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Puneet Mahajan, The CEO and Founder Of Strivemindz Emphasis on Affordable Development Service To Clients: GoodFirms

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Interview Series By GoodFirms

Founded in 2016, Strivemindz has a wealth of experience, having built more than 1000 digital products that include website and mobile app services for clients from all around the globe. In addition, the experts have acquired knowledge to meet client’s project requirements, budget expectations, and business objectives. As a result, the company is ranked among the top mobile app development companies in the UK, UAE, and AUS.

Interview Series By GoodFirms

The CEO and Founder Of Strivemindz

The company has a team of 50+ seasoned professionals who offer innovative solutions to fulfill the client’s vision. In addition, the skillful and experienced web designers have a strong command of technical languages and frameworks such as PHP, JavaScript, .Net, Open source, etc.

GoodFirms team approached the company’s founder and CEO, Puneet Mahajan, to discuss the company and its expansion stories.

Puneet begins by talking about the story behind his company. He mentions that the main vision to establish the company was to provide quality services under an affordable price range. He talks about how he used to see organizations failing to get their products developed in his working days due to lack of budget and therefore always wanted to get at least an MVP done so that businesses can see the viability of their dreams. This doesn’t mean that the company offers services at meager prices in the market, but they deliver products at affordable costs to their clients.

The passionate team of developers and designers is always willing to go the extra mile to get things done properly to launch in a short time and promise a successful product.

Talking about their company’s business model, Puneet mentions that they always believe in using in-house developers for the projects as they have specific quality standards set that need to be met. Moreover, the company differentiates itself by standing beside its clients when developing and delivering its products. This way the team ensures that whatever product or service is being developed follows the latest trends.

One of the company’s popular services is mobile application development, where the team believes that every project needs special attention and consideration. To meet the expectations of their client’s vision, the team members spend a reasonable amount of time putting their best efforts into investing and planning. Strivemindz understands what the clients want then moves forward with unique designs and creativity.

The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the potential of mobile app development at Strivemindz.

Development Service review

The company understands the importance of user experience and user interface in any mobile app; therefore, their designers strictly follow the design guidelines provided by Apple and Google to develop visually appealing applications. Not just iOS and Android, the company even offers cross-platform mobile app development services. So for creating applications that make a difference and inspire the clients to strive has been listed as one of the top mobile app development company in Jaipur at Goodfirms.

In the area of E-commerce website development, the company also has quite an established presence. The team provides CMS development services and e-commerce development to companies with the help of platforms like Magento, Zen cart, Prestashop, Shopaccino, etc. In addition, the team develops creative and attractive e-commerce websites that leave an impression in the visitor’s minds so that they’ll stay longer on the website. Moreover, the developers work together to get payment integration work smoothly with the help of the latest technologies  available in the market.

The team at Strivemindz works with complete dedication to help their clients reach the targeted goals. They provide support to their clients throughout the development process and increase their ranking to gain an edge over their competitors in the industry. For providing the best services in the most unique and efficient ways to their customers, strive has been listed as one of the top eCommerce development companies in Jaipur at GoodFirms.

Through intelligent planning, design, thinking approach, and the latest technology, Strivemindz helps clients develop compelling and exceptional websites. The company has some of the finest designers and developers skilled in web development, web portal, business application, CMS development, and responsive web designing services. In addition, the team of experts has the experience and vast knowledge in technologies like node JS, Angular JS, and laravel that can accelerate functionalities for client’s business websites.

The company focuses on addressing the designing and development needs of companies of all sizes ranging from startups to large enterprises. In addition, the team helps companies define their business strategies and structure effectively. For providing intelligent and cost-effective web development services, Strivemindz is listed among the top web development companies in Jaipur at GoodFirms.

Puneet concluded the interview by talking about seeing themselves among top IT firms and expanding to a team of 500+ employees in the next five years.

Thus, having read the excerpt from Puneet’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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