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Spouslr Overview
01 /06

Project Overview

The client’s concept of creating a fresh online space for solitary Muslims gave way to the formation of Spouslr. Unlike other apps, we developed this platform to help single Muslims find love and happiness through meaningful connections. This App gives single Muslims an opportunity to express their interests, backgrounds and hobbies with just a swipe on screen, they instantly come across potential matches. This is not just an App but a distinctive community for single Muslims seeking their soulmates. It goes beyond being just another dating app by offering a free platform to connect with other like-minded Muslims in user’s area. Whether you prioritize career or family, it has options for you.

02 /06

Goals & Objectives

Our primary objective was to provide a safe and secure community dating platform for Muslim individuals who are seeking meaningful relationships. Our client recognize that conventional dating sites may not always cater to the specific cultural and religious beliefs of Muslims, which often creates challenges in establishing successful partnerships and to provide a solution he came up with idea of this app-

Exclusive space where Muslim singles can connect and form bonds based on shared values and faith, free from judgment or prejudice.

A community cum dating platform to make the love hunting easy for Muslims.

Either one is planning Halal Muslim dating, wedding or preparing for Nikah, Spouslr has got you covered.

03 /06

Challenges & Solutions

There were some challenges, but we had solutions.

Spouslr Challenges
  • Competing the Market:

    Client needed the app to stand in the competitive world and thus we added advanced search options, real time alerts, swipe feature like tinder, personalized features, safety and security, advanced plans, attractive user profiles and much more.
  • Handling Extensive user load:

    We know dating apps can have a huge user load and interactions thus we have added another layer of support with Pub Sub architecture and implemented caching and other mechanism to handle all users and give seamless interactions.
  • Brand Identity:

    App was launched for the Muslim community in UK and it was to be designed well keeping dating in mind so users like the app and stick to it. Our experienced UI team did a great job in choosing the color schemes and defining the layout structure keeping the client happy.
04 /06

Business Benefit

Our work on client's vision of creating a unique online space for single Muslims has come to fruition with the creation of Spouslr -


Unlike other dating apps, our platform is designed to facilitate meaningful connections that lead to love and happiness.


Our "Match Based on Your Interests" feature is perfect to meet and connect with like-minded individuals who share user’s passions and hobbies.


With just a swipe on the screen, single Muslims can express their interests, backgrounds, and hobbies and instantly find potential matches.


Voice and video call options allow for unfiltered communication, while our fun and expressive messaging system lets users convey emotions in a way that words alone cannot.


Our platform offers a free and distinctive way for single Muslims to connect with others in their area.


Whether prioritize career or family, Spouslr has options that cater to all needs.


Our efforts were dedicated to achieving utmost user privacy and security.

05 /06

Tech Stack

Node JS

Node JS





06 /06

Visual Design

The visual design of this app is carefully crafted to create an aesthetically pleasing and culturally relevant platform that facilitates meaningful connections for its users. In order to ensure the success of this app, we offered modern features that are intuitive and user-friendly. The use of warm, inviting colors can help to create a welcoming environment that encourages users to engage with the platform. Additionally, typography ensures that they are easily legible for all users. Icons and graphics are also thoughtfully designed, reflecting appropriate cultural nuances and sensitivities.


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