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Services for Migration Struggling to complete a painless and error-free Salesforce migration? By enlisting the help of Strivemindz Salesforce migration services, you can streamline and optimize your company process while also making the time-consuming procedure of Salesforce CRM migration more efficient.Redesigning and repurposing your current data is similar to moving into a new house while reshaping old furniture. Although you'd think it would blend in, it doesn't quite look right in your dream house. When it comes to transferring business-critical data from your current system to Salesforce, the process is similar. A critical step is to migrate your data from current legacy systems to a new or existing Salesforce environment. Our staff will cleanse, organize, and de-duplicate your data in a pleasant and user-friendly manner, making it more manageable and simple.

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Offerings for Salesforce App Development

Our exclusive focus is on developing bug-free, efficient, and durable business apps that support your company's efforts, increase sales, resolve customer issues, and improve customer service operations.

Salesforce App Exchange

We design Salesforce apps for App Exchange primarily for IT organizations for two reasons. First, we create apps that will be placed on App Exchange and will generate income on their own. We create apps that work in tandem with the company's existing products.

Salesforce Application Development

We create bespoke Salesforce apps to aid in the improvement of the overall internal and external business processes and address crucial issues that are not addressed by standard CRM solutions. These are complicated apps that are used to manage errands such as delivery planning and property management. We also create mini Salesforce application apps for managing certain processes like lead assignment and document production.

Service Providers for Salesforce Application Development

Our team of specialists strives to provide cost-effective Salesforce application services while maintaining high quality and meeting deadlines.

Salesforce Migration Services are flawless.


Transferring data from another CRM

Changing from one CRM to another may be challenging due to the different data formats used by each CRM. It requires time, effort, and strategy to reformat and map them to satisfy the Salesforce data conversion criteria. We've worked with HubSpot, Zoho, Freshsales, amoCRM, Pipedrive, SAP, Netsuite, OnContact, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Infusionsoft, and other CRM systems.


Migration from a different Salesforce Organization

Your Salesforce data will be transferred from Salesforce legacy or any other external system to Salesforce Organization. We guarantee that imported items are in a specific sequence to preserve record linkages.


Data synchronization with Salesforce

We transfer all of your data from Salesforce legacy or any other external system to the new Salesforce Organization. In addition, we guarantee that imported items have a specific order to preserve record linkages.


Cross-Platform Experience

Our certified Salesforce developers re-customize and apps to enable enterprises to provide superior cross-device Salesforce Lightning CRM experiences. In addition, we assure Salesforce Lightning implementation spikes Salesforce Lightning compatibility with commonly used mobile devices and platforms by redesigning the user interface (UI) and user experience design (UX).


Automation of Processes in a Flash

Through Salesforce Lightning installation, Strivemindz helps our clients speed up their CRM by automating various workflows and procedures. For example, enterprises may use method builder triggers and email alerts, create & launch workflows, specify fast actions, edit records, and submit for approval to automate their record-generation operations without writing code.


Development of Lightning Components

Our Lightning component creation services provide enterprises with customizable and ready-to-use components. Our Lightning specialists' components are reusable and may be easily merged with different apps as needed. Our Lightning components provide maximum scalability and scalability, which helps enterprises accelerate Salesforce development in the future.


Customization that is lightning fast

For greater compatibility, our Salesforce Lightning conversion solutions include cross-platform adaptations. Before going live, our Salesforce experts test the Classic apps for Lightning compatibility. Then, we adapt current apps to become multi-device and Lightning-ready by re-modelling and re-deployment, allowing enterprises to enhance user experience across devices.


Migration of Lightning

Implementation, modification & component creation, Lightning interaction with Salesforce apps, and Salesforce Lightning support are part of our Salesforce Classic to Lightning transfer offer. In addition, we use Salesforce Lightning Migration Assistant and test run the implemented instances throughout standard moving of Classic data and apps to guarantee that the system produces desired results.

Salesforce Migration Services: Key Considerations

We help the Salesforce migration process go as smoothly as possible. First, however, a few things to keep in mind to get the greatest outcomes. > Do you have the tools you'll need to arrange your data? > Do you have a lot of data to be moved to Salesforce CRM? > Can you assist in cleaning up old data? Is it possible to filter the duplicate data? Is it possible to import data from other sources into the Salesforce database?

