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Hitking Overview
01 /06

Project Overview

The client sought our expertise to elevate the quality of their app and approached us with a desire to improve the quality of their app as it fell short of their expectations. The app lacked a satisfactory user interface and did not support the latest devices. Additionally, the key features of the app were not functioning properly. After carefully analyzing the client’s concerns, we identified several critical issues that required immediate attention. The inadequate user interface was impeding the app’s usability and overall appeal causing users to encounter difficulties when navigating and performing actions smoothly. To address these issues comprehensively, our team devised a multi-faceted approach. Thorough research was conducted on current design trends and user preferences.

02 /06

Goals and Objectives

The primary goals of the enhancement work on the "Hitking" app were as follows:

Improve User Interface: Enhance the app's design and user interface to make it more visually appealing and intuitive.

Introduce Customizable Timer: Allow users to set and adjust timers according to their specific workout routines and preferences.

Implement Progress Tracking: Enable users to track their progress over time and provide insights on their HIT training sessions.

Hitking Goals

Optimize Performance: Enhance the app's performance by improving load times and overall responsiveness.

Bug Fixes: Identify and fix any existing bugs or issues within the app to ensure a smooth user experience.

03 /06

Challenges & Solutions


  • Old library Coding
    The app was built with old library code which was hindering its functionality on modern devices.
  • Challenge in streaming music parallelly
    When an alarm went off, instead of smoothly lowering the music volume, it abruptly stopped the music altogether. This interruption disrupted the user experience and caused frustration.
Hitking App Challenges & Solutions


  • We upgraded the entire coding process with updated versions according to the requirement.
  • We set up a notification alarm management tool and resolved the issue that ensured the alarm sound functionality was redesigned to smoothly lower the music volume during alarms, preventing sudden interruptions.
04 /06

Business Benefits

The "Hitking" countdown timer app can offer a range of valuable business benefits to its clients. Here are some potential benefits that you can highlight:


Enhanced Customer Engagement: Drive immediate action with a countdown timer, boosting customer engagement.


Boosted Sales and Conversions: Create urgency that leads to higher sales and conversion rates.


Improved Marketing Campaign Effectiveness: Elevate campaign impact by using countdown timers to capture attention.


Event Promotion and Attendance: Increase event attendance by building anticipation with countdown timers.


Reduced Cart Abandonment: Prevent cart abandonment by prompting quick purchases through countdowns.


Foster Customer Loyalty: Reward loyalty with time-sensitive deals, fostering repeat business.


Efficient Inventory Management: Clear out excess stock swiftly using countdown-driven flash sales.


Data Collection and Insights: Gather valuable user behavior data during countdown periods for refining strategies.


Cross-Promotion and Partnerships: Promote collaborations using countdown timers to expand customer reach.


Create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): Instigate FOMO to encourage prompt action, especially among younger audiences.


Customizable Design and Messaging: Tailor countdown timers to match brand aesthetics and messaging.


Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate Hitking's app across websites and apps for effortless use.

05 /06

Tech Stack





06 /06

Visual Design

A captivating blend of dynamic elements and user-friendly aesthetics vibrant colors with a sleek user interface and high-resolution imagery create an engaging environment. Animated progress visuals and graphical workout guides enhance personalization and clarity. Interactive progress charts and intuitive icons provide motivation and ease of use with a thoughtful dark mode option. HITKING offers a modern immersive and user centric visual experience for optimizing workout routines and achieving fitness goals.


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