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Strivemindz provides Custom Open source development services to build web applications focused on performance, scalability and security.

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Customized open source solution, which we create, offer companies to design and deliver best performances that they always wanted.

In today’s era, open supply development has speed up within the current international marketplace as each man of affairs is wanting forward to having its own business web site or an android application that will be developed in open supply custom solutions. Uneven options, cheap costs, effectiveness and high performance area unit a number of the points that build ASCII text file development exceptional preference. strivemindz, a number one open supply development company, offers full-fledged and custom solutions for corporations, start-ups and enterprises. Here, we have a tendency to confirm to develop measurable solutions from scratch to integrate CMS parts, providing stable open supply solutions and apps for your business.

We provide open supply ecommerce development solutions that supply complete flexibility and management over the web channels, giving the power to make sites that offer an all-around client expertise victimisation engine improvement, catalogue management, and varied promoting tools. We produce open supply CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions that merely pipeline management, accelerate deal nurturing, foster collaboration with communication tools, and automatise daily processes like knowledge capturing, e-mail electronic communication, internal notifications, and reports and insights. Our open supply integration solutions modify the customization of computer code integrations, and facilitate the seamless association of applications on-premises or within the cloud. parts area unit designed for readiness and important production deployments, like performance management, high handiness, and security. We develop custom open supply computer code solutions, together with websites, internet applications, internet services, databases, business intelligence, analytics, cloud platforms, networking, CRM, containers, ERP, automation testing, distributed systems, and more. Our solutions area unit customizable by business and technology wants.

Our developer’s area unit consultants in open supply computer code development for varied functions and industries, providing end-to-end services together with custom development, program and knowledge (UI / UX) style, integration, DevOps, speedy prototyping, customizations, migrations, re-engineering, and security programming. If you want to get any of these customizable solutions, then join us in this journey!!

Services We Offer

CRM Development

At Strivemindz, our creative developers offer you bespoke CRM platform help your business to rise above common and complex challenges for unprecedented growth in sales and enhanced customer relation that drives your business reach to a wider and broader masses.

CRM Consulting & Training

Our supportive CRM professionals help you devise a smart and efficient CRM development strategy that aid in the development of a robust platform for your businesses. And comprehensive training sessions help you and your team to understand the essentials of the platform.

CRM Implementation

An effective CRM system can do wonders for your online business. Hence, we leverage our expertise to implement feature-packed CRM into your business process to take your sales and customers retention on a whole new level with versatile management and automation capabilities.

CRM Integration

We assist you to integrate a dynamic CRM platform in your existing online business to buff it up with intuitive and automated client credential management and lead management, etc. We ensure a flawless CRM integration that streamlines your overall business operation process.

CRM Migration

We help you to switch from your existing CRM platform to an efficient and powerful CRM to expand your customer reach by channelizing your marketing & advertising campaigns to boost sales. In addition, new business automation helps you to get precise analytic data and reports.

Support & Maintenance

At Strivemindz, we don’t believe in compromises. Therefore, we do not cut any corners when it comes to our customer support & maintenance. We stay by your side even after the development process to ensure flawless performance of your CRM platform and essential upgrades.

Dedicated CRM Development

Operational CRM

It includes Sales automation, Marketing automation, and Service automation. The main purpose of the Operational CRM system is to generate leads, convert them into contacts, capture all required details and provide support throughout the customer lifecycle.

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM is an approach to customer relationship management (CRM) in which the various departments of a company, such as sales, technical support, and marketing, share any information they collect from interactions with customers.

Analytical CRM

The main purpose of Analytical CRM is to gather customer information from various channels and gain knowledge about customers’ behavior and buying the pattern as much as possible for new marketing strategy, campaign management, etc.

Strategic CRM

Strategic CRM is a type of CRM in which the business puts the customers first. It collects, segregates, and applies information about customers and market trends to come up with a better value proposition for the customer.

Recent App Development Projects

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Open Source Development Services for Various Business Industries

At Strivemindz we offer Open Source development services to a wide range of businesses across the globe.

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