Blockchain Application
Blockchain Application

Blockchain App Development Services

Blockchain technology is a powerful tool for businesses to innovate, and we help them innovate through our blockchain app development services. Providing efficient and secure blockchain solutions to our valued clients is a mission of Strivemindz. We know how important it is for you to comply with compliance and security protocols. Thus, invest in Blockchain-based services to enhance your business operations, make them more secure, and ensure data traceability.

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Make the most of blockchain technology with a modern blockchain development company. Using blockchain technology, Strivemindz is enhancing the efficiency of business operations through the development of innovative digital solutions. Whether you need a blockchain solution for ecommerce, education, finance, or healthcare, let us know what you need. Having over 10+ years of experience, we are able to deliver on any challenge and help your business gain a competitive edge.

Strivemindz Blockchain Development Services

As a leading blockchain development company in the UK, India and USA, we build decentralized applications, metaverses, crypto token exchanges, and more. Strivemindz’s blockchain development services allow you to store information digitality with peer-to-peer network formation. Through, our blockchain services you can effectively experience secure customer identification, secure payments, digital security for storing information and many more.

Why Your Business needs Blockchain Development Services?

Digitalize your business with blockchain trust, security and switch to higher traceability for sharing data across your business networks. Experience the most cost-effective and highly efficient blockchain solutions at Strivemindz.

  • Say Goodbye to the 3rd party control / Eliminate intermediaries

    • Do your scrum masters and project managers (PM) are still saving your company's precious data on third-party applications or websites (such as: Google Drive or any other 3rd party application)?
    • If yes, then transform your database with Blockchain solutions. Prepare a digitally decentralized ledger to overcome the probability of data hacking or data failure.
  • Optimum Secure and Transparent Approach to Create Trustworthy Relations Among Customers/Employees

    • Blockchain enables highly transparent and immutable operations that signifies about storing data in the cryptographically protected blockchain.
    • The blockchain will be transparent and highly immutable so it will be going to be next to impossible for hacking or alternating your existing data.
    • Even if anyone tries to alter or hack any of the data then new changes will be going to be reflected in the entire chain networks.
  • Save Cost of operations

    • Once, you will create your blockchain network for your company then it will become highly efficient for processing all the transactions.
    • It will be going to reduce manual tasks – such as: aggregating, amending data and auditing processes.
    • So, with blockchain development, you will need to invest an ample of money but in the long term, your business can save a huge chunk of money by reducing manual tasks.
  • Security over Data = Control over Business Operations

    • Development of smart contracts.
    • Get control over the data – you can decide:
    • With whom do you want to share your data?
    • For how long do you want to share your data?
    • A decentralization network will keep your data in a peer-to-peer network for generating effective operations.
    • Later on, your data can only be accessed through a cryptographic signature.
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Connect with our project managers to discuss about your blockchain development projects. We conduct a 5-step analysis to overview all the requirements of your projects.

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Our Unique Attributes: Why Choose Us for Your Blockchain Development Project?

  • 10+ Year's of Experience
  • 100+ Software Engineers
  • 1000+ Projects Accomplished
  • Digital and Smart Server Facilities
  • AI-Drive Data Management Tools
  • AI-Enabled & Machine Learning Frameworks
  • Personalized Solutions – Our Project Managers (PM) will analyse your requirements then they will present customized solutions by integrating the entire project requirements.

Unlike Our Competitors - We Work with Cutting-Edge Technology

We work with innovative technologies, protocols, APIs, extensions and many more to craft a customized blockchain development solution as per your business requirements.


Blockchain frameworks

  • Ethereum Framework
  • Bitcoin
  • Hyperledger
  • Quorum


Front-End Frameworks

  • PHP
  • Angular
  • React JS
  • Vanilla JS
  • Node JS
  • Express JS


Cloud Platforms

  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Kaleido Insights

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Blockchain Development Solutions for Different Industries

Strivemindz is capable for transforming different industries through our blockchain development solutions. We have customized plans for integrating your business requirement and we conduct a detailed industry analysis so that cutting-edge technologies can generate a competitive advantage for you.

Ready to Develop a Blockchain Application together?

You can hire Blockchain app developers from strivemindz in flexible hiring models:

Over 10 Year's of Experience| No Hidden Costs| Easy Payments| Multi-faceted projects
  • Requirement Analysis
    • You share your requirements
    • We analyze your requirements
    • Technical documentation and basic designing
  • App Development
    • Discuss project details
    • Start the development process
    • Communication and review
  • Deployment
    • Project completion
    • Testing and evaluation
    • Deployment and launch
  • Full-Time
    • Billing on a monthly basis
    • 8 hours of work per day
    • Fully committed to work
  • Part-Time
    • Communication via email and Skype calls
    • 4 hours of work per day
    • Monthly billing for the project
  • Hourly-Basis
    • Working hours depend on project needs
    • Approx 2 hours of work
    • Available based on requirements
  • Complete Development Process
    • Understand the development plan
    • Project paperwork created
    • Project timeline discussed
  • Experienced Professionals
    • Long-lasting business relationship
    • Easy and quick integration
    • Cost-effective resources
  • Time And Price
    • No additional fees
    • Project rates on a monthly and hourly basis
    • Fixed project deadline

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Strivemindz’s Blockchain Application Development – Q&A

With the help of Strivemindz, blockchain development solutions – you can take advantage of these foremost benefits: Security: Digital ledger formation will make your data highly secure which will be next to impossible for hackers to enter in your system. All the data will be protected with the crypto enable keys. Efficient resources utilization: The transparency of blockchain technology will help you in access data in real time. You can also be able to remove the manual data processing that will eventually result in saving lot of time and efforts. Compliance: Blockchain development solutions will offer you higher transparency because all the blocks and ledgers are visible in the decentralized network. Any changes or modifications in a single block will be going to reflect in all the blocks. Thus, it helps in keeping a higher level of compliance for safeguarding the system.

The time required for the project completion entirely depends upon your project size and requirements.

Our business analysts (BA) will effectively check your projects and then they can suggest about the technological framework that needs to be input in your project. Commonly, we take use of these major technological stacks – such as: Web3.JS, PHP, Solidity Language, Ethereum.JS, etc.

In enhancing data security. In making decentralized operations. In creating advanced smart contracts.

This technology is utilized for creating a decentralized ecosystem.


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