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As a leading IoT development company in UK, India & USA, with the development of latest technology as well as modernization all over the world there is a network of physical objects that install with software, chips, sensors and other technologies for exchanging and connecting information from one device to another over the internet. This is termed as the internet of things (IoT) which brought changes in the digital world and affected our daily lifestyle. Through this wide network people can connect all over and all over the world and anyone within a fraction of seconds.

There are numerous MNCs that are widely dependable on the fast and effective way of communicating with each other, machines and devices. The expert team at Strivemindz works together to find the solution for your requirement. Our team aims to help your firm for custom solutions for your business strategy. We deliver strategies that are highly protected and trusted on different IoT devices.

Working with us will help you improvise your company’s insights to boost company’s revenue. Our resources and agile working methodology will be a boom for your company in the near future. Thinking where to start from? Connect with us, and our team will guide you as per your needs.

Our IoT Application Development Solutions for Businesses & Enterprises

As a leading IoT development company, we help you connect, monitor, and manage your machines & equipment through a central dashboard. With our well-defined approach, we help you determine your business's IoT needs and solutions in order to develop the right solution.

IoT Development Consultancy

We aim to provide you completely personalized IoT development consultancy service that includes scope estimation, resource planning, business infrastructure audit, and overall IoT development planning.

IoT Architecture Development

Our expert IoT developers comes in with a visionto build sustainable and efficient IoT architectures (Smartphone-Centric, Hub-Centric, and Cloud-Centric) on various business fronts to increaseproductivity of your company.

Backend & API Development

Provide us a chance to offer you unmatched backend & API development for an unprecedented IoT infrastructure with more advanced features such as robust, fast, and seamless connectivity and communication between the devices.

IoT Data Analytics

To uplift your project with seamless IoT infrastructure, we integrate proven and powerful cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud to offer you faster connectivity and data communication.

IoT Cloud Solutions

We aim to implement IoT into your work environment in order to provide you comprehensive and intuitive IoT Data analytics that showcases essential analytics retrieved from various devices in a better way.

IoT Data Analytics

We aim to implement IoT into your work environment in order to provide you comprehensive and intuitive IoT Data analytics that showcases essential analytics retrieved from various devices in a better way.

IoT Gateway Development

We compact the use with flawless integration of networking protocols, storage management, secure data flow between devices and more our experts offer world-class IoT gateway development services with unlimited customizations.

Connectivity with wearable devices

With a help of wearable devices, connectedness has reached a whole new level. We aim to offer custom wearable apps that uniformly connect wearables to other devices helping in seamless data flow between the devices.

IoT Sensor Integration

Various sensor integration, sensor data management, data analytics, and report generation are some of our services that go beyond expectations and offer remarkable accuracy and real-time communication.

IoT Firmware Integration

You can always count on our decade long experience for embedded software and firmware development and integration for M2M devices and IoT hosts with world-class quality standards.

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Recent App Development Projects

Look at our amazing projects for more information about mobile application development with Strivemindz.

IoT Development Services for Various Business Industries

At Strivemindz we offer IoT App development services to a wide range of businesses across the globe.

Custom Cloud Solutions

Industrial IoT

When it comes to our IoT developers and designers, the opportunities are limitless. We provide smart device collaboration, connectivity, manufacturing automation, inventory management, supply chain management, and many more Industrial solutions that are based on IoT that helps in increasing manufacturing capacity while offering overall process automation that enhances efficiency and profit.

  • Industrial IoT App Development
  • Data Warehousing & Analytics
  • Robotics
  • Asset Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • AR Remote Assistance
  • Video Surveillance
  • Industrial Controls

Consumer IoT

The consumer-based industry is filled with so many experiments and full of possibilities. Therefore, our innovation never stops. With IoT, we develop software and digital infrastructure for smart wearable devices, smart home devices, retail devices and interfaces, and more. The list can go on and on, we transform every possible sector with our future-ready innovative IoT approach that delivers and shows results.

  • Wearable Device Software
  • Embedded Software
  • Smart Home Infrastructure
  • Back-end Infrastructure
  • Smart Mobile Applications
  • Smart Consumer Electronic
  • Security & Safety Solutions
  • AR/VR, Mixed Reality, Extended Reality

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