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Must Things to Consider while Developing an On-Demand Food Delivery App

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On demand food delivery app

Globally, the food delivery industry is experiencing explosive growth. With the pandemic, customers’ needs for convenient, safe, and contactless food ordering have skyrocketed, resulting in the on-demand food delivery industry’s rapid growth.   With restaurant industry getting popular by leaps and bounds, it is not at all surprising to see a food delivery app usage gaining prominence among smartphone users .

Another reason why people are using a food delivery application is not all of us like to dine out and prefer to stay at home for having food at their own table. This is absolutely useful for senior citizens who crave for food varieties but cannot move out from their home due to health issues.

Key considerations to make your on demand food delivery app a sure shot success

A on demand food delivery app or system makes it way easier for restaurants and street food providers to bring worldwide cuisines to food lovers right at their doorsteps with the action of a single click. It’s also a boon for food addicts who always wish to try out a new range of cuisines but not aware of the right place. Since it is an integrated platform connecting restaurants, delivery staff, and foodies, the entire on demand food delivery route planning system turns out to be an ideal choice for all of us

1. Real time ordering and monitoring the dish and delivery staff has to be a most prior consideration

An on demand food delivery app is meant for delivering food or cuisine any time and at any place. Users should have the liberty to order with ease at any point of time and in turn should have a constant monitoring of how the order is going about. Tracking system should get customers, restaurants, and delivery staff to track the order every minute via status updates and maps.

2. Search functionality should be able to filter the preferences and sort restaurants and cuisine based on preferences

Search option needs to be capable enough to list the restaurants and cuisines based on location wherein people can search based on cuisine, area, ratings and reviews, and vegan/non-vegan preferences. Using filter methods, a customer should be able to find an ideal restaurant and cuisine by choice. Further, only relevant list based on chosen restaurants or cuisine should show up.

Food delivery App

3. Simple UI with an easy to deal with UE

An interface should enables customers to find out the restaurants, menus, cuisines, assigned delivery staff, order statuses, and delivery status through an attractive layout. The contact details should be pre-set to help customers, restaurants, and delivery staff to be in touch with one another any time for timely updates. Ratings and reviews should be easy to leave once an order received by customers.

4. Payment options need to be properly implemented and highly secured.

Payment Integration should offer a wide range of payment options through net-banking, cards, UPI, wallets, cash on delivery (COD), and many more. Even restaurants should be able to send and receive payments with absolute safety.

5. Order History for Tracking past orders simply

Order History should show past orders tracking to give a clear idea to restaurants what sells like a hot cake, and to customers regarding what their favorite cuisine preferences are. This works for restaurant businesses to focus on improvement areas on what to best focus upon in terms of taste or quality. Also, customers can have a track of what they have ordered and if they wish to order the same again, they need not to go through the entire process of searching again and again

6. Offers and Discounts be facilitated

Great discounts of savings on orders give customers the privilege to save money by ordering items that they would have paid more otherwise if personally visited the restaurants. It’s a win-win situation for restaurants since they get a momentum in escalating sales through certain cuisines. Offers need to be automatically calculated in a way so that both customers and restaurants do not perform a heavy duty task on calculating the order.

7. Push notifications

Push notifications should constantly keep the delivery staff updated regarding the order details and where the pick up and the drop should be made. It further needs to keep restaurants in loop regarding where the delivery people are and whether the order has been delivered or not. More importantly it should help customers in notifying whether a restaurant has accepted or rejected the order, what is the status of the delivery person in charge of the order, what is the scheduled time of receiving the order, and how much to pay to delivery person with COD option.

8. Registration process for restaurants and delivery staff must be genuine.

In order to make the app stand out from the competition, app owner should not have the tendency to list too many restaurants and register delivery people. Most restaurants and delivery people should go through a genuine identification procedure to avoid treating the customers in the wrong way by cancelling orders, not able to deliver food on time, not delivering orders even after accepting pay or amount, or delivering bad customer service.

9. Food delivery app must be capable of handling multiple orders in one go.

Due to the heavy potential lying behind the route optimization software business, more and more businesses are starting into this era, leading to maximizing the competition with every day. With more competitors offering route optimization solutions, it is just too hard to survive with just an affordable price and hence a critical parameter is here in handling multiple orders at a fast delivery pace all at once


Food Delivery App

10. Make your food delivery app from an SEO friendly perspective as well

Search Engine Optimization is always challenging task for companies offering route optimization solutions. Are you be delivering within a city, state, or across the country?

We faced many such concerns while creating on demand food delivery software. It will be a tough task to rank up higher on Google so many competitive apps and keeping your organic approach includes through on-page and off-page app content is one heck of a task to deal with.

11. Grow slowly taking budget and framework both hand in hand.

It’s always recommendable to start your business from a geographical area and gradually scaling up based on popularity. Do ensure herein whether you want an app for iOS, Android, or both, and then choose a framework accordingly. Also, consider of how much amount you can spend, prior deciding the kind of app you want – Basic, Intermediate, or an Expert level app.


Do consider whether you wish to create an food delivery app for iOS and Android is a different ball game altogether. Even, testing and debugging get complicated and hence hire mobile app developers from a food delivery app development company with years of experience.

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