React Native App Development
React Native App Development

React Native App Development Services

At Strivemindz, we are determined to offer the best in industry React Native App Development Services to accelerate your business growth.

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Top-Notch React Native App Development Company

Strivemindz is one of the leading React Native App Development Company in UK, India & USA. Our React Native developers are well versed and experienced with the human-centric design approach to deliver power-packed, robust and stunning mobile applications to boost our client's business revenue. Our design and development approach has helped us hand over hundreds of successful mobile apps that use React Native framework with native-like UX/UI.

Choosing our custom mobile app development services will save you time and money, as well as make it faster to create and operate. Since it became the most popular development platform for both Android and iOS in a very short time, React Native delivers next-generation mobile apps.

Our highly trained, skillful developers help businesses optimize their growth. They understand their requirements and business model to develop a react native mobile app or add a react native framework to their existing app to cut down cost and time.

Our React Native App Development Solutions

We deliver the finest cross-platform mobile apps with React Native framework with our industry expertise and technical solutions.

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Cross-Platform App Development

Why must you choose React Native for Cross-Platform App Development?

React Native platform is an open-source framework developed by Facebook, which makes it easy and convenient for developers to use. It has gained renowned fame within a short span. React Native APIs are cross-platform which helps developers to build mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. A single codebase can be used for both platforms allowing code reusability and making the whole process agile.

React Native has numerous third-party plugin support and a vast library of React components and wireframes to make the development process fast and efficient. React Native is backed up by Facebook’s product infrastructure engineering team which means constant community support and access to a wide range of libraries, wireframes, and databases.

React Native Apps Integration Services

We are constantly integrating our cross-platform React Native apps with advanced features for guaranteed user satisfaction which aids your business to grow to its full potential.

We analyze and inspect your business models in-depth to make sure they use significant integrations to add value to your business revenue.

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • GPS, Navigation Integration
  • Wearable Integration
  • Chat Server Integration
  • BLE Integration
  • Mbaas Integration
  • MDM Integration
  • Beacon Integration

Why Strivemindz for React Native App Development?


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React Native App Development Services For Various Business Industries

At Strivemindz we offer React Native App Development Services to a wide range of businesses across the globe.

Ready to Develop a React Native Application together?

You can hire React Native from strivemindz in flexible hiring models:

Over 10 Year's of Experience| No Hidden Costs| Easy Payments| Multi-faceted projects
  • Requirement Analysis
    • You share your requirements
    • We analyze your requirements
    • Technical documentation and basic designing
  • App Development
    • Discuss project details
    • Start the development process
    • Communication and review
  • Deployment
    • Project completion
    • Testing and evaluation
    • Deployment and launch
  • Full-Time
    • Billing on a monthly basis
    • 8 hours of work per day
    • Fully committed to work
  • Part-Time
    • Communication via email and Skype calls
    • 4 hours of work per day
    • Monthly billing for the project
  • Hourly-Basis
    • Working hours depend on project needs
    • Approx 2 hours of work
    • Available based on requirements
  • Complete Development Process
    • Understand the development plan
    • Project paperwork created
    • Project timeline discussed
  • Experienced Professionals
    • Long-lasting business relationship
    • Easy and quick integration
    • Cost-effective resources
  • Time And Price
    • No additional fees
    • Project rates on a monthly and hourly basis
    • Fixed project deadline

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Strivemindz’s React Native App Development – Q&A

With 10 Year's of experience in tech consulting and mobile application development, we can help you with your project. We have gained the trust of our clients thanks to our special aptitudes and reputation for delivering complex programming and web platform software services.

The cost of making a React Native application varies depending on the development platform, features, and use, as well as the team selected. Getting a cost estimate for building a React Native application is as easy as contacting our consultants.

React Native is a renowned choice among developers because of its features like –
1. Reusable code
2. Native UI/UX
3. Third-Party Plugin Support
4. Live Reloading
5. Optimal Performance

Our React Native app development process includes the following process.
1. Analysis of Requirements
2. App Development Strategies
3. Wireframing & Designing
4. Development
5. Testing
6. Application Deployment
7. Support & Maintenance

React Native is designed and developed by Facebook, it uses JavaScript for design and development. It is an open-source framework, with an easy-to-use modular structure, live to reload features that make app development fast.

In order to identify the most reliable React native development agencies in the UK, India and the USA, you need to check their technical skills, client testimonials & review case studies.

There are several reasons why React Native is a great choice for developing mobile apps.
Developers can easily learn and use React Native since it is JavaScript-based. As a multi-platform app, it works on both iOS and Android. It has features such as live reloading and hot reloading that make the task of rewriting code much simpler. This platform offers users a native-like app experience and is supported by a strong developer community. 

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