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7 Ways to Follow for Successful Beta Testing of Your Mobile App in 2023

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Tips for Beta Testing of Your Mobile App

Many companies invest in mobile applications, but they seldom go through thorough beta testing before being released. Thankfully that’s a massive blunder that can be avoided with good planning. In the process of developing an app, beta testing is an essential step. Developers put their software through a rigorous testing procedure known as alpha testing before releasing it to real consumers to evaluate. They have the option to fix major faults before making the app available to a larger audience at this stage. What are the plans for the beta testers? First, they utilize the app regularly for a set amount of time. Beta testing is a word that originated in software development and referred to a stage of the process that focuses on getting input from real-world users on features and products. After this software testing life cycle is completed, products will be ready for deployment in a real-world setting. They report any problems or difficulties and provide comments on the software. These assist app publishers in determining whether their app is ready for their intended audience. If it isn’t, they will have time to improve it before releasing it in the app stores.

What is Beta Testing?

Beta testing involves giving a finished or nearly finished product to a sample of current or potential users to evaluate its performance in practice. The following criteria must be met for a test to be classified as a beta test:

  • There must be “feature completeness” and “reasonable stability” in the app.
  • A beta tester should be a customer of the app’s target market.
  • Real-world scenarios should be used by beta testers.

Why Is Beta Testing Important?

Beta testing is more important than ever before, so why should you do it? During the past decade, the product development lifecycle has changed dramatically, and beta testing no longer ends shortly before launch.

Traditionally, product launches were the culmination of the product development lifecycle: (1) concept (2) design (3) build (4) launch. Consequently, beta testing is viewed as something that lives and dies in stage 3 (build and test). Contrary to this, beta testing is becoming increasingly important with the advent of agile testing and continuous improvement, and can now be viewed as a process that occurs not only before launch but also in the ongoing process of continuous improvement before releasing new product features, design changes, or other improvements.

Before launching a new feature or product, the alpha and beta phases aim to increase the likelihood that the product will succeed when it is launched. It is a continuous effort and philosophy to constantly evaluate and improve products over time. While each phase is guided by specific objectives and processes, all of these tests rely on feedback from real people using the actual product in unique environments.

It is sometimes confusing to distinguish between beta and alpha testing. Often, these two concepts are used interchangeably. Despite their differences, they can be viewed as two consecutive phases of product testing.Healthcare-App-Idea

7 Ways for Successful Beta Testing of Your  Mobile Application:

  • Determine the Number of Testers you’ll Require

During the beta testing stage, how many individuals will you engage? Remember that not all testers will provide you with helpful input. Some won’t notice errors, while others will tell you how much they like the software despite its flaws. It’s more convenient to write “everything is fine” than to offer specific criticism. However, you cannot have only ten testers. You shouldn’t, however, have too many testers. If you have 1,000 testers for an app, getting feedback will be challenging. You should hire 100-300 beta testers to ensure that your software works well before releasing it. This offers you enough information to deal with without overwhelming you.

  • Determine the Sort of Testers you’ll Require

Depending on your objectives, you must pick what sort of individual to hire as a beta tester based on their history and expertise. Creating a beta tester persona will assist you in selecting the most appropriate individuals for this stage of development.

Technical beta testers (who find issues and provide constructive comments) and marketing beta testers are the two sorts of beta testers (they are usually influencers who increase awareness before your app gets launched).

  • Set a Time Limit for Beta Testing

What is the expected turnaround time for beta testing? If you don’t set a time limit for your testing session, it might drag on indefinitely. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t take the beta test seriously. It must be comprehensive. You should give the beta testers enough time to try out all of the app’s features and identify its flaws. What should the duration of the beta test be? The answer to that question, according to Strivemindz, will be determined by a few aspects, including your goals, resources, tester limits, and the number of test stages you choose. After extensive investigation, we discovered that it is challenging – if not impossible – to undertake complete beta testing of apps in less than two weeks. Yes, you may gain some vital information, but it will not be enough to beta test the several builds you are more likely to generate to achieve a desirable level for the app. Ideally, you should try to beta test within six to ten weeks.

  • Create a Persona for Your Beta Testers

You most likely defined your user persona throughout the planning stage of the app development process. You presumably had many questions in mind when you constructed the entire concept around that ultimate user:

  • What issues are they dealing with?
  • What are the remedies they require?
  • What solutions am I able to offer?
  • What motivates this individual to utilize an app daily?
  • What characteristics do they seek?

You’ll also need that user persona to create the marketing campaign. When seeking beta testers, you’ll also need a persona. You have a few more prerequisites at this point:

  • What are your objectives for the beta-testing stage?
  • Do you want to be notified when a new feature is released? Are you looking for bugs? Create a user base of early adopters. Is there a way to increase public awareness of the app?

Answer this question based on your requirements: what talents do you want this individual to have? Then, it’ll be much easier to create the identity you wish to.

  • Give Your Beta Testers the Software

So you created a beta tester persona, gathered beta testers, and distributed the app along with expectations. What now? It is important to ensure that the outcome of this procedure will be as you expected. To get people’s opinions, you need to get them to use your app and provide feedback. By offering rewards, you can achieve this. It is possible to provide them with free tickets to acquire premium services. You won’t lose much money, but you’ll get the testers to spend more time with your software.It would be best to make beta testing applications appealing to testers. You are already making better software due to their feedback, so let them know how much you value it and invite them to future beta programs. Typically, the product itself or a byproduct that you own are used as incentives for testers. If you are running a beta test for your app, provide the testers with gift cards for in-app purchases. You will build loyal supporters with this small gesture that will not cost you anything.

  • Take Their Suggestions into Account

When your beta testers report defects, you will undoubtedly do everything possible to remedy them. But what if they offer you suggestions for improvement? You worked very hard on some of the features, but it turns out that the majority of beta testers dislike them. You’ve discovered your tribe. The very least you can do is put your trust in these people. Take any suggestions or queries customers give as you work to improve your app before it is released.

  • Maintain Your Ties

Once you’ve completed a successful beta testing phase, you’ll know how critical it is to the overall success of your software. Maintain relationships with enthusiastic beta testers who appreciate testing out new programs. Contact them every time you create a new app that has to be tested.

End Thoughts

You must plan ahead of time and determine the type and amount of beta testers your software will require. If you’re seeking beta testers, it is crucial to take the time to sift through the many channels where you might find them. Simultaneously, outline the goals you want to achieve and explain them to the testers, emphasizing that their voices decide what works and what doesn’t. In that way, give them something to remember and appreciate. After all, beta testers are the backbone of this introductory period for the success of your program. At Strivemindz, Our team provides complete end-to-end mobile application development services and we have one of the best beta testers in the industry. Who are highly qualified and top-notch in their section.

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