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AngularJS: Mobile App Development Made Simpler

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AngularJS Mobile App 

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AngularJS was introduced by Google as an open-source framework to address the challenges and hurdles faced by the mobile app development team in creating and testing code.

But How Does AngularJS do it?

AngularJS integrates HTML code along with its modules, to form an innovative and interactive framework that is now widely used to restructure JavaScript code. It is designed to help accumulate data by adding and eliminating extra source code to maintain the integrity of the framework.

Introduction to AngularJS

In the year 2009, Google decided to launch the AngularJS development service, and it turned out to be one of the best frameworks that ever existed for building iOS applications and Android applications. However, It does not come with many add-ons but there are several features which make it a perfect fit for the mobile app developer’s toolbox.

Its ability to interact efficiently with the backend, web servers and external data sources helps AngularJS developers build a top-notch mobile application easily, quickly and flawlessly.

A key feature that is worth mentioning is that AngularJS helps in manipulating JQuery Document Object Model Libraries. Another great feature is that it enables AngularJS developers to expand the functionality of HTML by adding constructs through its two-way data binding and it further allows them to accumulate data into HMTL and abstract DOM modifications.

A Brief Idea About AngularJS

AngularJS can be added to an HTML page through a simplistic coding script. This modular approach will be able to help mobile app developers segment codes, simplify testing, and update maintenance activities on several applications of different dynamics. It has a few manipulations of JS and HTML, which adhere to the fundamentals, thus helping to deliver better stability and performance.

It extends HTML templates, enabling an advanced approach to managing and editing the components. Mobile app development with AngularJS is extremely efficient, bug-free, and scalable.

Now that we have gone through the basic idea of AngularJS, let’s explore how AngularJS mobile app development services can be of help in creating the best mobile apps with rich and valuable functionalities.

Building Mobile Applications Using AngularJS

These days every application is data-driven, be it Android or iOS, so it is pretty obvious to use a tool which is built just for this scenario.

The three advanced software practices that have made AngularJS the ideal choice for app development are:

  • Three-way Binding

Data binding is one of the most important aspects of mobile app development and so is the updating of data models. However, while updating a data model you also need to update the user interface and when the user interface updates, the developer needs to update the mobile to match its sync with an updated user interface. This whole process is called two-way binding and AngularJS takes this one step further with three-way binding.

Three-way data binding is a concept that lets the developer not only keep the UI but also sync the data with the backend services. This means that the AngularJS development solutions enable the developer to take inputs from an application, process it, save it immediately on the web server and keep the UI in sync as well. With experience in JQuery, iOS and Android, developers usually find AngularJS’s three-way data binding a life-saver in terms of time and effort when it comes to app development.

  • Reusable Codes

AngularJS helps developers in keeping the data, UI, and logic of the code discrete. It enables them to reuse the older code on different devices and platforms and also allows them to customize the UI separately for each platform to provide a better user experience.

Earlier, application development was only limited to the PC and desktop but now as the requirements changed, the demand for mobile applications is increasing exponentially. There are mobile devices with several operating systems, functions and UIs. Thus, developers need to create code for all the platforms separately and are unable to reuse the code. AngularJS addresses this issue by allowing the developers to reuse the code that has already been created.

  • Testability

When talking about end-to-end unit testing AngularJS is the best choice because of its advanced features and support. Moreover due to its impressive testing capabilities like the dependency injection concept to reuse, maintain and testing of the code it offers a flexible and efficient environment for the developers to conduct testing.

In dependency injection, the components are given specific dependencies so that they can help in locating the code and make it configurable. Thus, the quality analyst will be able to check the code quickly and identify the bugs.

Would you Like to Know More Reasons Why Choose AngularJS for Mobile App Development?

If you’re still unsure whether AngularJS is the right choice for mobile app development, here are the More Reasons of AngularJS that make it the best choice for mobile app development:

Here you go!

  • Other than three-way data binding, code reusability and easy testing, there are some more benefits that developers can take advantage of while working with AngularJS Development Services.
  • The code written in AngularJS is not only easy to understand but also easy to maintain and test.
  • The mobile app developers are not required to add all the libraries at the same time while applying modifications and customization.
  • Since the Google community supports AngularJS, the developers will have wide support when fixing any issue.
  • AngularJS comes with pre-defined and versatile solutions which can be used within the application.

Some of the Widely Popular AngularJS Domains

Businesses are aiming to stand out of the crowd by building attractive and impressive AngularJS mobile applications. Tech giants like YouTube, Netflix, Upwork and PayPal have significantly invested in AngularJS to provide a high-quality user interface and user experience.

Domains used by developers to create mobile applications using AngularJS are:

  • On-demand video streaming app
  • Travel and destination finder app
  • Weather updates app
  • User-generated and content portals
  • Apps for user review
  • Interactive social media apps

AngularJS comes with quite a lot of benefits when designing a seamless mobile application. Its futuristic approach will continue to redefine the way mobile applications are developed so it’s high time you familiarize yourself with AngularJS solutions.

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