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An App-enabled Influencer Marketing Strategy for better results

Strivemindz is one of the leading brands when it comes to app development. We have team of experienced developers who aim to develop innovative, intuitive and future-ready mobile apps for you.

The evolution of social media and its gain in immense popularity has resulted in increased number of users and influencers on the internet. And this has given rise to Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing has been becoming the major idea of marketing for many business brands. Because of the reason of increased popularity and easy accessibility, almost all businesses have established themselves well and fine on the internet. So, it has become very difficult to stand out of the regular flow and find someone\something that might bring more and more attention. So, it has gotten very important to find the right influencer for the right campaign to reach out to bigger audience. Not only for brands, it has also become difficult for the influencers to collab with right brands that might bring traffic to their page and help them grow enough. The marketing and influencer field is getting more and more competitive everyday. So, we have brought the idea to manage all of these with the help of just mobile apps. Influencer Marketing App Development Services. Our apps are custom made for influencer marketing. The main focus of our apps is to match alike businesses to influencer. Every brand has some or other marketing goal, and similarly every influencer some target for themselves and this app will allow them to connect easily.

Why Influencer Marketing- Key Advantages

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We have tried our best to help you flourish your business with ease and in less time.

  • Provide brands the opportunity to connect with influencers suitable for their brand value.
  • Put your goals at our top priority.
  • Make Influencer Marketing easy.
  • Understand your requirement and working.
  • Give you strategic ideas to build stable relationship with clients.
  • Provide you with better tools to connect and increase your brand value.
  • Totally function on statistics and analytics
  • Customize our features as per your need.

Case Studies

Influencer Marketing App Development Services for Various Business Industries

At Strivemindz we offer Influencer Marketing App Development Services to a wide range of businesses across the globe.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy with App Enabled Influencer Marketing for

Our mobile app development team works continuously to help you grow your App Enabled Influencer Marketing business and boost your ROIs with an agile MVP approach.

Attract Investors Easily

The MVP of your product helps your startup attract more investors by showing them the potential and viability of your mobile app.

Early App Testing and User Feedback

The MVP of your app allows for early testing of your app’s viability and gathers user feedback for further app enhancements.

Lower Cost and Risk

One can use the MVP to convince investors about his/her startup's viability and potential by showing them how the product works.

Progressive Addition of Features

Focusing on the essential features initially, MVP leaves room for adding new features progressively later after it is launched.

Influencer Marketing Services we provide

We connect brands and influencers with similar goals and conjecture. The brands increase their visibility and number of users, and the influencers get better opportunity to choose for project and better deals.


Easy Signup for Influencers and Brand Managers

We have built user friendly interface where you can easily sign up into the app. Influencers and brand managers can easily sign up for the app, with just a few clicks and set up their profile. Now, you are all set for exploring all the features of the app.


Quickly find suitable influencers/brands

In order to find the suitable connection for influencers/brand, one can use interactive search buttons. And find the best fit according to their needs and goals.


Swift Content Approval and posting

Before posting any content on social media, influencers need to take permission from the brand managers. With the help of this app, we make the process of content approval easier, faster and more efficient.


Advanced filtering & analytics

We have provided multiple filters which you can use to find the most suitable brand/influencer as per your need. You can check the demand and experience of the influencer and then connect with them. You can also have the insight of the profile of the influencer on social media.

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