Salesforce Consulting Services we Provide:

Strivemindz's Salesforce Migration Benefits

Every Migration is unique, and it takes time to prepare so that all of the necessities are addressed, and problems are avoided.

  • We provide a precise relocation plan that minimizes risks.
  • Certified Salesforce engineers with extensive data conversion experience oversee the transfer process.
  • Before and after the transfer procedure, our data quality assurance engineers inspect and validate the data.
  • Employees are given user adoption training.

Frequently Migrating CRM Platforms to Salesforce

Why Do People Migrate?

  • Typical User Interface
  • Storage Space Is Limited
  • Custom-built integrations are required.
  • Lack of Functionality in Case Management Tools
  • The absence of native chat functionality


Why Do People Migrate?

  • Complex Marketing Campaigns
  • Implementation Processes that are Optimized to Work with Microsoft Products
  • Some cloud functions are still being developed.
  • Customization Makes it Difficult


Why Do People Migrate?

  • There are glitches available.
  • It must become more user-friendly
  • Customizations are not available.
  • Customer Service Is Terrible
  • Minor flaws are possible.


Why Do People Migrate?

  • SAP CRM's Newer Version has a Higher Implementation Cost
  • Comparatively Slower than Competitors
  • User Experience Isn't Up to Par Due to Complex Customization.
  • Reports of a Significant Size Allow time for creation.


Why Do People Migrate?

  • Running reports take an excessive amount of time.
  • Complex Implementation is not recommended for businesses at the enterprise level.
  • Poor user experience and design
  • There are new bugs with each new version.


Why Do People Migrate?

  • Not Suitable for Enterprise-Level Businesses
  • Intensive quality control is required.
  • There is no email tracking.
  • There is no customer service.
  • Basic Functionality Isn't There


Why Do People Migrate?

  • Integrations that are not secure
  • Personalized Development Increased Costs
  • There is a slew of issues with performance.
  • Maintenance is a pain
  • Crashes Occur Occasionally


Why Do People Migrate?

  • Expensive
  • Setup is time-consuming.
  • Project Cost Reports That Aren't Accurate
  • NetSuite Premium Support is available for a fee.
  • Customization necessitates both time and money.

The Way We Work


Investigate the Present CRM Situation

We'll figure out what information is critical to your organization, how it's organized, and the special adjustments needed to make your data more valuable when migrating to Salesforce. This will assist us in determining your priorities and developing a migration plan.


Mapping of Data

We'll make an Entity Relationship Document to better illustrate the table structure, data type, and the number of records. The mapping of old data fields to Salesforce fields gets a lot easier and more precise from here.


Considerations for Salesforce

To import your data effectively, we'll need a lock on record ownership, access privileges, what happens to data from ex-employees and inactive users, and security settings, among other things. This will guarantee that we don't lose any of your old data during the Salesforce migration.


Import and Demo of Sandbox

An initial batch of data will be placed into a test environment to guarantee map accuracy and data integrity. After that, you may check for any errors, and we'll take care of them immediately. All of this will be done without disturbing your live CRM until you say "yes" to a live import.


Import of all data

We'll import all of your CRM data to Salesforce based on the changes made to data models and field mapping during Sandbox testing. To protect the safety and integrity of your data in its new home, we'll use strict scripting and appropriate data loaders.


Validation of Clients and Go-Live

We will review the system one final time before making it available to you.If you confirm the success, we'll remain good friends.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


AR/VR Apps



Machine Learning

Geo Location






Chat Bot


Salesforce Data Migration is transferring data to the Salesforce platform to increase corporate efficiency and achieve a competitive advantage.
Salesforce data migration entails preparing, selecting, and displaying data and Migration and validation, all of which may be accomplished using the Salesforce Import Wizard, a standalone service, or directly through the Salesforce API. (Backing up your database is a wise practice if something goes wrong.)
The Ant Migration Tool is a command-line programme that moves information between a local directory and a Salesforce org using Java/Ant. It's useful for extracting components, creating automated deployments, and iterating deployment patterns.
Data Loader is a client programme for bulk inserting, updating, deleting, and exporting Salesforce information. Data Loader reads, extracts, and loads data from comma-separated (CSV) files or a database connection during the import process
The Integration app or other connectors can be used to link Oracle and Salesforce to transmit data between the two systems.

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