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Strivemindz features the most experienced Cakephp developers & programmers who offer optimum solutions for your enterprises. Our team of proficient CakePHP Developers creates framework to provide top-notch solutions for all kinds of e-commerce projects.

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Dedicated CakePHP Developers for Hire

Do you need dedicated CakePHP developers for hire?
Strivemindz is a leading CakePHP Web development company in UK, India & USA that specializes in creating pages that rank high in search engines. Our team has been providing businesses with custom web solutions for over 10+ Year's. We offer cost-effective and interactive CakePHP web applications that are extremely reliable and secure. We assist you in fulfilling your business objectives by creating an application that attracts your targeted audience. Our team is well versed with all the technicalities of CakePHP and has proven extremely beneficial in improving business bars.

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Our CakePHP Web Development Services

We deliver robust PHP development services across a wide range of industries thanks to our large and enthusiastic developer base with rich industry experience and in-depth technical knowledge. Hire CakePHP developers who offer CakePHP web development solutions for small, medium, large, and enterprise-level businesses. Let's take a look at what our CakePHP developers can do for you.

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Skills Of Our Developers

Expertise PHP and CakePHP

Great expertise in PHP and CakePHP and its wide feature set.

Mapping of CakePHP

Well-knowledgeable in object-relational mapping of CakePHP

Expertise in Fat Model, Skinny Controller

Good experience in “Fat Model, Skinny Controller” approach.

SQL/NoSQL databases

Thorough knowledge of SQL/NoSQL databases.

Expertise in convention and patterns

Significant experience in basic convention and patterns of CakePHP.

Understanding of UX/UI

Excellent understanding of UX/UI development.

Why To Work With Us?

There are numerous benefits of working with Strivemindz. These benefits roll-up to ensure catering to all the public needs that are in demand by most of the clients.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

We provide a calculated work-flow that suits as well as boost your company’s profile. We ensure providing in high quality work that can boost your company’s sales. Our developers and programmers work at cost-effective pricing.



We help you get a team of your choice. You get a developer that you can team up well with. This can boost your working productivity.

Control over projects

Control over projects

You can take a complete control over your projects and know what’s is cooking among the team regarding your idea.

Scalable Code

Scalable Code

Strivemindz developer and programmer can develop flexible and scalable code that can ensure seem-less working of your product thereby ramping up your sales and profits.

Regular reporting

Regular reporting

You can schedule mid-weekly as well as weekly meeting to discuss about the work. You can even schedule the meetings immediately in case of any emergency.



Our developers and programmers ensure safety and privacy of your data and thereby help you in maintaining and developing seem-less applications.

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Yes, we provide you the opportunity to select your desirable Open Cart developers and programmers to hire. We are determined to provide your project a wholesome and holistic environment.

At Strivemindz, customer privacy and data security are a top priority. We assure you complete safety of your data and promise the best hiring experience.

It is used to create websites that are unique, responsive and rapidly flexible. It is a free, open-source platform.


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