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How To Build A Perfect 404 Error Page For Your eCommerce Website

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Dynamicity of the site is procured when it’s working, but what if your site is not working, then what about the retention rate. What if we do something, to keep up the retention rate of your users. Adding flavors to your 404 Error page, can sometimes act as interesting to your users and help you stand out from competition. A company providing good E-commerce development services always takes special care of the 404 Error Page.

This number flashed on the screen or This “404” error is encountered means you have entered a wrong address, a dead end. This number should not be neglected when viewed but should be avoided. It can be due to poor internet connection, bad networks, incorrectly typed URLs, mistyping etc. in a website. ‘Page not Found’ error can be a major setback to the company developers and programmers making it. It is a progress when you see new people visiting your page, clicking various similar options indicating that they are interested in your website. So, at these high-end moments when the ‘error’ pops out, all the hard-earned work goes down the drain. However, it can be prevented by various methods.

“404 Error Page: Helps You To Find The Best E-Commerce Development Service”

It isn’t a play job to build a 404 Error page, so any E-commerce development company find it quite difficult to develop over time. Thereby, you need constant efforts and skills to create a Page. A programmer as well for that matter. The page should be such that it makes the user want to stay and not leave. Well, Strivemindz’s Web development team has their say on it, “On how to build a perfect 404  Error Page?”

Here are some tactics to negotiate on the untouched development skills and build a perfect product upskilling need and demands every startup should touch on. Well, developing a 404 page is one of them.

How can Strivemindz E-Commerce development Services help you build a perfect 404 Error Page for your ECommerce Store?

This section would narrate you 8 in-demand functionalities or features that is a must add-on to your 404 Error page.

  • Navigation in your E-commerce Store

Even, when the site is not working, you should try to navigate the traffic of your site for the positiveness of your company’s profit only. It is the first important thing to be present. The users should be redirected to the page they want to view and a link to the same relevant page works best. The menu bar navigation also works well.

  • Add a contrasting tone to your E-commerce page

The page shown should not be totally different from the page the user first opened. It should have some similarities to be constant.

  • Search it out

If your initially typed name is incorrect leading you to this error page the search option gives you a second chance to improve it and find the thing you are actually looking for in the first place. It allows the user to widen their reach for the same, providing a number of options.

  • Cast in your audience attention for the positive way

Best way to show your creativity is by using the 404 error page. You can keep the user engaged by including jokes or you can add in some spontaneity to your website 404 error page by adding in some mind-warming games that can im-puke in the narrowness of the user’s head and plug in curious a-mangled framework in them to go-ahead in working.

  • SEO friendly E-commerce store

404 error pages are the result of broken or incomplete links. It can be prevented but it’s not always possible to avoid. However, if designed effectively, it can give you a positive result too for the SEO of your website.

  • Recommendations

One way of making good use of this 404 error page is to provide recommendations. These similar recommendations are put together by collecting data from all broken pages, previous visits to the same site etc.

  • Promotions

Some sites provide you various offers. These sites display advertisements to gain money themselves and also promote the sales of another product at the same time.

  • Complaints

Letting the user report an issue which is the reason for the existing 404 error page should be available. This helps the user to remove his/ her frustration. It also helps you know the problem first hand and henceforth can help prevent it.

The 404 error can however be avoided by

  • Having an error alert
  • Pressing F5
  • Checking for existing errors in the URL
  • Redirect the page

Through Strivemindz, the sites built are fast, quick, engaging to the users. The software used helps keep up with the ever developing and evolving technology. It is one of the leading brands in Indian markets.

The e-commerce section of Strivemindz provides the solutions developed by the e-commerce developers and programmers that help us gain a considerable number of profits by developing new digital programmers that may help benefit the users which may in turn help increase our stakes. There are thousands of stores related to e commerce built on this platform.

The e commerce series by Strivemindz helps to boost online sales being in one place. Volusion is a cloud based advanced e-commerce software which is very much in demand now and is being used. The e-commerce website can be made interactive by indulging the brand to include a mascot, symbol or logo depicting their brand. Sometimes a symbol can say more words describing the company’s personality.

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