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Clean Beach Overview
01 /06

Project Overview

The Clean Beach app is designed to engage individuals in a fun and interactive way to participate in cleaning up beaches, parks, woodlands, mountains and other leisure areas. An app like this is the result of turning a very creative idea into reality of a social cause that has been bothering our client for a long time due to the increasing pollution issues in the world and its negative effects. It encourages users to collect and dispose of trash responsibly while offering incentives such as awards and recognition for their efforts. The app also targets local authorities and businesses to collaborate in the promotion of recycling and responsible waste disposal practices. The app also aims to involve socially responsible companies in sponsoring achievements and rewards, with the long-term goal of encouraging recycling and cleanup efforts.

02 /06

Goals and Objectives

Promote Responsible Behavior: Encourage individuals to pick up and dispose of trash responsibly, contributing to cleaner environments.

Incentivize Participation: Motivate users through awards, rankings and rewards provided by responsible businesses.

Clean Beach Goals

Increase Recycling and Cleanup Efforts: Convince local governments to invest more in recycling and cleanup operations by demonstrating the collected waste's volume.

Engage Socially Responsible Companies: Encourage businesses to sponsor the app, awards and events, showcasing their commitment to environmental conservation.

03 /06

Our Approach:

  • User Profiles and Rankings:
    This app allows users to create profiles, track their collections and earn rankings based on their contributions.
  • Sponsorship Integration:
    The app incorporates a sponsorship mechanism, allowing businesses to fund awards and rewards.
Clean Beach App Challenges & Solutions
  • Anonymous Data Reporting:
    The app anonymizes users' collection data and compiles it to demonstrate the scale of cleanup efforts to local authorities.
  • Geolocation Tracking:
    The app utilizes geolocation services to track collection locations, helping authorities identify high-impact areas.
04 /06

Business Benefit


Social Impact: The app contributes to reducing environmental pollution and promoting responsible waste disposal.


User Engagement: The app attracts users by offering a gamified experience with rewards and rankings.


Partnerships: Collaboration with socially responsible businesses enhances the app's visibility and financial sustainability.


Data Insights: Anonymized collection data offers insights into pollution sources, enabling targeted cleanup efforts.


Community Building: The app creates a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to environmental conservation.

05 /06

Tech Stack





IOS & Android

IOS & Android

06 /06

Visual Design

This app has a playful seaside theme, which meets well with its mission of cleaning up beaches and coastal areas. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface this app features prominent buttons for starting collections, tracking progress and viewing awards.


Awards & Recognition

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