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What things should you avoid while hiring a full stack developer?

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Things to avoid while hiring Full Stack Developer

To create responsive and unique websites organizations and businessmen hire full-stack developers who hold great expertise in both developing backend and frontend of a website or application. They work in a multitude of programming languages on different platforms and thus are well-experienced in website development. These computer programmers are efficient in creating databases and servers for smooth functioning.

They are proficient in designing user interactions on several web pages and coding and developing APIs. Their other responsibilities include solving technical and consumer needs, adding web design features, ensuring optimization and monitoring the project from conception to finish.

Mistakes in Hiring a full stack developer

While hiring such professionals, HRs make some common and uncommon mistakes. Due to these mistakes, the company hires inefficient or incompatible programmers which result in underperformance and poor quality of work. To avoid such mistakes, read the following points:

  • Unrealistic Expectations

Many times the person or company who is hiring a full stack developer confuses the role with mean stack developers. It is essential to be clear about who you are hiring and what is “who” capable of doing and not doing. Full stack developers are not specialised in all fields like MongoDB, ExpressJS and Node.js. They are professionals who are more of a generalist and cover all these languages but in a general way.

  • Ignoring Technical Background

More often it happens that the hiring people do not run technical tests of candidates and do not check the technical background properly. Because of this the candidate suddenly gets a lot of workload on concepts that he is not familiar with. This results in poor performance of the candidate. Hence, it is advised to thoroughly check the technical skills of a full-stack developer before hiring.

  • Underestimating Portfolio’s Information

It is a rooky mistake to not acknowledge a candidate’s portfolio which contains the history of all the development work he or she has done. The portfolio contains information regarding how the candidate approached a particular task, how the candidate managed to deal with and solve it and what his or her strong points are in development. It also tells us about the presentational and technical skills of the candidate. Hence, never ignore or overlook a candidate’s portfolio.

  • Avoiding face-to-face Interviews

Meeting a person physically gives a lot more idea about how the person thinks and how will he perform his job than via email or social media. Face-to-face meetings help establish a connection with the candidate and give a better understanding of things. It helps in predicting the seriousness and sincerity of the candidate towards the job. Thus, it is advised to not avoid physical meetings with candidates while hiring.

  • Limiting the Range of Search

A common mistake HRs make is following a traditional pattern of hiring developers from the same place. This leads to a limited number of candidates available and reduces the chances of getting good and talented developers. In this world of technology, there are several ways where people can post job vacancies and promote their hiring process. These ways should be utilized by HRs to gain maximum quality developers instead of repeating an old traditional hiring pattern.

  • Candidate Behaviour

It is important to know how the person you are hiring behaves and functions under different circumstances. One should hire a full-stack developer who can calmly and patiently work in a stressful situation. Contributing to the solution instead of creating a ruckus and doing nothing is an important quality that you must ensure. It is essential to know how will the candidate handle uncertainty and inflexible situations. Also, multitasking candidates should be given more preference than others to save time.

  • Communication Skills

One of the major requirements in the corporate world is how fluently one can communicate with others. A developer needs to have good communication skills as it helps in establishing a friendly and deep connection with clients. Full-stack developers need to persuade and manipulate clients which requires this skill set and personality. Hence, it is essential to check on your candidate’s communication skills.

Hiring a full-stack developer is a tedious and brainstorming task but we can speed up your hiring process by getting you in contact with our full-stack development team and getting all your queries resolved. The procedure involves many stages and tests. The analysis of candidates is also very time-consuming. In such processes, it is common to make mistakes and hire the wrong person.

So, to avoid such mistakes and hire quality full-stack developers one must follow the above-given points. Here at Strivemindz, we have quality full-stack developers who abide by all the mentioned points.

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