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Useful Angular JS Tools for Creative Web App Development

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Angular JS For Creative Web App Development

With the emergence of digitalisation, operating in only brick-and-mortar stores is no longer sufficient for modern-day businesses. Therefore, the majority of these businesses look towards creating a strong online presence through their web apps. The digital space has offered today’s brands growth and sustainability, and this is why web app development is in the vogue right now. However, this is no easy job.

Creating a web app from scratch can be time-consuming and requires expertise in the framework. A strong framework results in a better and stronger web app. Keeping this in mind, Google launched Angular JS back in 2010 which has been a front-runner in the web app development industry ever since.

What is Angular JS

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is a free web framework offered by Google which is used to develop single-page web apps. The framework is based on JavaScript and it lets the developer use HTML as the template language. Angular JS allows users to extend the HTML vocabulary for developing web apps and helps in creating expressive and readable web applications.

However, it is not just about having the best framework for your web app creation, it is also about easing the entire process. This is where Angular JS takes the medal as it offers multiple useful tools and features that allow the developers to quickly develop their desired web app that would be fully functional and readable for their users.

Top 10 Useful Angular JS Development Tools in 2022

Developing a web application with Angular JS is extremely convenient because of the tools and plug-ins it offers. Let us guide you through some of these highly useful Angular JS tools.

Here's our list of the top Angular JS development tools in 2022

Here are our recommendations for the best Angular JS tools for web app development in 2022.

  • Karma
  • Djangular
  • Protractor
  • Angular UI
  • Sublime Text
  • Mento.io
  • Mocha.JS
  • Angular Fire
  • Videogular
  • WebStorm


The most anxious time for a web app developer is the time right before the launch. This is the time when the developer cannot help but ponder random questions such as whether or not the app will be functional,  whether or not the app will be compatible with all devices and so on. What can a developer do to find the answer to these questions? The answer is simple – test your web app!

Karma offers exactly this. It is a QA & testing tool which developers can use to find any glitches, bugs, and potential flaws in the development process. The importance of this tool simply puts it at the top of our list. If you are a web app developer then Karma is going to be your best bet before you release your application.

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Creating a web app involves app content development which is a big job for developers. With the help of this Angular JS tool called Djangular, developers can create accurate app content for their specific projects as per their needs and suitability. Djangular enables developers to create app content per app which is crucial for creating a consistent structure for the web app sites.


Protractor is another Angular JS tool that is used for end-to-end web app testing. When it comes to custom Android app development, Protractor simply takes the cake as the best testing tool as it is compatible with Node.JS, Jasmine, Mocha, and Selenium. Developed by Google, this is one of the finest testing tools that web app developers can use to ensure the functioning of their apps.

Angular UI

If you want to develop your project quickly and efficiently then Angular UI is the perfect tool for you. The Angular UI is designed on a front-end framework called Bootstrap. By using Angular UI, developers can save a lot of time as they can use directives that are simple to integrate with Bootstrap instead of using separate widgets.

Sublime Text

If you are tired of having to go through a huge amount of coding and if you need a simpler alternative, then we have the perfect solution for you. Sublime Text allows text coders to compile a big pile of codes efficiently and effectively. Sublime Text is also compatible with multiple OS platforms and thus enables the developers to switch between different projects with ease. When it comes to text coding, Sublime Text is simply the best Angular JS tool that you can use.


Mento.io allows developers to code seamlessly and with enhanced flexibility. Selectable text input is available in Mento.io for specific code blocks. As Mento.io does not rely on JQuery, developers have more freedom and flexibility.


Mocha.JS is a tool built on Node.JS and it is used for JavaScript testing in optimal conditions. Mocha.JS is one of the finest tools for testing your web app and it also offers high mapping accuracy and reporting frequency.

Angular Fire

Back-end development is an integral part of web app development. AngularFire serves as an effective online Angular JS IDE to develop back-ends for web apps. AngularFire allows extraordinary file management and API features. Despite being an online IDE, it is possible to store important data for offline usage with AngularFire.


In case your web app needs to handle videos, you have a perfect companion in Videogular. Videogular is a video player based on HTML5 that offers video support. You can integrate all forms of videos and multimedia elements into your web app by using Videogular. Videogular also supports in case you need to create custom plug-ins. For the video and multimedia-related requirements of your Angular JS-based web app, Videogular is the best tool you can use.


If you need a text editor, then you must have WebStorm for your web app. It is an Angular JS-based tool with JavaScript compatibility along with CSS and HTML5. WebStorm is particularly helpful if you have grown tired of continuously refreshing your screen while editing texts and need something that feels smoother and more efficient. With its efficiency and popularity among developers, WebStorm rightfully finds its place in the list of the most useful Angular JS tools for web app development.


Angular JS was already a very helpful framework for web app development, but the tools have taken the game to a better level. With the help of Angular JS tools, developing a web app seems like a child’s play… Or does it?

Developing a web app is a lengthy process that requires skills, precision and years of experience. Strivemindz takes pride in being one of the leading web app development companies around the globe and with our help, developing a web app for your business will be a piece of cake! Contact us and let us help you in turning your dream into a reality!

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