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Strivemindz understands how hard nonprofits work despite having little resources. Furthermore, the management side of a company is burdened with unneeded data collection, administration, and use. Our Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) specialists understand the specific demands of nonprofits and create solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

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We offerSalesforce Non-Profit Success Pack Implementation Services to Help Your Organization Succeed

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack transforms Salesforce, the most popular CRM for businesses, into a Constituent Relationship Management system for charities. It's free and open-source. Strivemindz's team of experts has the industry knowledge to use Salesforce technology to help any company succeed. Strivemindz recognizes how tough it is for nonprofits to operate with little resources. Furthermore, the organization's management is responsible for successfully performing data collection, administration, and utilization activities. Our Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) professionals understand the unique requirements of different nonprofits and provide them with customized solutions. The Nonprofit Success Pack helps you connect with more people by linking everyone relevant to your organization, customizing it to your needs, and tracking the donor life cycle. Furthermore, it enables you to interact more effectively by automating communications and tedious processes, flawlessly managing your programmes, and accessing real-time statistics to measure your impact and progress. To organize data, the Salesforce NPSP uses and enhances the data model used by the CRM. This standard data format is designed to help users understand how data is organized in a database or spreadsheet.

Our Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Implementation Services

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is an excellent place to start when customizing your Salesforce solution. It is not, however, the be-all and end-all application.

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Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Benefits

Relationships Between Constituents

It eliminates silos between fundraising, programmes, marketing, and leadership by providing everyone with a single, shared perspective of all constituencies. Your teams will connect, communicate, and manage your most critical connections.

Handle a Wide Range of Program Types

Nonprofit Success Pack's programme management capabilities help nonprofits keep track of various services and programmes, regardless of their complexity. In addition, the Nonprofit Cloud evolves with nonprofit initiatives as they grow and expand.

Hold Offline & Recurring Donations

Gift Entry allows your team to quickly, precisely, and flexibly input large numbers of presents individually or in batches while maintaining the true qualities and remaining on the main page. You can easily handle recurring donations better to support your predicted income and the most loyal contributors. As a result, you'll have better data, which will lead to more excellent help from the sustainers.

Organize your income and donations

Funds are the lifeblood of your nonprofit's work. You can get all of your revenue information in one place, which is related to the supporter profiles. With real-time access to promised and paid gifts from any device, fundraising leadership and staff may focus their efforts on those donations that have the best possibility of closing.

Intuitive Analytics and Reporting

You may track the impact of your report and fundraising efforts among those who support your cause. Over sixty great reports and dashboards are available for finance teams, fundraisers, and staff to recognize and share your achievement with people who invested in your case.

Payments, Accounting, and Trusted Addresses

Add the connected solutions that help you ensure that your payment data, transfers, and addresses to accounting are accurate. is a money processing solution. The Elevate product suite is connected with NPSP, a new platform that supports data cleaning and clarity, ensuring comprehensive, accurate, and reliable data. In addition, the Data Integrity feature of the Insights Platform ensures that all addresses in your file are standardized and that contacts are updated and de-duplicated using the National Change of Address system. In this manner, you save money while improving the accuracy of your marketing efforts across several platforms.

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Hiring and maintaining a remote workforce may be challenging, primarily due to time zone variations, but we provide our engineers with the option of working in the time zone that best fits our clients.


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Strivemindz doesn't simply recruit Salesforce developers. Instead, you receive the Salesforce experience and strength of the entire team to solve complicated, complex difficulties in your project.


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When working with Strivemindz, disagreements are unusual. However, if you have any concerns with our developer, we will assist you by giving someone perfect for you.


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We at Strivemindz are dedicated to perfection. Thus we teach our developers how to write code using proper coding techniques.


Protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and intellectual property (IP)

We provide a safe communication environment for our clients and developers, and we're also willing to sign an NDA to protect your data, application, concept, and you. You will also own the intellectual property rights to the code/application that our developers generate.


Flawless communication

Because communication is so vital while working on a project in a group. We believe in constant communication that allows you and our engineers to work effectively and achieve fantastic outcomes.


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Our Salesforce professionals proudly display the feathers of their Salesforce certificates on their coding hats. They obtained these Salesforce certificates bypassing Salesforce's examinations that assessed their knowledge.

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No, it happens immediately as soon as the payment is received or a user is registered. Everything is accessible through your records and dashboards.

We can connect any payment gateway with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Esperanto and Paymenthub are two payment processing platforms for nonprofits well-known for integrating payments and functioning effectively.

Anyone, even your volunteers, may learn about NPSP from the trailhead, a fun tutorial that will help you understand the system. You also get badges and points. The best part is that it is entirely free to use, and you can learn more about it.

Your organization must be recognized as a nonprofit, charitable, non-governmental, social change, or educational organization in your nation to be eligible for NPSP. You should also produce legal evidence to verify that you satisfy the outlined requirements.

Yes, without a doubt! You may use Salesforce to integrate free applications that are currently available.


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