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Top 13 Web Development Tools 2021: Review by Strivemindz

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Top 13 Web Development Tools 2021

Web Development Tools allow developers to work with various technologies. Using Web Development Tools should make mobile development faster and more affordable.

A responsive design should be created with their assistance. An effective responsive web design will improve the online browsing experience, improve SEO, reduce bounce rates, and simplify maintenance. In addition, you should choose a Front-End Creation Tool that is scalable.

What To Do and What Not to Do When Selecting a Technology Stack!!

You should choose a web application technology that will best address the current project needs, not one that has worked in the past or is based on the experience or previous projects of your competitors. Despite the fact that you have had success with previous projects, the underlying technology stack will probably not work on this one.

Technology stacks play a major role in determining the cost of website development.

Tip: The technology stack for your project should be chosen by considering your needs, not by considering reviews and past experiences. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different tools. Professional web developers can choose the right tools. Thus, letting them make their own decision is the right decision. Delivering a successful project requires the proper set of tools.

The budget must be determined for a large project with high quality. Using tools that can provide you with ROI is what you should be looking for. So, while choosing a Web Development Tool, it is important to consider the factors of cost-effectiveness, ease of use, scalability, portability, and customization.

Moreover, at Strivemindz we offer a range of services including full-stack development, Mean Stack Development, front-end development, and back-end development which have a team of developers who are experienced in working on different sets of tools in the best possible ways.

TOP 13 Web Development Tools: Strivemindz Best Pick is Here!!

  1. JS

    This open-source tool is best for all kinds of big and small projects. Along with built-in testing, it provides many features like data binding, deep linking and form validation. This tool allows you to build an expressive framework with ease. Coding with this tool is readable and reusable. A fully extensible toolset that allows you to modify any feature as per your development requirement.

  1. Chrome Dev Tools

    Chrome Dev Tools: These are free-of-cost tools built into Google Drive. Major benefits of using this are- Java script debugging, multifunctional features of Security Panel, modifying HTML elements and inspection of network activity. It allows you to view and change the DOM and styles of your page. It has good optimization speed and diagnosis. These tools can only be used with one browser.

  1. Sass

    This CSS extension language allows you to share the designs of your projects. It is free of cost and is best for organising Stylesheets. One of the major features of Sass is that it allows users to create their own functions and also supports inheritance. It is used to build several frameworks and also uses nesting, mixing, loops, arguments, variables etc.

  1. Grunt

    This free tool is optimum for medium-sized projects. It’s a Javascript runner that performs tasks that are repetitive. It is used for automation as it produces the best results with minimal effort. I am also used to creating personalized grunt plugins for NPM and providing several other plugins. It is easy to install but uses updated NPM as it installs a grunt plug-in.

  1. Code Pen

    Code Pen: This tool offers individual as well as team plans starting from $ 8 per month. It is used mainly for designing and developing the front end of applications. It uses all the features of IDE and also has a custom-built editor. It is compatible with CSS, JSON, SVGS etc and maintains privacy. With its collaboration mode, this tool allows multiple users to code and share concurrently.

  1. TypeScript

    This free-of-cost tool supports all OS and is a typed superset of Javascript. It compiles the code in Javascript which will run on any browser in any Javascript engine. The benefits of using this tool are- access to the latest Java script features, insights and behaviour of the library, custom-defined interface between components, type erasure, namespaces and generics.

  1. GitHub

    GitHub is one of the most popular software development tools that starts at $ 7 per month. It is used for project management, code reviews, integrations and code sharing. If used for an enterprise, it offers features like invoice billing, SAML, accessing, and efficient uptime. It is secure and uses two-factor authentication. It is used worldwide by developers and programmers to experiment and code.

  1. NPM

    This free and open-source tool allows you to use many features through Java script. It provides team management options along with no configuration requirement and enhanced security measures. It is very beneficial for enterprise purposes as it offers a de-duplicated environment along with SSO authentication and invoice-based billing. It allows you to install and publish unlimited OS packages and is one of the best solutions for public package authors.

  1. J Query

    A free-of-cost AMD module that is compliant with CSS and has rich features. It provides an easy and simple way to work with APIs which makes animation efficient. It is used for event handling and HTML DOM Tree manipulation and traversal. Its API is supported by almost all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS and Edge.

  1. Bootstrap

    This free tool is open-source and compatible with CSS, HTML and JS. It is used to develop responsive applications that have an efficient grid system. Along with a wide range of pre-built components, it also has strong plugins built with JQuery and extensive templates. It also contains mixing and variable features from SASS.

  1. Visual Studio Code

    This open-source free platform allows users to run their code anywhere. Its features include- easy debugging, inbuilt Git, extremely extensible, customisation, multifunctional editor and options to add new languages. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. It offers an additional feature IntelliSence and a variety of themes. It provides syntax highlighting, imported modules and smart auto-completions.

  1. Sublime Text

    Its license costs $ 80 per month for personal use. It is a popular text editor supporting split editing mode. It is used to code and markup. Supported by Windows, Linux and Mac, this tool has many features customisation, UI tool kit, indentation functionalities, instant project switching and sorting features. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it is not compatible with mobile platforms.

  1. Sketch

    Starting with $89 per month, this tool features reusable components that help in creating smart and responsive content. Used to create timeline animations and personalized themes, this tool comes with a wide range of templates and plugins. Its only con is that it is only supported by MAC OS. Its features include- easy conversion of wireframes into UI elements, accurate pixel, prototyping and vector editing. It can also display your designs in the form of flowcharts, allows team sharing and is best in customization.

    Sketch, Sublime Text, GitHub, and CodePen, of the above list of top Web Development Tools, are licensed tools. Both GitHub and CodePen offer free plans. Free software includes AngularJS, Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, Grunt, Sass, etc.

Our top picks for web development tools are AngularJS, Chrome Dev Tools, Sass, Grunt, and CodePen. Grunt can perform repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, etc.

Sass provides a wide range of frameworks that will help you get started with your design. With CodePen, you have a chance to experiment and share ideas with others.

You should choose a Web Development Tool based on your particular project requirements. The in-depth review presented here should help you make a wise choice.

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