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Salesforce Marketing Cloud may help you boost your business marketing and reach your digital marketing goals faster. Start designing tailored client journeys with Marketing Cloud by partnering with us. We are a prominent Salesforce Marketing Cloud services provider who can assist you in empowering your marketing operations to increase revenue.

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Boost Your Marketing Platform WithSalesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Strivemindz provides Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration and installation services, as well as services for other Salesforce Cloud products including Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Commerce Cloud. We also provide Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration services for third-party systems. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform that helps firms improve the efficacy of their marketing efforts. By engaging with your clients on mobile, email, web, and social media, you can now create a tailored experience for them. You can utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud to completely revolutionize your customer engagement. Moreover, it facilitates marketing from anywhere by allowing you to run campaigns more quickly, collaborate with your team via mobile applications, and keep your consumers engaged from anywhere. Furthermore, Marketing Cloud analyses client requirements using real-time data and provides them with marketing that meets them where they are. It listens to your customers, teams, and partners in this way. Apart from that, Salesforce Marketing Cloud analyses unified marketing performance data, makes real-time expenditure choices, and improves campaign engagement as you go. It also adjusts to changing client behavior by accelerating digital channel adoption and delivering audience-specific communications at the correct time. Marketing Cloud is equally well-known for handling B2C and B2B sales.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services We Offer

Take advantage of Salesforce Marketing Cloud services to seamlessly manage and operate marketing campaigns.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products Boost Your Digital Marketing

We understand how important it is to build and grow relationships with customers, and engage them in new ways, as the best Salesforce marketing cloud consulting provider. We offer a wide range of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products that provide your customers with a personalized experience.

Journey Builder

It provides cross-channel tailored experiences and campaign management at every stage of the client lifecycle. You may use Journey Builder to identify and use every moment that defines the customer journey to build 1-to-1 interactions. It knows your consumers with comprehensive data, makes all times important, and prepares you to change your customers' preferences. With journey mapping, Journey Builder visualizes your methods. It also allows for seamless communication across SMS, email, advertisements, pushes notifications, apps, and online landing pages, allowing your consumers to get the relevant information no matter where they are. Across all marketing mediums, it uses a single voice. It connects all departments and brings commerce, marketing, service, and sales together throughout the customer journey to improve the customer experience. Furthermore, it reacts to your consumers' changing wants and requests in real-time. It creates individualized journeys for millions of clients, both complicated and simple. Journey Builder uses reports to take action on shifting patterns and performance. Furthermore, being on brand allows your overworked staff to simply promote and sell. With native capabilities in Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Community Cloud, Journey Builder creates tailored, on-brand content. Later, it is made readily available to local teams all around the world. In addition, Journey Builder analyses individual engagement or journey data to enhance each of your customer's journeys.

Email Studio

It sends emails to your consumers that are tailored just for them. It also adds dynamic material, such as personalization strings, to your emails, allowing you to send content to specific consumers. Furthermore, it automates everything, segmenting, importing, and filtering data from many sources so that you can focus on creating effective campaigns. It even employs intelligence to deliver messages to inactive subscribers less frequently and more frequently to active members. Email Studio uses first-party email data to activate it across all channels. With responsive design on any device, Email Studio reaches more consumers. It also uses customizable templates to construct your messages. It also sends out dynamic messages that motivate people to take action. It keeps clients engaged with fantastic messaging throughout their trip. Email Studio also produces data-driven content, improves the subscriber experience, changes content in every email using Al-based on individual user activity, and allows Al to offer the freshest and greatest material every day.

Audience Studio

Audience Studio, formerly known as Salesforce DMP, will help you gain deep insights by gathering and integrating data to enhance customer connections across all touchpoints using a powerful data management platform. It incorporates all data from any source in order to provide more targeted marketing experiences. It uses AI and machine learning to determine your target audience and better serve them. Furthermore, Audience Studio recognizes new audiences by responding to new data sources and signals. It also obtains insights that drive the outcomes. It uses data to determine the optimal interaction time for the customer experience. It uses Einstein to do complex data science analysis on large datasets, revealing previously undiscovered insights. To maintain a trusted relationship with customers, Audience Studio uses an industry-leading native consent management system. It aids in the acquisition of instruments that make compliance easier. Furthermore, it adapts to your privacy policy and manages consent across many marketplaces. Finally, it quickly adjusts to unanticipated changes.

