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YARA App Project Overview
01 /06

Project Overview

Chatting with your friends or playing games with them is one of the best ways to spend your free time. This app introduces users to a new way to chat, play and connect with friends. Emotional magic provides a gaming experience that is fun, free and easy to use. With Game as your destination, you can build a gaming community of high-quality players with whom you can play. Users can create a room for their personal interaction. Personal chatting feature is also here with dear once, so you do not miss any opportunity of making good chats.

We offer you lots of fun features like gift exchange without any discrimination and more. Buy virtual coins to get access to these features even faster. The feature of blocking users and setting language as per convenience is a great way to maintain a safe and secure online environment. By blocking unwanted users, you can ensure that only the people with whom you want to interact are able to do so. Moreover, by setting your language preference, you can make sure that all conversations are conducted in a language that is comfortable for you.

Another great feature of this platform is the ability to generate followers while following others. This helps in increasing your reach and also allows you to get more people interested in what you have to say. With this feature, users can become an influencer in their own right and build their own community of followers.

02 /06

Goals and Objectives

We want to create a platform where people can talk and share their happiness and sorrows with one another, regardless of the different time zones. This helps gamers to be connected with each other through real time gaming experience. We are here to provide the best gaming experience for our players by providing them with different fun features and making sure your gaming experience is 100% safe.

Freedom of connecting with new people

Making memorable chat & gaming experience

YARA App Goals and Objectives

Generate followers and have a feel of celebrity in your community

Keep your voice chat experience encrypted with options of creating private rooms and blocking unwanted entrants.

03 /06

Challenges & Solutions

In this section, we would forecast the challenges YARA App, came up to Strivemindz development team, and our team turned around their Goal and Objectives as per these challenges. Dropping down the challenges, mentioned:


  • Real time handling

    When we talk about games, we need to manage multiple IDs with the winning/losing amount for multiple players. As of earlier, we were unable to handle multiple users and their data in real-time.
  • Room Permissions

    Public and Private room creation was a challenge in app which could be a threat to the privacy of the user and cause inconvenience. For instance, if any user is creating a chat room for his/her family or selected members but is not able to restrict any unwanted participant.
YARA App Challenges & Solutions


  • The solution we manage to create multiple sockets to handle real-time data.
  • The solution was to add a feature of room lock to avoid user inconvenience or privacy breach. In this feature, we created a room password option that can be shared by room creator to users of their choice. Also, users can make a sub admin or co-host to control chat room activities in absence of real admin.
  • Theme changing option added in two categories like free or paid. Here paid versions require the user to have virtual coins in their user account.
04 /06

Business Benefit


Keep your voice chat experience encrypted with options of creating private rooms and blocking unwanted entrants.


This app allows users to reach out to new people and have memorable chat and gaming experiences.


A multitude of personalized features enabled a seamless and secure user experience.


MongoDB Platform holding the database and handling real-time dashboards.


On this app users generating followers and having a feel of celebrity in their own community


Within 15 days of its release the App registered 1k downloads


With language options in English and Hindi, this app is currently made for Indian users

05 /06

Tech Stack

Android Java
06 /06

Visual Design

This voice chat application allows you to enjoy virtual gifts and other benefits. You can also play games with your friends who play the same game on our platform or join a multiplayer match with other players around the world. This app is designed to help you discover your preferences by allowing users to personalize their profile and look with the help of micro-interactions.


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