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Pros and Cons of React.JS Web App Development

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Pros and Cons of React.JS Web App

React.JS has gained a lot of popularity since its inception and has grown exponentially; it has proven to be very beneficial for businesses around the globe. As a result, React.JS has shown great results and expanded its user base on both web and mobile platforms.

But before getting into the discussion of the pros and cons of React.JS, let us first know about React. JS.

What is React.JS?

React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library, one of the most popular JS frameworks. The main purpose of the React.JS framework is to create interactive, user-friendly, and robust user interfaces using various UI components. User interface plays a key role in the success of web and mobile apps as it determines how the user interacts with the platform. It tends to enhance efficiency through clean, aesthetically pleasing, minimal designs. 

React.JS has improved and made the overall development process a lot easier. It is surveyed that more than one-third of developers prefer the React.JS framework for web development.

We are well aware that every technology comes with its pros and cons. Let us discuss the pros and cons of React. JS.

Pros of React.JS

This JavaScript framework has become a very popular and essential front-end web development tool. Let us look at its advantages and features, which make it a popular choice among developers.

  • High Performance

Websites and apps developed using React.JS are highly functional, efficient and high in performance, which is one reason it is gaining such popularity. In React, the entire virtual DOM gets updated every time a change is done. There are two versions of virtual DOM: the updated one and the copy of virtual DOM before the update.

There is two DOMS present, which benefits React.JS as it can easily compare elements to find changes, and it becomes really easy for the framework to update real DOM.

Optimizing and updating real DOM is quite easy and saves lots of time in React.JS; otherwise, the process can be highly tedious, time-consuming and complicated. Therefore, it improves the efficiency and performance of the website, web, and mobile apps.

  • Virtual Document Object Model (Virtual DOM)

Virtual DOM plays the most important role in enhancing and providing the best user experience. It is also responsible for making the entire web development process fast and efficient. DOM is a logical structure in one of the XML, HTML, and XHTML formats.

Web browsers tend to transform the HTML syntax into DOM using layout engines. The problem is that traditional DOM is very large, increasing the response time and slowing the process as they rewrite the entire DOM tree while processing changes. Especially now, modern websites are interactive; they have complex DOM trees; with every input or query, traditional DOM will have to rewrite the entire page, which significantly hampers performance and response time. Here React.JS has an advantage over traditional DOM in that instead of using the real DOM, it uses its copy of the virtual DOM.

Virtual DOM updates the tiniest details in real time without affecting another part of the user interface. It makes the update quick and efficient, and the entire process becomes highly dynamic. 

Virtual DOM is the main reason behind high-performing and interactive user interfaces.

  • Reusable Components

Writing the entire code for a large-scale project can be highly tedious and time-consuming. Before, developers could not reuse code components as any changes to one component would affect all copies of that component. Small or large any type of change would directly affect copies of that component.

React.JS’s benefit is that it isolates all components; thus, changes or updates to one component will cause no change in other components. Which alternatively increases the reuse of the components saving huge efforts and time and increasing accuracy and efficiency.

And being an open-source library, it has access to different pre-built components, which are curated to save time and effort and reduce chances of errors and debugging.

  • Evolving Open Source Library

React.JS is an open-source framework launched by Facebook. Being open-source, it is easily accessible and offers hands-on experience to developers all around the globe. React.JS has continuously evolved to provide an enhanced and improved user interface for web apps.

React.JS has evolved rapidly; on GitHub, it has 1,52,00 stars and more than 1400 open-source contributors. A large developers community provides access to a shared pool of resources, valuable libraries, and easy-to-use components, significantly reducing the development time and making the entire process hassle-free.

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  • SEO Friendly

SEO ranking is considered one of the most important factors, especially in today’s data-driven business environment. There is no point in developing a website if it’s not SEO-friendly. SEO encourages businesses and boosts their growth organically, and it helps in attracting more customers, users, or clients.

React.JS provides an edge as websites developed using React are considered more readable by search engines like Google. Traditional heavy JavaScript websites are difficult for search engines to read here. React.JS easily mitigates the above issue and makes it more readable.

It is considered one of the main reasons for its popularity among developers and clients.

Cons of React.JS

  • Development Speed

It is a well-known fact that the React.JS web framework is constantly evolving and changing, but this rapid change in the React.JS framework is also seen as a disadvantage. Many developers enjoy using React.JS because of constant updates, but on the other hand, many developers find it tedious and hard to relearn things with each update. They find difficulty keeping pace with it. Moreover, we would say that updates and changes are for improving the framework to increase efficiency and performance.

  • Complicated JSX syntax

React.JS uses JSX syntax extension, which helps create JavaScript objects with the HTML syntax. This process simplifies document object model (DOM) modification and makes the code used in DOM modification more readable. 

There are a group of developers who find JSX as a disadvantage to React. JS. They find the JSX code too complex and difficult to grasp, and they need time to adjust and use the extension. 

But one cannot ignore the benefits it adds, which helps protect the code from injections. 

  • Improper Documentation

This con is related to the rapid development of the React.JS framework. Due to rapid evolution, educational documentation and resources can be limited in covering the latest updates and changes. 

New libraries are added constantly, but developers find it hard to integrate tools due to a lack of information. There is no time to write proper instructions, and developers consider documentation as one of the main disadvantages. Also, to overcome the issue, developers are writing their documentation. 

  • Incomplete Tooling Set for Development

React.JS only works with the UI layer of the application. Apart from UI, everything and anything related to the web development project is out of its periphery. Therefore, with implementing React.JS web app development, the developers will need to choose other technologies for web development because if they depend only on React.JS development, they will not get a complete set of tools.


The pros mentioned above and the cons will help you understand the framework in a better way. It is an absolute fact that, without any doubt, it is the most revolutionary ever, the evolving framework which has continuously proven to improve the user interface and the way the user interacts with the website.

But to make the best use of the framework and use it to its fullest strength, one must understand both sides of the framework, its advantages and disadvantages. We feel that there are no major disadvantages to using React compared to any other JavaScript framework in terms of performance and results. 

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