Automation Studio

One of the finest aspects of a Marketing Cloud is the Automation Studio, which automates your marketing operations so that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes with no human interaction. It also allows you to automate data import to capture data from any website.

Mobile Studio

With Mobile Studio, you can now design your mobile communications, including SMS, group messaging, and push notifications. Personalizing your mobile marketing allows you to contact clients on any device. It makes it simple to create and distribute highly targeted communications. It sends engaging SMS and MMS messages and uses chat messaging to learn about your audience's behaviors and characteristics. Furthermore, Mobile Studio promotes your apps through mobile phone notifications, discounts, and promotions. Mobile Studio drives engagement by sending relevant messaging based on consumer actions and preferences. It uses an open API platform to help convey time-sensitive, transactional communications. It also automates your mobile marketing so you don't lose out on any opportunities. Customer service has also improved. Mobile Studio promotes your brand to nearby customers, renders attractive push messages with rich content, targets location-based warnings ahead of time with beacons, and analyses engagement and deliverability with mobile reports. It also incorporates mobile into your overall marketing strategy to reach clients anywhere, at any time.

Advertising Studio

Advertising agency. You may focus on your clients on each social media channel, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, using Advertising Studio. By creating a 1-to-1 customer experience, you may leverage CRM data to customize digital advertising. Advertising Studio manages your display, search, and social media advertising at scale. It integrates your data throughout the platform, operates in a secure environment, reaches audiences at scale, and targets viewers on their preferred channels. Furthermore, it combines your advertising with the remaining sales, marketing, and service to put the correct advertisement for the right individual. It finds new consumers that are similar, aligns marketing campaigns and emails, and improves Google Search.

Interaction Studio

It monitors and controls real-time customer interactions, ensuring optimal engagement at the correct moment. Furthermore, Interaction Studio enables 1-to-1 engagement across all touchpoints. With Salesforce's premier real-time interaction and personalization management technology, it offers really linked customer experiences. Every customer's ambitions and hopes are understood by Interaction Studio. It predicts the customer's next move, assesses the business environment, recognizes your consumers, and collects actionable data straight from them via customized surveys. Interaction Studio determines and renders contextually appropriate experiences that encourage clients to act using extensive real-time segmentation and Al. It proposes items and content to each consumer, takes them to their desired destination, and manages the process. It also connects clients' offline and online experiences. It meets people where they are, records their actions and sends them tailored messages, and unifies your communications to provide them with a seamless experience. Interaction Studio also analyses and improves the experiences, measures against business-wide goals, segments your viewers, and uses your data to load even more.

Social Studio

Social Studio uses a sophisticated all-in-one social media marketing and management suite to listen, interact, and publish, and it integrates richer social data into your marketing, service, and sales. You may now interact with your customers across all platforms in order to understand how they feel about your brand. You may publish content on practically all platforms and connect with your customers in real-time with Salesforce Social Studio. It listens in on discussions from practically any source to see what your fans and colleagues are saying. It gathers market data, searches for any brand or topic, learns from real-time conversations, and turns social media into a digital focus group. Social Studio manages your community, responds to social posts, and provides customer service. It handles large-scale involvement, streamlines procedures, creates a single perspective for each consumer, and provides customer assistance via social media. It also creates and validates material for numerous social networks and accounts, whether on mobile or on the desktop. Along with the Salesforce Command Center, Social Studio shows live displays of sales, marketing, and service activities, as well as data from third-party sources. It visualizes and offers digital analytics, focuses on the voice of the customer, reacts to consumers individually, and customizes your command center experience.

