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Salesforce consulting services are intended to help you with sales, marketing, and customer care. We leverage our extensive CRM consulting knowledge to assist businesses in professional services, retail, IT, manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, and other areas to reap the benefits of Salesforce implementation.

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Strivemindz offers Salesforce consulting services.

Do you want to adopt CRM for the first time or improve your CRM user experience? We have the best and most certified Salesforce Consulting team at Strivemindz to help you with your CRM journey. We, as business consultants, will always be available for you, whether it's for business or technical skills, integrations or optimization, short or long-term. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants have years of expertise in specific sectors and can quickly provide pre-configured solutions to address industry difficulties. Our consultants will go deep into your company to learn about the present tools, procedures, and systems. We'll use our extensive industry experience, tried-and-true methodology, and best practices to provide you with the trustworthy and most acceptable guidance you need to create a roadmap for your success. Furthermore, we offer Salesforce consulting services tailored to your specific company requirements. Our services are cost-effective without sacrificing their nature or quality. The Salesforce platform allows organizations to convert in an infinite number of ways. Salesforce consulting services can help you change how you utilize Salesforce and make the most of its full potential. Strivemindz, a renowned Salesforce consulting partner, is one of the leading Salesforce consulting organizations, assisting corporations and businesses with their Salesforce instance to improve productivity and growth. We provide clients with the most excellent Salesforce tools to help them advance their company.

Salesforce Consulting Services we Provide:

Consulting Services for Business Cases

Strivemindz makes your company stand out and solves all of your issues. Our Salesforce professionals can help you select the appropriate Salesforce product and version for your needs. We also assist brands in effectively integrating the Salesforce product into their business operations. As a prominent Salesforce Consulting Partner, we help company owners make wise technology investments and improve system performance, resulting in high cost and time savings. Our Salesforce experts help businesses determine whether or not a CRM project is right for them and in what shape. It includes assistance in creating the business case, determining resource requirements, and evaluating costs.

Consulting for Service Implementation

With the help of our Salesforce professionals, you should follow the required CRM integration stages. It necessitates several factors, like adding rights, importing data, etc. Strivemindz implementation experts work with current and new Salesforce enterprises to provide customized Salesforce implementation services. Strivemindz Salesforce Consultants can integrate various Salesforce cloud services and capabilities for businesses of all sizes. Salesforce deployment must be well-planned and executed. Strivemindz provides a comprehensive set of Salesforce Implementation Consulting services. Salesforce provides a variety of tools to help you grow your business. Our Salesforce Consulting services assist our customers in utilizing all of Salesforce's features. As a result, we maximize CRM and Salesforce's efficacy for their business to convert it and propel it to new heights.

Consulting for Salesforce Migration

You can make your migration to the Lightning Platform faster, simpler, and more cost-effective with Strivemindz. Lightning can be a more advanced version of the Classic or an advanced Ul upgrade. While the user interface is important, Lightning allows you to expand and enable operations that help businesses become more customer-centric. Migrating to modernize the Salesforce app entails redesigning the end-user experience through a user-centric approach. Our innovative approach, frameworks, accelerators, and a team of specialists help you make quick decisions with less risk and a higher return on investment. When your company wants to edit, upgrade, or transmit all of its business data, you may have problems if you don't have expert help. Strivemindz provides a comprehensive set of Salesforce Migration Consulting services that will ensure the integrity of your critical data.

Salesforce Consulting Services

If you already use Salesforce as your business CRM, Strivemindz can assist you in getting the most out of it by providing Salesforce customization consultancy. Salesforce workflows, custom fields, data management methods, and objects are all perfected by our Salesforce specialists. In addition, we offer highly specialized and completely customizable Salesforce consulting services to meet a wide range of corporate requirements. So, at Strivemindz, you're welcome to employ our Salesforce customization services to make Salesforce CRM easier to use. Our Salesforce custom developers recommend improved project quotes to our clients. Salesforce customization gives firms a competitive advantage by enabling easy customer interactions, which leads to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. A qualified Salesforce customization consultant can wisely identify business needs and leverage AppExchange Apps, Lightning Components/Lightning Web Components, and other Salesforce customization tools. In addition, our advisors are familiar with the platform's capabilities and limits.

Salesforce Data Services (ETL)

Strivemindz has a strong Data Services Practice for CRM data management. We have years of Salesforce Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) experience, using products like Informatica, Talend, and others. At Strivemindz, we provide trustworthy Data ETL services and produce precise results.

Consulting for Salesforce Integration

As a Salesforce Consulting business, our Salesforce Integration Consulting solutions assist in correctly and effectively managing customer information and other essential operations. Our Salesforce Integration Services are designed to help you effortlessly combine your Salesforce CRM with data from other databases, cloud platforms, and apps. Our Salesforce Integration Consulting services ensure that data is properly synced with your company systems and handled with the highest quality. As a result, your marketing team will be able to automate high-quality lead flows, your sales team will target higher-value opportunities, and your support staff will have a rapid view of support situations. Strivemindz's Salesforce specialists have years of expertise and provide the best Salesforce Integration Consulting services to help you seamlessly integrate Salesforce with other complex systems.

Why should you go with Strivemindz?

Strivemindz is a group of highly skilled IT professionals who offer a comprehensive variety of Salesforce professional services in one location. We've helped businesses grow, and we're happy to be one of the top Salesforce service providers. As proven by our knowledge and dedication, most of our clients have trusted us throughout time. Strivemindz supports the automation of challenging business processes as a top-rated Salesforce Consulting Partner. Furthermore, we use the Salesforce Platform to seamlessly modify your organization.

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We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


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Salesforce is a tool with varying degrees of capability and different types that often requires a certain level of skill, experience, and insight that the average person may not have. So, if you comprehend it, you're free to proceed. However, keep in mind that it may be time-consuming and challenging.
As you might expect, the fees vary based on the sort of recruiting plan you choose. There are several hiring models, such as full-time, part-time, hourly, etc.
Employee productivity can be saved with the aid of certified specialists. It provides a more effective and efficient solution to the problems. It also provides the crew with assistance and training. It aids in the saving of both money and time. It aids in increasing the brand's return on investment.
When choosing a Salesforce consulting partner for your company, keep the following considerations in mind: First, always go with a firm that has a qualified staff. By posing different questions, you may test your knowledge. Consult the Salesforce offices in your area for recommendations on which partners to choose based on your requirements. Finally, examine the Salesforce consulting firm's past projects and experience.
Salesforce focuses on sales, service, marketing, and commerce, allowing businesses to optimize their business operations and manage client interactions. It organizes and secures your data while also giving reports with useful insights. Its automated capabilities include lead tracking, email management, task assignment, notifications, approvals, etc. It also manages all of an organization's client contacts via various modes of communication, such as phone calls, site email inquiries, communities, and social media.

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