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OpenAI’s GPT-3 ChatGPT: Is GPT 3 Chatbot the Future of AI?

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OpenAI's GPT-3

When we talk about technological developments in recent years, artificial intelligence will surely be considered one of the most important and effective trends. Multiple tech firms are investing their time and money in developing new and better AI systems or software, that can solve problems, process voice and images, handle data, and overall provide ease of operations across multiple fields. The usage of AI-powered chatbots and software is being normalized not only by corporations but by individuals as well who are using these tools for their purposes. So keeping the immense popularity and potential of artificial intelligence in mind, what is going to be its future it? How are we going to build better systems, and what does it mean for human society? In this article, we are going to discuss everything by focusing on the new OpenAI GPT 3 AI chatbot.

What is GPT 3 and What is the GPT 3 chatbot?

OpenAI is an America-based artificial intelligence research and deployment firm, and they have dedicated themselves to developing AI-powered tools that are going to be helpful for businesses, individuals, and humanity in general. In 2021, OpenAI stormed the market with their new image generation AI program – Dall-E, which was able to produce images as the user wanted. All we needed to do was enter a few straightforward prompts, and the software would develop a picture accordingly. This, for quite obvious reasons, was a huge hit among the users. However, for the first version of Dall-E, the images were often blurry and unclear. OpenAI fixed this by creating a new version of Dall-E, named Dall-E 2. Dall-E 2 was a huge success as well, and this encouraged OpenAI to develop a modern-age AI chatbot using their AI model GPT 3 – named ChatGPT.

What is GPT 3?

  • GPT 3

GPT is the abbreviation for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”. This is a groundbreaking language processing AI model, which can use data and deep learning to generate human-like texts. The term “transformer” in GPT 3 refers to a neural network architecture that is designed for processing natural language and human forms of speech. All the users need to do is enter a few prompts or commands, and the AI model will do its job exactly as it is asked to do.

  • GPT 3 chatbot / ChatGPT

OpenAI has developed a chatbot by using the GPT 3 AI model, with which humans can interact and communicate like they do with fellow humans. The GPT 3 chatbot can comprehend human forms of speech (both voice inputs and text inputs), and it can give results depending on these prompts. ChatGPT has normalized the usage of GPT 3 in businesses and individuals.

GPT 3 Chatbot Functions: What it Can Do and Use Cases

The basic idea of the GPT 3 chatbot is quite simple – you input a prompt, and the bot will produce human-like text accordingly. This ranges from writing poems on any given topic to producing in-depth research articles. The chatbot comes with 175 billion parameters, and it cannot be explained in one article on all the things that it can do. However, there is one thing that it cannot do – producing images, videos, or sounds. Thus, any prompt that you use in the GPT 3 chatbot needs to focus on test results.

GPT 3 Chatbot use Cases: For Individuals

This unique state-of-the-art chatbot has been a blessing for individuals – especially for students. We can use this chatbot for multiple personal applications –

  • Producing literary content: The GPT 3 chatbot is able, quite extraordinarily, to produce literary content if it is promoted to do so. It can write anything, all you need to do is give the correct instructions. Poems, short stories, plots of novels, movie scripts – you name it, and the chatbot will write it for you. Now yes, the quality of these works might not always be up to the mark, but it can be stated with certainty that this is only a minor lapse that can be tackled down the line.
  • Producing academic content: There is concern over the ethical implications of this, but students can use the GPT 3 chatbot for creating academic content and for completing their school or university assignments. From writing simple essays to drafting long research papers – the chatbot can help students with all kinds of tasks.
  • Educational and informational usage: The GPT 3 chatbot can give you answers to questions from any possible field, and this makes it an exciting teacher. The plus point is that this unique chatbot can produce human-like text, which means even when you are only reading answers generated by AI software, the results seem to be just like a human teacher would have explained it. Therefore, this chatbot makes the learning experience much better than Google searches. However, a big negative of this chatbot is that it is not always 100% accurate or factually correct, as OpenAI themselves admit. Thus, one needs to approach with caution.

