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Why Should You Learn JavaScript Before Learning Angular or React?

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Learn JavaScript Before Learning Angular or React

JavaScript is a programming language primarily used by Web browsers to create a dynamic and interactive experience for users. The main reason why JavaScript has such a big reputation in the industry is that it is a type of client-side programming language. A Client-side programming language essentially is a language that is entirely based on the client’s machine and not on any server to connect and perform.

JavaScript is the new choice of developers and businesses. JavaScript has a very active role in the success of search engines, ecommerce, content management systems, responsive design, social media and other several phone apps. JavaScript is very popular right now. JavaScript comes with different frameworks and libraries that can be used for the development of different websites and web applications.

Angular And React (Industry and Market)

Angular is a full-featured, structural framework designed for developing mobile and desktop applications. Angular is known for speeding up frontend development and being the fastest way to build data-driven web applications. It is reliable and efficient. Angular applications may at first seem challenging for developers to comprehend, but that’s precisely the reason it require time at the beginning of the process. The basics of Angular can be learned with elements such as directives, modules, components, service and dependency injections.

React is also an open-source library. It is generally preferred by developers to create reusable UI components and handle the view layer of their applications. With the help of React, users can change data fast and scalable without even reloading the page. Learning React requires an understanding of writing components, managing internal state and ability to use props for configuration.

In order to use Angular and React efficiently, it is important to learn JavaScript. The value you derive from these languages is directly proportional to your efficiency in JavaScript. Using JavaScript as a base language will help developers to save time and effort.

Why learn JavaScript?

JavaScript has become an integral part of the internet industry as developers have shifted towards it completely. With the increase in complexity and interaction in the applications, JavaScript and its libraries have helped them build interactive functions easily. In order to use Angular and React more effectively, it is suggested to learn JavaScript first. These programming languages embrace the complexity of JavaScript which makes them powerful and elegant at the same time. Here are a few reasons why you should learn JavaScript:

  • Ideal for Newbies

If you are just starting learning JavaScript and you are wondering about environment setup for practice, well you have got nothing to be worried about. Because JavaScript is already in your browser. It is the default language of the internet. So, you can jump right in and start your coding practice. Therefore, the basic needs for learning JavaScript are a web browser and a text editor.

JavaScript also has a vast online community who are ready to help and support you anytime you need.

  • Easy to learn

JavaScript intricates complex details into abstract and that makes it easy to understand by someone who has just entered into the world of programming. Unlike the other high-level programming languages, it has a more natural essence to it. Once you are thorough with the fundamentals, it gets easier with each step. The syntax of this language is quite simple and logical. Mostly, the syntax consists of English language making it easier to understand.

JavaScript is easy but that doesn’t mean it cannot support typical features. JavaScript supports valuable skills like object-oriented, functional and imperative styles of programming.

  • Versatile

JavaScript has a wide range of implications and usage. With JavaScript you can easily handle all aspect of development. JavaScript comes as a package deal. if you have mastered this language, you will be comfortable using different frameworks like Angular, React or Vue. JavaScript along with Angular or React can be used as a frontend development language. And for backend you can opt for Node, Nest or Express. JavaScript provides the liberty to work in the development field as a full-stack developer. For mobile, desktop or web applications JavaScript can be used with Electron, React Native or React.

Not only can it be used to build applications and websites, it can also be used to create visually appealing websites that can catch users’ attention and gain traffic. You can use it to add design elements and animation, scrolling video and other interactive functions. JavaScript can deliver any feature you want.

  • Big Data and Cloud Development

Standard data exchange on the internet today is done with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). JSON documents are used for record storage in NoSQL databases, and JavaScript works better with JSON to connect the application with big data than any other language.

The field of cloud-based apps is also booming every day, so more developers are turning to Node.js. This has made Node.js high in demand in the market. IT has more than eighty-eight thousand modules to work with. Node.js is one of the four languages supported by cloud Development platforms like Google and Microsoft Azure.

  • Valuable Tool for Designing Games

Since JavaScript is the impeccable choice for building visually attractive effects, it is the most suitable tool for developing games. JavaScript developers have a significant edge in the games industry. It is one of the most thriving industries at this point and it is expected to reach heights in the coming future.

Because of the flexibility, versatility and libraries, JavaScript is the ideal language for game developers.

JavaScript developers are highly in demand in the industry. And if you are specialized in React, Angular or Node along with JavaScript, it automatically increases your demand and paycheck. Learning JavaScript can give you the stability in your career and boost your potential as a developer.

There is unlimited resource on the internet from where you can learn JavaScript. You can learn JavaScript by looking up tutorials on YouTube and for theoretical aspects you can refer to W3 school or JavaScript textbooks. And once who have a stable grip on the language practice more and more every day to gain expertise in the language.


JavaScript is one of the most stable, easy, and thriving languages today. Angular and React also hold an important place in the industry. But JavaScript makes it easier for developers to use Angular and React. Working in the development field can be hectic at times but with big community support, you can grow and learn easily. Both Angular and React technologies have so much to offer in terms of features, tools, and accessibility, and all these features come easy to learn and handle when you have experience with JavaScript.

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