Customer 360 Audiences

Customer 360 Audiences enables you to provide tailored experiences across all touchpoints. It also gathers, integrates, and activates your customer's full data set. Furthermore, Customer 360 Audiences creates a single, consistent consumer ID, creates successful customer segmentation by effortlessly stitching together first-, second-, and third-party data, and delivers compliant, trustworthy experiences. It also maintains customer data and consent with ease, thanks to secure provisioning measures and dashboards for consent flags and opt-outs. Furthermore, Customer 360 Audiences targets the correct personas and groups across online advertisements, social platforms, and in the future. Furthermore, it reveals deep insights across clouds and channels. It gets a complete picture of customers across all commerce, marketing, service, and sales interactions, then optimizes live campaigns based on that information.

Data Studio

Salesforce Data Studio, a data-sharing technology, creates a secure environment for buyers and data owners to connect and share information. Data Studio is a marketplace for second-party data that claims that marketers have a unique potential to identify new consumers and use them in marketing efforts. It also gives your marketing team access to data from the world's largest premium data ecosystem. It assists in the discovery of new audiences, the formation of new relationships, the smoothing of your toolkit, and the unlimited activation of your data. Additionally, Data Studio safeguards your data and makes it available to trustworthy partners for data governance. It gains control over provisioning tools, obtains clear reporting, opens up walled gardens for direct data trades, and adheres to new restrictions. Data Studio monetizes your data while giving you total control and transparency. It raises demand for your data, increases the efficiency of your data, handles your data expertly, and shares the data flawlessly.


Let's use Datorama to connect, interpret, and act on all of your data in one marketing dashboard to increase speed, improve ROI, and expand your business. Every job is empowered, and every action, investment, and objective is tracked for development and results. It also helps agencies improve scalability and efficiency by providing intelligent insights to B2C marketers and complicated analytics to B2B marketers across all channels. Datorama provides automatic reporting tools to publishers. Datorama also combines your data with the world's largest marketing-targeted API library. It also recognizes any data and links it to specialist Al. Furthermore, it combines your data across all channels so you can focus on the insights regardless of data preparation. The automation, Al, and the marketing professionals command you to link all of your marketing data, regardless of its source, format, or amount of change over time. Datorama quickly extracts deeper insights from your data, visualizes them, and spends more time acting than studying utilizing statistical analysis and regression modeling methodologies. It also uses automated reporting to connect income and marketing. It makes it simple to create marketing dashboards, puts the correct data at your fingertips, and empowers every decision-maker by personalizing reports and dashboards for each stakeholder. Datorama also coordinates your teams and activates your data to maximize marketing ROI. It allows partners and teams to interact on insights, analysis, and decision-making by integrating your chat platform into your dashboards. It has automatic target fulfillment forecasts and receives tips on how to get the greatest results.

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A complete 360-degree picture of all individual clients is used to achieve this. Marketing Cloud unifies all data sources, combining sales, marketing, and customer support into a single contact record that is alive, breathing, and changing. The entire customer encounter adds to CRM data insights.

Marketing Cloud connects all consumer contacts, regardless of channel. It also ties together consumer data and behavior to create better real-time interactions and communications that respond to and anticipate client needs. Every encounter triggers individualized, one-to-one messages, allowing the consumer to continue on their extraordinary adventure.

A customer journey is a lasting brand experience. It includes all impressions and touchpoints, including visits to the site, contact with workers, product experiences, and more. Marketers may also take the lead in the consumer journey by combining real and virtual world encounters with the brand in cross-channel marketing tactics like never before. To provide 1-to-1 customer journeys, effective firms provide highly relevant and tailored content at scale across numerous platforms.

Yes. Salesforce Customer 360 is incomplete without Marketing Cloud. To achieve Customer 360, it collaborates with other clouds such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, and App Cloud. The 1-to-1 customer journey is kept fluid throughout your departments, demonstrating your ability to anticipate demands and enable your customers' achievement.

Customers from charity, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer businesses choose Marketing Cloud because they understand the importance of building and strengthening genuine connections. This helps their customers succeed, brings in money, and improves ROI.


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