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Top Web Development Trends You Need To Know in 2021

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Web Development is the new rising star in the IT sector now. Digital market is a very competitive place and standing up to a position here is a difficult job. And that is the reason you should be adapt to the changing trends in the marketplace.  We here at, Strivemindz are providing you a detailed information of the Top Web Development Trends in 2021.

Web Development Trends of 2021

  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps have always held a spot in web development trends. And it continues to grab attention from developers and investors in 2021. PWA provides an app-like experience to users. Hence giving it the first position in the web development trend list. The majority of websites are focused on making them compatible with mobile and desktop users without downloading any app for that purpose. The languages important for PWAs are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React or Angular.

  1. Mobile-First Development

A large number of users now rely on mobile phones to get their work done. So, the Mobile-First approach is a very important point that should be a your strategy list. According to a survey, nearly 70% of customers return to websites that work efficiently on mobile phones. In May 2021, Google updated that page experience is now a crucial factor for deciding the ranking of web pages in search results. Thereby signifying the importance of web development. The goal must be to provide the best and most seamless experience to users on any device they use.

  1. Artificial Intelligence-Powered Chatbots

Providing a helping hand to the users entering your website gives them a chance to make a lasting impression on them. Through Chatbots, customers can directly reach the part of the page that will be most helpful of all. Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost all fields to increase the efficiency of websites. Interacting with customers is easy with the help of artificial intelligence.

Chatbots can provide solutions to users’ queries without any delay. The management can get quite easily and efficiently. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine language bots with better features such as speech recognition and cognitive intelligence can be upgraded on the website.

  1. Single Page Application

With high-speed internet access and the sudden rise in the popularity of JavaScript, single-page applications is one of the most important trends of web development. SPAs can hold the attention of users comparatively more than regular sites. Since SPAs are fast operating, it is easier to access and they improve the quality of the website as a whole. It provides instant feedback which is far better than the regular sites. Single-page sites have less consumption and more production. It can work without server-side code.

Recent demands and trends show how important it is to include SPA in your web development strategy. It is necessary to construct future projects as SPAs.

  1. Focus on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most important trends in every field where the internet is involved. Cyber threats and the risk of data theft are growing as rapidly as technology, so it is important to provide security to users and the brand as well. While developing a new website ensure that it has tight security and it meets with the data security standards.

Many fields hold important details of their users like healthcare and banking, and more and more tight security should be imposed here.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search has been a revolutionary change that came into the tech world from the very beginning. And it has never gone out of trend. Companies and brands are expected to launch their own virtual multifunctional assistants, that can execute commands upon hearing them. It allows users to save time and work more online. Voice search optimization should be an AI-based experience for everyone. It is beneficial for both the users and developers.

  1. Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) development is a huge trend in 2021. IoT means interrelated devices that are not dependent on the user to execute or operate any function or operation. The Internet of Things can make work easier and more convenient for users. It is a smart and suitable way of simplifying life. Many features such as payment, transportation, healthcare and smart houses are the top niches in IoT for this year. With the help of this user can lessen their burden and put their energy in the right direction.

  1. Push Notification

Notifications have always been a major part of mobile apps. But with time their aspect is changing. In 2021, they are expected to become a vital part of websites too. Including a push notification feature in web development can help in seeking more attention from users in web apps as well. Certain big platforms have been using this feature for quite some time and it has worked very well when it comes to retention of customers.

It is an easy way to remind customer about their important work or something new that you have come up with. The web development strategies including push notifications must be improved and enhanced with ready-to-use solutions. In this way, customers can save time and it will be accessible for everyone.

With the ever-changing trends, norms and ways of web development, it is hard to meet all the expectations at once. But the necessary part is that the developers can provide security and satisfaction to the customers. We have provided you with the trends and now, you should focus on what might work the best for your projects and get started with it.

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