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01 /06

Project Overview

Many times, when children are involved in a middle of a broken relationship, it gets difficult for both the parent to communicate effectively. And that leads to problem in child maintenance payments and visits. To resolve this problem parents can turn towards our app. Co-Parenting Connect acts as a platform form divorced/separated couples who have child(ren). It is an effective way to communicate with the resident or non-resident parent about the financial arrangements and visits for the child. Co-Parent Connect has a secure payment system for making any kind of transaction. This is a 100% safe and free app for your convenience. So, communicate easily and keep track of payment with the help of our app.

02 /06

Goals & Objectives

Our main aim is to provide our user a simple, effective and secure platform that can help them keep a track of transactions and visitation made for their child. We have tried to make a user-friendly app that can relieve parent’s stress, so that the child can be provided a better life.

To provide a platform to parents that can assist them for better management of financial aid for their child

To give both the parents a secure medium to communicate about the child

Control visitation and payments made between parents


Co-Parent Connect is an app that will allow divorced/separated parents to communicate and manage financial aid and also visitation and problem.

03 /06

Challenges & Solutions

There were some challenges, but we had solutions.


Seamless Transactions and Notifications

The major challenge was to manage seamless transactions managed between the parents avoiding any delays managing the due dates and transactions with a click of a button. Payments settlement was also managed smoothly with Stripe as the payment solutions integrated.

Real-Time Service

3rd Party Integrations

Firebase integration for chat support, Stripe for payment gateway with one to one user payment transfer

Real-Time Service

Design Implementation

We were to be as simple as possible nothing fancy. We aimed at a minimal screen approach while considering all the functional aspects with a modern layout and color scheme and delivered it successfully.

Real-Time Service
04 /06


You can build your user profile following a few steps. User profile will need your name, email-id, contact number and account details (only if you choose make transactions through our gateway). Once you have signed in on the app, you can see all your details by clicking on profile option.

05 /06

Color & Typography

Colors and Typography affect the viewers without letting them know about it. Therefore, we utilized colors and typography that communicate the core values of parentals control.

06 /06

Visual Design

You can get the details about your previous or upcoming transaction on the dashboard. You can also take some notes or add important points here. The dashboard also has a feature of calendar, where you can mark the important dates of regular payments and important payment.


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