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We Choose faster, market-driven innovative solutions for our customer’s satisfaction with Kotlin app development services. With Kotlin, discover a new era in Android app development.

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As a leading Kotlin app development company in UK, India & USA, we put in our best efforts and skills to design and build your Kotlin Mobile Apps that are market ready to deliver the best performance on every level. Our experienced team of Kotlin developers holds expertise in building tailor-made and user-friendly solutions for our clients.

Kotlin is a splendidly designed programming language to make Android App Development faster and we take pride in being leaders in mobile app development company in UK & India. Our kotlin app developers extensive knowledge empowers us to deliver quality solutions in less time.

Our team uses agile methodologies to offer scalable, robust, and interactive solutions to businesses, organizations, and enterprises to achieve their desired goals and requirements. Our clients across the globe perceive our flexible approach to delivering industry-driven technical solutions with our hands-on experience in the Kotlin extension library and third-party app integrations.

Our Kotlin App Development Solutions

Strivemindz provides Kotlin app development solutions for mobile applications that offer speed, security, and robustness.

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Kotlin App

Why choose Kotlin for App Development?

Kotlin is a programming language designed and developed by Google for Android Development to make it a faster and easier process. Kotlin has gained quite a popularity among android developers because of its reduced possibility of bugs, clear code readability, and less development time.

Kotlin’s source codes are developed using Java which makes it platform friendly. Its codes can easily be transferred to multiple platforms giving it a wider market approach. It comes with Android Jetpack support like Android Studio, Kotlin friendly SDK, Kotlin Extension Library, and third-party extensions.

Kotlin as a programming language is safer and more secure than Java. It comprises null safety that safeguards the code from data classes, keeping the codes secure with high-level authentication. Kotlin is easy to maintain, its intuitive syntax has believed to increase team efficiency.

Kotlin Apps Integration Services

We are constantly integrating our kotlin apps with advanced features for guaranteed user satisfaction which aids your business to grow to its full potential.

We analyze and inspect your business models in-depth to make sure they use significant integrations to add value to your business revenue.

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • GPS, Navigation Integration
  • Wearable Integration
  • Chat Server Integration
  • BLE Integration
  • Mbaas Integration
  • MDM Integration
  • Beacon Integration

Why Choose Strivemindz for Kotlin App Development?

We are a leading Kotlin app development company that builds modern & robust Android apps with unparalleled performance & powerful features.


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Services For Various Business Industries

At Strivemindz we offer Kotlin app development services to a wide range of businesses across the globe.

Ready to Develop a kotlin Mobile Application together?

You can hire kotlin developers from strivemindz in flexible hiring models:

Over 10 Year's of Experience| No Hidden Costs| Easy Payments| Multi-faceted projects
  • Requirement Analysis
    • You share your requirements
    • We analyze your requirements
    • Technical documentation and basic designing
  • App Development
    • Discuss project details
    • Start the development process
    • Communication and review
  • Deployment
    • Project completion
    • Testing and evaluation
    • Deployment and launch
  • Full-Time
    • Billing on a monthly basis
    • 8 hours of work per day
    • Fully committed to work
  • Part-Time
    • Communication via email and Skype calls
    • 4 hours of work per day
    • Monthly billing for the project
  • Hourly-Basis
    • Working hours depend on project needs
    • Approx 2 hours of work
    • Available based on requirements
  • Complete Development Process
    • Understand the development plan
    • Project paperwork created
    • Project timeline discussed
  • Experienced Professionals
    • Long-lasting business relationship
    • Easy and quick integration
    • Cost-effective resources
  • Time And Price
    • No additional fees
    • Project rates on a monthly and hourly basis
    • Fixed project deadline

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Strivemindz’s Kotlin App Development – Q&A

Yes, of course. It is our focus to provide you with a team of dedicated Kotlin app developers who are able to grasp the requirements of your project and come up with amazing app solutions.

If you let us know your requirements, we can assist you with everything so that you get an idea of the Kotlin app development cost.

Kotlin is a good fit for our app development process for a variety of reasons. Kotlin offers a wide range of features that make it an efficient language for developing Android apps. With a high-quality IDE, it is a mature language. An important benefit of the Kotlin ecosystem is its excellent support.

Yes, You can also use Kotlin to build Android and iOS applications like Flutter and React Native. Also, you can build your backend in the same language. You don't need to introduce any new programming languages to your codebase to make your app cross-platform.

Some of the popular companies developing apps with Kotlin are:
Capital One

If you are looking for Kotlin app development services, you can outsource them. As a full-service android app development company, we handle all aspects of the app development process. We also offer Kotlin developers for your project at Strivemindz.

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