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Ponde Overview
01 /06

Project Overview

It is an app that instantly connects Film, Music and Entertainment industry professionals to producers and consumers. The app will instantly show users a list of Service Providers in their chosen category who are within their chosen location. This makes it possible for the producer to find and hire professionals locally and globally!

02 /06

Goals and Objectives

Our aim was to build an App which can connect users with local professionals in the film, music, photography, and entertainment industries. This App also provides instant access to a wide range of services including photography, sound industries, studio rentals, equipment rentals, sound stages, prop houses and other established businesses in the film industry.

Provides instant access to a wide range of services including studio rentals, equipment rentals etc.

Helps users make informed decisions by providing detailed information about local businesses.

Ponde Goals

Streamlines the process of finding and booking professional services.

Enhance the user experience by providing a user-friendly interface.

03 /06

Our Approach

Ponde Challenges
  • UI/UX adhering to client vision:

    Designs were a challenge and we nailed them with our UI/UX experts. We were asked to deliver an easy-to-use app so users can easily look for service providers and book them based on their needs. Smooth navigation, maps and booking procedures were required and delivered.
  • Architecture Design and Strong Database Support:

    Architecture setup and database design plays a major role in performance of the apps and that’s the point we focus on always while delivering a solution.
  • Delivering nothing less than 100%:

    Quality assurance is always needed when you need to deliver a flawless app and our team of specialized Quality Assurance guys make sure it left with no flaws or bugs.
04 /06

Business Benefit


Increased efficiency

By connecting professionals in the entertainment industry with clients through the app, it eliminates the need for lengthy searches through directories or social media platforms. This saves time and resources, making the hiring process more efficient.


Cost savings

Since the app connects professionals directly with clients, the need for intermediaries or middlemen is eliminated, resulting in lower costs.


Broader reach

The app provides access to professionals throughout the world, expanding the talent pool beyond a client’s local area. This increases the likelihood of finding the right person for the job.


Improved talent matching

The app matches professionals with clients according to their specific needs and expertise, leading to better job performance and higher-quality work.


Enhanced customer experience

Clients can easily view portfolios, check references and reviews, and communicate instantly with potential hires, leading to a better customer experience.


Increased revenue

The app allows professionals to easily find new clients and job opportunities, leading to increased revenue and exposure for their businesses.


Competitive advantage

Having an app such as Pros ON Demand that provides instant access to professionals in the entertainment industry gives companies a competitive edge, helping them stand out in the market.

05 /06

Tech Stack









06 /06

Visual Design

The visual design of this App is sleek and modern, with a focus on user-friendly navigation and clear communication. The use of black and white provides a classic and timeless feel, while the addition of bright red adds a pop of energy and excitement. Beneath the search bar, there are four clickable icons representing the film, music, photography, and entertainment industries. Users can easily select the industry they are interested in and browse available professionals in that field.


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