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Take your business to the market faster, increase your revenue and design your business and marketing strategy efficiently with Strivemindz Adobe Magento commerce cloud solutions.

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What is Adobe-Magento Commerce Cloud

Magneto commerce cloud works on a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment. This is a fully managed cloud-based version of Magento platform which allows businesses to enhance their scalability, adaptability and performance.

Magento commerce cloud allows business to up their performance without much effort. Magento commerce cloud solutions to help businesses reduce their load through a cloud based marketing system. This means it requires no server, is a completely hosted set up, comes without any marketing or scalability boundaries and offer expeditious access to the e-commerce store.

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Benefits of Strivemindz Adobe – Magento Commerce Cloud Solutions

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We extend services that cater to the brand-specific requirements of our clients, which is why our services are flexible and we offer engaging solutions for your projects.

High-Quality Adobe – Magento Commerce Cloud Services

Strivemindz Magento commerce cloud solutions is one of the best companies in the industry and we serve businesses of all magnitudes.

Collaborate with us to get a completely hosted setup, enhance your marketing & scalability, and improve your business access speed with our Magento 2 commerce cloud solutions.

Strivemindz takes pride in providing our customers with fast time-to-market. Our Magento 2 commerce cloud solutions consist multiple types of customisable in-built features that cater to the needs of our clients. It helps businesses to run more efficiently and cost-effectively to collaborate with us in developing their Magento 2 commerce cloud project.

  • Commerce Cloud Consulting Services
  • Architecture Planning & Design
  • Magento Commerce Cloud Integration
  • Magento Setup & Deployment on PaaS and IaaS Cloud Environments
  • ERP integration
  • CRM Module Integration
  • Setup of Continuous Integration Tools on Cloud
  • Payment & Shipping API Integration
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

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Strivemindz’s Magento Adobe Commerce Cloud Services – Q&A

In 2022, we're limiting the frequency of core Commerce application upgrades and will provide two full patches and many security patches for versions that are still supported by Adobe Commerce throughout the year. For more information, see our revised release calendar. We're also simplifying upgrades and speeding up innovation by limiting complete patch releases to just include security, compliance, performance, and high-priority bugs. New features will continue to be released as independent services, allowing Merchants to adopt features and innovate more quickly. Live Search, Product Recommendations, and the Amazon Sales Channel are all examples of existing independent services that allowed us to simplify the core Commerce application.The Quality Patches Tool will be used to distribute community contributions and lower-priority issues, allowing merchants to pick and choose which updates are critical to them.The Quality Patches Tool will be used to distribute community contributions and lower-priority issues, allowing merchants to pick and choose which updates are critical to them.

Our end of support (EOS) dates will be synchronised with those of PHP, the 3rd-party programming language on which Adobe Commerce is based. Adobe must update our code to maintain PCI compliance whenever a PHP version reaches its end of life (EOL). By aligning our EOS dates with PHP EOL dates, we'll be able to lessen the frequency and impact of PHP version upgrades, making it even easier for merchants to stay current.

Customers can save time, resources, and development expenditures on upgrades by reducing the frequency and complexity of patch releases. Furthermore, as we continue to offer innovations as stand-alone services, clients will be able to take advantage of these features sooner, reducing their time to innovation. Visit our recent release strategy blog post to learn more about the advantages of our simplified upgrade procedure.

For versions that are still supported, Adobe Commerce will continue to deliver security patches. Merchants must install the most recent patch or security patch release to stay up to current on the most recent security updates. When Adobe Commerce 2.4.5 is launched in August 2022, merchants will have to choose between 2.4.5 and 2.4.4-p1 (also released in August 2022) to get the latest security fixes. The security updates will not be backported to the 2.4 release line's earlier patch releases (e.g., 2.4.0-2.4.4). Merchants who fail to upgrade are putting themselves at risk and exposing themselves to security flaws.

Until their version hits End of Support, merchants will be able to obtain quality fixes. Merchants can use the Adobe Commerce Quality Patch Tool or contact the Support team to get quality fixes.

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