GPT 3 chatbot use cases For businesses (2)

GPT 3 Chatbot use Cases: For Businesses

Even for businesses and corporations, ChatGPT can bring multiple use cases –

  • Writing codes: ChatGPT is capable of writing front-end codes, which means businesses can use this chatbot for programming. However, it would still require the expertise of a human programmer because the chatbot can write erroneous codes. A human prompt will also be required for writing the code in the first place.
  • Marketing strategies: The GPT 3 chatbot is opening up the avenue to a more efficient and faster way of marketing for businesses of the modern age. Companies can use this chatbot for all kinds of marketing strategies, including designing a unique marketing campaign, writing content and copy articles, generating personalized recommendations, interacting with customers answering their queries, and so on. Using this chatbot is also quite cheap as it can do multiple works for which you needed to hire professionals until now.
  • Document generation: By entering accurate information and instructions, the chatbot can be used for documenting and managing data. However, since accuracy is a concern, this is not very widely used as of now.

GPT 3 Chatbot and The Business Space: The Changes it Brought

When we talk about the “changes” brought forth by ChatGPT in the business sector, we are looking at the advantages that it offers and how businesses can benefit from it. We are not saying that ChatGPT has no flaws or drawbacks. We will talk about these issues as well in the next section of this article. However, irrespective of the drawbacks, the changes brought by ChatGPT cannot be ignored & modern-day businesses are eagerly awaiting the GPT 3 chatbot to even improve on what it already has to offer.

  • Time efficient operations: Whatever purpose you want to use the chatbot for, one thing that is guaranteed is that it will do the work much faster than the human workforce. Using AI for work process automation has already been introduced in the business world. The chatbot has made the case even stronger. Generating content or marketing copy is now a matter of seconds thanks to ChatGPT.
  • Improved customer service: You can address the needs of your customers quickly by using the GPT 3 chatbot, and that just means that you are going to see a boost in customer satisfaction like never before. From designing personalised customer experience to providing solutions to their problems, the chatbot can do everything for better and interactive customer service.
  • Reducing costs of operations: For every operation in which you are using ChatGPT, it is assured that you will saving up on a lot of money. The reason behind this is clear – you do not need to hire a group of people for these tasks anymore. You do not need to employ a content writer if you are using ChatGPT for it. You do not need a large team of customer service executives if you use ChatGPT for interactions with your customers. If not anything, cost reduction is a big reason for businesses to start thinking about using chatbots for their workspaces.

Some Disadvantages/Drawbacks of the GPT 3 chatbot

Even with all its greatness and impact, ChatGPT is not 100% perfect. There are some major flaws or drawbacks to this system that you need to be aware of –

  • No guarantee of accuracy: As emphasized by OpenAI themselves, ChatGPT is not 100% accurate, and this is a really big concern to look out for. If you want to believe the machine without running double-checks, there is a great chance that you will end up submitting a project that is full of factual errors.
  • Limited database: It might sound unbelievable, but the GPT 3 chatbot is not connected to the internet. Instead, it draws data & information from a database that was created beforehand. This database is limited until 2021. This chatbot just cannot give you any information on new findings or developments that occurred after 2021.
  • Inability to produce images, videos, and sounds: Although it sounds like we are complaining a lot, it would have been great if the chatbot could also generate images, videos, and sounds. Yes, we do have OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 for that purpose, but having everything in one place is just a lot easier in today’s fast-paced world.

What lies ahead?

Now that we have discussed almost every use case of ChatGPT, the advantages it brings, and the large drawbacks that it has, the final question remains: What does the future look like for AI systems like ChatGPT? How far can we drag this technology to help humanity in the years to come?

We suppose it is now safe to say, that the only thing that lies ahead is prosperity! Even with the few drawbacks it has now, the GPT 3 chatbot can help businesses and it does not stop there. Like every other technology, ChatGPT is only going to evolve. This means, that in the future, these drawbacks have a significant chance of being fixed. Once that happens, there will be no stopping the technology.

However, not everyone is full of praise for AI and ChatGPT. A large section of academia believes that AI and chatbots cannot be authors. They treat content developed by the chatbots as plagiarism, and some universities and organizations have even gone on to ban ChatGPT. Another concern is of course the age-old question of technology eating up jobs. This is a question that only time will be able to answer. However, we do not believe that AI will be that much responsible for a lack of employment. It is also creating new jobs as we speak. Perhaps, this is a much-needed shift towards a better future, and we need to give it more time.

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