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Ceem Overview
01 /06

Project Overview

Ceem is basically a web dashboard, which was later designed for user convenience as a mobile app also. Developed with a highly unique approach to personalized video messaging at scale sets it apart from other companies in the industry. CEEM enables brands and organizations to establish a more personalized connection with their customers. This level of personalization not only enhances customer engagement but also significantly increases the reach of video marketing campaigns. This helps user brands stand out from the competition and creates a stronger bond between the brand and its customers. Moreover, CEEM's database integration allows for seamless scalability. Whether a brand has a small customer base or a vast global audience, CEEM can adapt its services accordingly.

02 /06

Goals and Objectives

The development of the CEEM video messaging platform with personalization at scale encompasses the following key goals:

Broad Adoption: Reach a diverse user base - from individuals to enterprises, to maximize the app's impact.

Innovation: Stand out with cutting-edge technology, offering unique personalized communication methods.

Ceem Goals

User Satisfaction: Provide a seamless and personalized user experience that resonates with user preferences.

Scalability: Build architecture to accommodate growing user demand while maintaining performance.

03 /06

Challenges & Solutions


  • Playing millions of video links for large live campaign
  • Video playing issue if formatted/recorded from different media
  • Display progress of recipient of large no. of record CSV file
  • Importing millions of recipients within a campaign through CSV file
Ceem App Challenges & Solutions


  • Implemented generate video links HTML and serve when end-user click on a video
  • Amended video files internally to make them playable for a video link
  • Implemented the stack to display the imported recipient
  • Implemented parallel processing using the different Processor Count of the current system
04 /06

Business Benefit

Developing a video messaging web dashboard and app with personalization at scale brought a numerous business benefit to our client-


Customer Engagement Enhancement: Personalized video messages can captivate users by addressing them directly and tailoring content to their preferences and behaviors.


Customized Experiences: Personalization allows you to offer users content that aligns with their interests, creating a more enjoyable and relevant experience.


Effective Marketing Campaigns: With personalization at scale, you can target users with highly relevant marketing messages.


Enhanced Brand Loyalty: Personalized interactions leads to increased brand loyalty and advocacy as users feel valued and understood by your app.


Monetization Opportunities: By delivering personalized content, you can offer premium or exclusive content to users who are more likely to pay for it.


Data-Driven Decision Making: Personalization relies on analyzing user data to tailor experiences.


Efficient User Onboarding: Personalized onboarding experiences guide users through the app's features that are most relevant to them, leading to quicker and more effective adoption of the app's functionalities.


Increased User Acquisition: Word-of-mouth marketing tends to flourish organic growth as satisfied users share their experiences with friends and peers.


Effective Communication: Personalized video messages can be used for important notifications, updates, and alerts, ensuring that users receive information relevant to their interests and needs.


Market Differentiation: Developing a video messaging app with advanced personalization sets your app apart from competitors, giving you a unique selling point that can attract users seeking more tailored and relevant communication experiences.

05 /06

Tech Stack











06 /06

Visual Design

In designing the visual elements for a video messaging platform with personalization at scale, such as CEEM, several key factors need to be considered. CEEM's visual design is more than a surface-level delight – it's an embodiment of the app's commitment to empowering personal connections and fostering growth. In every color, animation and interaction, CEEM's visual design is a testament to the app's dedication to celebrating individuality while bridging gaps.

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