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Our Salesforce AppExchange development services will help you build, sell, and grow your business in the fastest-developing cloud economy.

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You Can Turn Your Idea Into a Reality With Salesforce Appexchange App Development Services

With us as your Salesforce AppExchange App Development partner, you'll get the best AppExchange apps that meet your business needs.Our exclusive focus is on developing bug-free, efficient, and durable business apps that support your company's efforts, increase sales, resolve customer issues, and improve customer service operations.

Salesforce AppExchange: We design Salesforce apps for Appexchange primarily for IT organizations for two reasons. First, we create apps that will be placed on Appexchange and will generate income on their own. We create apps that work in tandem with the company's existing products.

Salesforce Application Development: We create bespoke Salesforce apps to aid in the improvement of the overall internal and external business processes and address crucial issues that are not addressed by standard CRM solutions. These are complicated apps that are used to manage errands such as delivery planning and property management. We also create mini Salesforce application apps for managing certain processes like lead assignment and document production.

Our Salesforce AppExchange Development Services

Our team of specialists strives to provide cost-effective Salesforce AppExchange development services while maintaining high quality and meeting deadlines.

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What Methods Do We Use to Create Salesforce AppExchange Apps?

Gathering Requirements

Gathering Requirements

We have a team of certified professionals who determine the work scope based on your first input or documents and establish the appropriate working model for delivering and developing your app.

Design of Architecture

Design of Architecture

Our Salesforce Architects construct the best design for your Appexchange application, establish the road maps, and guide you through the process.

Development of Apps

Development of Apps

In order to construct the AppExchange App for you, we employ the Agile App Development technique, and our team of qualified engineers use APEX, Visualforce, Lightning, Lightning Web Components,, Heroku, and JavaScript stack.



Our Quality Assurance Engineers thoroughly test the application we design, ensuring that it complies with all of Salesforce's criteria.

AppExchange approval and security review

AppExchange approval and security review

We created the application to adhere to all of Salesforce's requirements and not exceed any boundaries that may pose a security risk to business-critical data. Additionally, because we are AppExchange specialists, we do a full-cycle assessment of your application or package before submitting it to AppExchange.

Maintenance and Assistance

Maintenance and Assistance

Depending on the business requirements, we provide full user manuals, documentation, maintenance, and support once the project is deployed.

Why Choose Strivemindz?


Talented Individuals

We provide you with employees who are not just great coders but also self-motivated and eager to learn new technologies and trends to stay ahead of the competition.


Working Hours Can Be Adjusted

Hiring and maintaining a remote workforce may be tough, especially due to time zone variations, but we provide our engineers with the option of working in the time zone that best fits our clients.


Expert Help Is Available At No Cost

Strivemindz doesn't simply recruit Salesforce developers. Instead, you receive the Salesforce experience and strength of the entire team to solve complicated, difficult difficulties in your project.


Begin immediately.

Without waiting weeks or months, the developers can begin working with you right away.


Models of Flexible Engagement

We provide a high level of flexibility, allowing you to scale up or down at any moment to meet your changing needs.


The Hiring Process Is Simple

Hire the top developers in just three easy steps and get started on your ideal project right now.


Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days

We prioritize our clients, which is why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any troubles you may be experiencing so that your work is not impeded.


Assistance with Disputes

When working with Strivemindz, disagreements are unusual. However, if you have any concerns with our developer, we will assist you by giving someone who is perfect for you.


Excellent Coding Techniques

We at Strivemindz are dedicated to perfection. Thus we teach our developers how to write code using proper coding techniques.


Protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and intellectual property (IP)

We provide a safe communication environment for our clients and developers, and we're also willing to sign an NDA to protect your data, application, concept, and you. You will also own the intellectual property rights to the code/application that our developers generate.


Flawless communication

Because communication is so vital while working on a project in a group. We believe in constant communication that allows both you and our engineers to work effectively and achieve fantastic outcomes.


Certified Salesforce Developers

Our Salesforce professionals proudly display the feathers of their Salesforce certificates on their coding hats. They obtained these Salesforce certificates bypassing Salesforce's own examinations that assessed their knowledge.

Innovative Technologies


AR/VR Apps



Machine Learning

Geo Location






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Without a doubt! You may use Salesforce Sites or Community Builder to create customized sites and applications for your Salesforce company.

Salesforce is a fantastic marketplace with a lot of exceptional tools to solve complex business problems. However, because Salesforce does not want to fill the marketplace with different tools that solve the same problem, Salesforce requires a business model to analyze why your app should be listed on AppExchange.

Yes, you may design an out-of-the-box app that addresses a customer's business needs and distribute it for free.

Salesforce is a fantastic marketplace with many out-of-the-box tools to solve complex business problems. As a result, Salesforce does not want to clutter the marketplace with multiple tools that solve the same problem. This is why Salesforce inquires about your business model to determine why your app should be listed on AppExchange and what business problem it will solve.

Along with the free applications available on the platforms, AppExchange allows vendors to publish apps that solve business problems and provides enterprises with various monetization options.


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