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GTF Overview
01 /06

Project Overview

Investing in the stock market is not a hefty thing if one is carrying an idea of the right place, either to expand one's income or to be a successful stock trader and so on. However, comprehension of trading processes and strategies is a must to achieve a potent result. To encounter this, our client has the idea of a platform offering a share market education for anyone wants to establish in the stock market to generate income. By understanding these fundamental aspects, we created GTF App. Also, this app accommodates busy professionals and students with recorded sessions during the week and live Q&A sessions at weekends so that one can learn as per convenience.

02 /06

Goals & Objectives

Our main goal was to deliver a user-friendly App, anticipating client’s actual idea in mind. Get Together Finance is a reliable platform that provides users with exact price action and in-depth analysis of the stock market.

Additional Education through the App

The Get Together Finance (GTF) App is designed in a format that offers extensive information on trading courses. The platform is designed with the user's comfort in mind and offers additional learning opportunities at their discretion, allowing them to become full-time traders. With 24/7 availability platform.

Learning Assistance with Supportive Mentors

GTF was expected to assist in user’s learning progress with successful traders until the course completion. In conjunction with Mentors teach the language of charts, stock market, equity, forex, currency, commodities and so on to accomplish user’s targets successfully. When creating this App, all of these factors were carefully considered.

Ensures user engagement through GTF options

The GTF subscription option is offered as an elementary course, that unlocks a few videos gradually to users for gaining basic knowledge of stock market progress. To get a master course in GTF, users need to unlock “Trading in the Zone,” which comes with technical analysis, wholesale/retail price, demand and supply, market traps, advanced trading strategy and in-depth analysis on chart.

Our Approach

We have taken a strategic approach in developing Get Together Finance App. The technical team behind this app has incorporated leading-edge technology and advanced analytics to provide users with real-time market updates, personalized trading strategies and a vast library of educational materials related to the stock market. With an intuitive user interface, we have ensured that the app is not only easy to navigate, but also offer a seamless and secure user experience, which is a top priority for any App user.

03 /06

Business Benefit


Users can enhance their understanding of the stock market, develop their investment strategies, and ultimately make informed investment decisions.


The stock trading techniques learned here can be perfectly applied to equity, forex, currency, commodities, etc. to give you better financial returns or to create wealth in the stock market.


With beginners, intermediate learners, and professionals in mind, the courses on this app are created in three different variants of learners.


Capture the attention of users with stunning visualizations of real-time data, helping them form a better understanding of market dynamics.


Engage users with aesthetically pleasing visuals and depictions, designed to keep their attention and maximize learning potential.


Easily comprehend complex trading concepts through intuitive visuals, letting you learn more in less time.


Experience a visually captivating journey into the world of trading with delightful illustrations, animations and diagrams. Engage users and make them more likely to explore, learn and thrive in their trading adventures.


The users can be assured that their data is secure, backed up regularly, and accessible whenever needed.

04 /06

Challenges & Solutions

In this section, we would forecast the challenges GTF App, came up to Strivemindz development team, and our team turned around their Goal and Objectives as per these challenges. Dropping down the challenges, mentioned:


  • Server Exhaustion Request Volume
    The major challenge was to manage the high user volume whenever a course was announced. Which can cause technical issues and website crashes, leading to poor user experience and negative reviews.
  • UI/UX Challenge
    We aimed to create a user friendly system that could accommodate individuals from less-experienced communities to make them easily enroll in courses, access classes online and keep track of their schedules and payments. Which was a great challenge.
  • Efficient CRM, payments management solution with user tracking
    This was the biggest challenge for GTF to efficiently manage the huge load of users and keep them happy supporting with all their on call queries.
  • Video support challenge
    Video playback in Safari browser was a challenge on the website.
GTF App Challenges & Solutions


  • We managed with the Pub Sub approach which was an intermediate layer to handle and serve requests at peak load times.
  • Thanks to the top-notch team of our designers that crafted user friendly app and web design for our client.
  • We developed a custom CRM catering to their user and management needs alongside developing a custom payments and invoice management solution for effectively tracking everything.
  • To overcome this challenge team has worked to disable "Cross site tracking" of website. That made videos get played smoothly on Safari (Desktop and Mobile) browser as well.
05 /06

Tech Stack











Objective C

Objective C





06 /06

Visual Design

The visual design of GTF App is tailored to the specific needs of its users. It is easy to navigate and use, while also providing clear graphics that help explain complex concepts. The depictions are engaging and attractive, so that users are more likely to engage with the app and learn more about trading. With options to filter results, develop your own user profile, search professionals based on your requirements, by leveraging a combination of images, and other elements, developers created an effective visual design for this App.


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