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The Top React JS Frameworks & Libraries Every Developer Should Know

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These are some of the top React JS frameworks and Libraries that are currently popular and will be popular in 2022, according to my research.

What is React and why use it?

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that is used to build single-page applications. It handles the view layer in mobile and web applications. Additionally, React allows us to create reusable UI components. In 2009, Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for Facebook, created React. The first instance of React was launched in 2011 on Facebook’s newsfeed, and in 2012 on Instagram.com.

Web developers can use React to build large web applications that can change data without reloading the page. React is a fast, scalable, and simple framework. It is only applicable to user interfaces within an application. It corresponds to the MVC template’s view

Frameworks provide developers with a platform that helps them create the look and feel of the website and applications. Libraries provided by these frameworks tend to speed up the development process as they contain pre-built components, themes, etc. therefore, developers don’t need to write codes for every element.

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The main advantage of frameworks is enhanced user interface, which defines a user’s interaction with the app and website.

Nowadays, businesses are looking for online platforms to increase their market captivity. Thus they require quick results without compromising on quality. Therefore these frameworks come in handy to provide users with desired results.

A List of The Top 10 React JS Frameworks And Libraries of 2022

Let us discuss some of the top React JS frameworks and Libraries that every developer must know.

1. Argon Design System React

Argon design system reacts framework is an open-source interface; it consists of various attractive elements, built-in pages, and components for style, colour, focus, hover, etc.

This framework helps in creating functional codes for redirecting pages to actual websites. It is a complete package with various components, images, typography, alerts, etc.

2. React Toolbox

This library helps develop applications using the material design principle provided by Google. It is considered a dynamic library because of its CSS features.

It offers guest users in browser desk editor, which allows for performing tests on active components. 

Components of the external bundle are also used with React Toolbox by importing them to ReactJS Framework. But there is a certain level of ease while using components of the React framework because they consist of all necessary dependencies and themes, which the external bundle doesn’t

Every raw component includes a CSS file accessible by the main CSS file. Individual themes with the design are applied to make the layout styled and put together.

3. Chakra UI

Chakra UI is gaining popularity and is considered the fastest-growing React UI library. It is a modular, simple, and accessible component library that provides developers building blocks they might need to build their React applications. 

Chakra UI library is known for its simplicity and emphasizes the development process rather than just focusing on code. It has detailed documentation, making it easy to use and style components. It is flexible and follows WAI-ARIA guidelines.

4. Refine

Refine is a headless React framework; therefore, all out-of-the-box features such as Routing, Networking, Authorization, Authentication, real-time, State Management, etc., can be used without being related to any UI elements or framework. It works with any UI framework.

It is well known for building internal tools and supports rapid development without compromising on the extreme level of customizability. It is not limited to only building admin panels, B2B applications, and dashboards.

It comes with detailed documentation to help developers get started and is also compatible with server-side rendering.

4. Storybook

It is a JavaScript tool that allows developers to build organized UI systems which makes it easier to use and makes the entire process of building the codes efficient. It also makes documentation easy.

It is a sandbox that allows creating UIs in isolation, making the entire development process easier and faster as it allows working on one component at a time; components and pages can be implemented without messing with data, APIs, or forcing data into the database. It saves use cases as stories in Javascript which can be revisited during development, testing, and QA.

 5. Rebase

An essential component library for building a stable UI with user-defined scales and design constraints.

Rebase is all about simplifying the design process, and it is quick, minimal, unopinionated, expandable, and helpful. It is compatible with various themes and theme-based UI, allowing a best-in-class environment for creating unique themes.

 6. Ant Design

Ant design combines building frameworks such as NPM, Webpack, Dora, DVA, and Babel. This component library has an exceptional client base and is broad.

It lets you place your UI components, providing a seamless user experience. It is a very useful React library, allowing hassle-free integration and offering ES6 support.

7. Grommet

Grommet is a component library for mobile-based, responsive, and accessible web projects. It enables functionalities like keyboard navigation, screen reader tags, and more. It specifically supports atomic design strategies.

 It has access to many SVG icons. Several large organizations have used Grommet for designing their web applications, such as Twilio, HP, Uber, Samsung, Boeing, and Netflix.

8. Material UI

Material UI is the most famous UI package of all React libraries, and It has more than 67000 stars on GitHub.

Google made this set of components that execute their popular Material Design. It is light, user-friendly, simple, and attractive. Developers have used material UI for quite some years, but because of continuous updates, it has gathered more popularity.

It has various pre-built components and themes, making the entire development process quite easy; without a doubt, it’s one of the top frameworks for ReactJS.

9. Prime React

Prime React library comes with components that help provide the essential edge necessities of the application and efficient user interface design, such as data presentation, messages, user-friendly menus, secure inputs, and so on.

It also improvises the UX, the user experience for mobile applications, used to optimize touch-responsive design components.

It supports a wide range of themes and templates for customized designs, making it one of the Best UI Frameworks for React.

10. KendoReact

KendoReact library provides secure license keys for extreme building blocks of the components.

Many multinational companies like Sony, Microsoft, and NASA have shown support and implemented the idea of using the KendoReact library.

Its high-end features and attractive user interface make it easy for developers to use. Its unique feature is that its components are not dependent on each other; they are optimized and complete on their own.


React JS frameworks allow developers to build interactive, robust, productive, and user-friendly interfaces. Frameworks make the entire process of development easy, efficient, and approachable. It boosts developers’ support to build highly functional codes and experiment around them.

They offer easy and reusable development tools that improve the overall workflow and lower the need for maintenance. These emerging technologies are leashed with the latest features and market trends to make products that outperform themselves to boost our clients’ businesses.

With so many frameworks in the market, we understand it can sometimes be overwhelming. That is why we have summed down the list of some of the best frameworks present, developers are free to choose and experiment as every framework comes with its advantages, some offer exclusive UI and theme support, and some are built for enterprise apps. Therefore, it completely depends on the project requirements and familiarity with the developing environment. 

As a leading ReactJS development company, we make your digital presence more impressive with our performance-centric, highly interactive, and scalable applications developed using top React JS frameworks.

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