the community to allow clients to ask agents for assistance if they are unable to discover it on their own.

Salesforce Einstein Bots

Your conversations may be powered by Salesforce Einstein in some circumstances. This will save up some of your agents' time and give consumers quick replies to questions like order status, flight information, and so on. Only if your chatbot is unable to assist clients will it send them to employees who are knowledgeable about the customer's issue.

App Builder

If you still need anything from the Support Cloud, you may use this tool to have your own Salesforce customer service apps produced.

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We provide you with employees who are not just great coders but also self-motivated and eager to learn new technologies and trends to stay ahead of the competition.


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Hiring and maintaining a remote workforce may be tough, especially due to time zone variations, but we provide our engineers with the option of working in the time zone that best fits our clients.


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Strivemindz doesn't simply recruit Salesforce developers. Instead, you receive the Salesforce experience and strength of the entire team to solve complicated, difficult difficulties in your project.


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We provide a high level of flexibility, allowing you to scale up or down at any moment to meet your changing needs.


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We prioritize our clients, which is why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any troubles you may be experiencing so that your work is not impeded.


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When working with Strivemindz, disagreements are unusual. However, if you have any concerns with our developer, we will assist you by giving someone who is perfect for you.


Excellent Coding Techniques

We at Strivemindz are dedicated to perfection. Thus we teach our developers how to write code using proper coding techniques.


Protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and intellectual property (IP)

We provide a safe communication environment for our clients and developers, and we're also willing to sign an NDA to protect your data, application, concept, and you. You will also own the intellectual property rights to the code/application that our developers generate.


Flawless communication

Because communication is so vital while working on a project in a group. We believe in constant communication that allows both you and our engineers to work effectively and achieve fantastic outcomes.


Certified Salesforce Developers

Our Salesforce professionals proudly display the feathers of their Salesforce certificates on their coding hats. They obtained these Salesforce certificates bypassing Salesforce's own examinations that assessed their knowledge.

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Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, which provides you with a 360-degree picture of your customers and allows you to provide smarter, quicker, and more personalized service. Salesforce is the acknowledged leader in CRM customer interaction, in addition to being a pioneer in cloud-based sales force automation. To revolutionize the agent experience, use Service Cloud to automate service procedures, optimize workflows, and highlight critical articles, subjects, and experts. It's never been simpler to connect one-on-one with every consumer, across numerous channels and on any device.

When clients have inquiries, your customer support personnel must be prepared to respond swiftly and efficiently. Customers are more likely to return to your product or service if your customer support is seamless. Service Cloud equips agents with the tools they need to provide an exceptional customer experience, allowing them to operate more quickly and efficiently, increasing customer happiness and lowering expenses. You may also develop a self-service community using Service Cloud and Customer Communities, which allows customers to get the most up-to-date information about your product, interact with peers, and contact a support agent as required.

Treat social media like email and phone calls. Listen to and respond to consumers on a number of social media channels and route social cases to the appropriate agent at the appropriate time. Because social customer service is a seamless, integrated aspect of the Salesforce Consumer Success Platform, your social care team can get a complete picture of the customer before reacting. This 360-degree picture of the consumer allows agents to communicate with customers on social media channels where they are active.

Service Cloud is transforming customer service for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Companies have been able to provide faster, better, and more personalized service to their increasingly connected clients over many channels, thanks to Service Cloud. Companies are providing their agents with the tools they need to promote client interaction, and as a result, customer happiness is improving significantly. See how firms are using Support Cloud to reimagine customer service on our Customer Stories page.

Trust is the foundation of our success, and it is at the heart of all we do. We go above and beyond to keep our clients' data safe and secure. To safeguard your information, we use a multilayered approach, continually monitoring and updating our application, systems, and procedures to ensure the integrity and availability of data that is critical to your company operations and our mutual success.


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