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Salesforce Lightning is a user-friendly programming framework that includes several tools that make it easier to create CRM apps. At Strivemindz, we help businesses use the Lightning Platform to build feature-rich customer-centric apps without having to code. Our Salesforce Lightning conversion services enable enterprises to provide Salesforce Cloud Lightning experiences through interactive UI, lightning components, dashboards, and customizations, enabling a smooth transfer from Salesforce Classic. With ready-to-market solutions, our Salesforce Lightning components empower enterprises to design strong and scalable apps to answer changing consumer demands. In addition, our trained Salesforce developers assist in converting Classic instances to Lightning-ready AppExchange products with round-the-clock Salesforce Lightning support.

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Our Lightning Services for Salesforce:

Our Salesforce Lightning Solutions' Characteristics

We simplify the whole transfer process so that it doesn't disrupt your normal business operations or processes.

Awe-inspiring user interface

For Salesforce application development, our team of skilled Salesforce developers carves amazing UI and UX while maintaining lightning-based designs and pixel-perfect perfection in mind.

Lightning app creator

Our primary goal is to create beautiful and useful mobile applications using Light app builder's features.

Shorten the time it takes to develop

We use reusable lightning components to expand the scope of future expansions and save application development time.


There is no doubting that automation is the way of the future. Using an automated lightning process builder, we optimize boring and repetitive operations in your organization.

Why Strivemindz?

Strivemindz is a team of highly trained IT experts who provide a wide range of Salesforce professional services all in one place. We've assisted organizations in growing, and we're proud to be one of Salesforce's top service providers. Most of our clients have faith in us over time, as evidenced by our knowledge and devotion. As a top-rated Salesforce Lightning Partner, Strivemindz assists in the automation of difficult business processes. In addition, we leverage the Salesforce Platform to make changes to your company seamlessly.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


AR/VR Apps



Machine Learning

Geo Location






Chat Bot


You must first comprehend the differences between Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic. The user interfaces for Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning are different. You'll need some technical and coding abilities to construct a Salesforce application with Classic. Still, if you don't, you can utilize Salesforce Lightning and create apps using interactive features like drag-and-drop functionality.
Salesforce Lightning migration necessitates thorough planning and knowledge of the Sales Cloud Lightning framework. In addition, Salesforce Lightning help may be required at various phases due to the intricacies and issues with the conversion. As a result, hiring a skilled Salesforce partner is suggested.
A Salesforce Lightning component is a pre-built, reusable building piece that can be used to create Salesforce Lightning apps. Developers use these Lightning components to construct new apps more quickly.
Salesforce Lightning Migration Assistant is a tool that guides you through the process of migrating from the Classic to Lightning Experience. Salesforce Lightning Migration Assistant may be used by organizations that merely want to move basic functionalities. However, you'll require technical Salesforce Lightning support to get further Lightning capabilities like home page components, JavaScript buttons, etc.
Lightning Connect, which links Salesforce org from both platforms, may be used for Salesforce to Salesforce connection. Lightning Connect seamlessly replicates data from the source org to the destination org using a cross-org adaptor.

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