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The Shopify Plus platform is a good choice for high-volume e-commerce stores. Make the most of Shopify Plus's capabilities to take your e-commerce shop to the next level. You've come to the correct place if you're looking for an eCommerce development platform with unrivaled scalability, next-generation capabilities, and a unique eCommerce development solution for your eStore. Shopify Plus is a fully-hosted, cloud-based business eCommerce platform that caters to high-volume retailers. Shopify Plus developers at Strivemindz help emerging and mid-sized businesses improve their bottom line and grow exponentially. We assist you in harnessing the potential of this comprehensive eCommerce platform as the most-trusted Shopify Plus Partner. We have an impressive portfolio of Shopify stores that we have built for our clients throughout the world over the years. Seasonal Shopify professionals in our team are capable of providing Shopify Plus development services. They also can use Shopify Plus capabilities to create an ecommerce website for you.

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Customized Design & Development Services for Shopify Plus

Are you seeking a Shopify Plus partner that can help you maximize the platform's capabilities? We are a company you can rely on! We have an incredible portfolio of several Shopify Plus Stores we have produced for clients all around the world as a leading Shopify development firm. Our team consists of seasoned Shopify developers that understand the fundamentals of this cutting-edge platform and can use its capabilities to construct the most outstanding e-commerce businesses. At Strivemindz, we assist E-commerce firms to use the best of Shopify Plus to enable their stores to achieve the greatest levels of performance and revenues. From design to construction, connectivity, migrations, advertising, and Shopify Plus Support, we can help our clients with anything.

What Strivemindz is offering for Shopify Plus Development?

We are capable of providing bespoke Shopify Plus development services to fit your company's requirements. Our goal is to assist you in growing your business and achieving the success you seek for your store.

Industries we cater to with MongoDB Development Services

We serve a spectrum of industries around the globe with industry-specific applications, supporting frameworks, and integrations for higher business revenue.

What are the benefits of Shopify Plus?

There are scores of benefits of using Shopify Plus in the long run as it features fascinating plus points which help in the business more than we think.

Great Support

Shopify Plus provides help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support crew is fast to reply and resolves any issues you may have.

Multiple stores

This app is ideal if you want to sell your products in multiple international markets. It's simple to handle at least 10 businesses at once using the multiple store feature.

Seamless Integration

With Shopify Plus, you'll get access to the most up-to-date features and APIs. The comprehensive APIs of Shopify Plus makes it simple to create bespoke integrations to match the demands of clients.

Complete customization

You can take your website personalization to a whole new level with Shopify plus. To modify the store's checkout experience, Javascript and CSS are used in larger businesses.

Shopify Scripts

The scripts allow Shopify plus specialists to change the cost of products in your customers' shopping carts. It's simple to apply discounts and special offers to many goods using Shopify scripts.

Sell from anywhere/anytime

Multi-channel sales are easier than ever with Shopify plus. The items can be offered in-store, online, and on social media platforms, and in a variety of areas and languages.


Hire a full-time employee Development Services for Shopify Plus

Strivemindz Shopify Plus Development Services experts can help you identify the finest Shopify development choices. Our staff has the essential abilities to complete your project as well as the requisite industry knowledge to understand customer requirements. We provide one-of-a-kind Shopify plus Development services that can adapt to new designs and fabrications to appeal to and engage your target market.


What Makes Strivemindz the Best Shopify Plus Developer?


Model of "Test-and-Buy"- We allow clients to test out our services before deciding whether or not to purchase them.


Qualified Shopify Plus Developers - Each member of our team has years of experience and is qualified in their field.


On-time Delivery – Strivemindz's Shopify + developers work tirelessly to accomplish Shopify development projects on time.


Availability- We are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist our clients with their business problems.


Scalable Skillset and experience - We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries, allowing us to get valuable insights.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


AR/VR Apps



Machine Learning

Geo Location






Chat Bot


When you choose our Shopify Plus Development Services, you will have direct contact with the Shopify developer and project manager assigned to your project. We allow direct contact via Skype, Basecamp, or JIRA groups because we believe in transparency.
We provide both a set pricing and an hourly rate. The price strategy varies from project to project and is tailored to the needs of the customer.
To ensure that the websites and themes we create work consistently, our Shopify plus agency assist all of our clients beginning on the day the last milestone is delivered. You can pay an extra charge to prolong the Shopify plus support duration.
Your business determines which plan is best for you.
There is no precise period when you should upgrade your plan, but you should consider doing so if the amount of transaction fees you spend exceeds the difference between your current plan's monthly rates and the next plan up.
Yes. You have the option of pausing or deactivating your store. You may temporarily pause your store and pay a lower membership price without canceling your account by pausing it. You may deactivate your store to discontinue subscription payments and cancel your account for an extended amount of time by deactivating it.

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