Contactless Dining App Development Services

Create an extra safe and secure dining environment for your loved ones. Prefer contactless dining methodology thereby securing no transmitting of disease or any infection.

Why Contactless Dining App?

Everything in today’s world is technology-driven and technology-dependent. The restaurant industry is no exception. We can see how technology has become an integral part of the food industry in the form of food delivering apps, payment solutions, and many more such things. The industry is being reshaped and revamped by technology at an unimaginable pace.

The next big thing in the restaurant industry is contactless dining app development Services. This is the tech revolution in the restaurant industry. During the pandemic, we saw how the restaurants struggled just to survive the pandemic-induced lockdowns, but at the same time technology helped many establishments resume business.

Contactless dining apps help restaurants to provide a hygienic in-restaurant experience by minimizing human-to-human interaction. The customers don’t have to interact with waiters or restaurant staff anymore. Every single thing right from booking a table to placing an order and making payment, everything can be done with a mobile app now.

Why Influencer Marketing- Key Advantages

Spread Brand Awareness

Peopleget influenced to invest in something that is being marketed by some specific influencer or by any brand that provides good deals. Large number of audiences can reach out to you when you have made your presence visible to users on social media.

Build trust and credibility

To reach to a specific point in your audience’s eyes you first have to become trustworthy and credible. When any influencers post about your product, reviews it and gives the information about it, their audience believe it and they turn towards you expecting the same credibility.

Reach a vast audience

When you reach out influencers who can market your product well enough, you open doors for a number of new audiences who believe them. This gives you the opportunity to stand out. Marketing your products through right influencer will automatically allow you to soar your demand.

Relevant and Creative content

Relevance and creativity are the main reasons audience drive to any page or website. How does your content stand out? The content that you are presenting should be relevant to the type of audience you have. If you have stationary products, target the audience that might be interested in that.

Provide value to audience

Influencers helps the audience to understand the quality of product and whether or not it is suitable for them. In order to reach to users on social media, you should post insightful post videos and photos that gives information about your product. Thereby showing the audience the quality, they are signing up for.

Foster strategic partnership

When you tie up with any influencer you already double your audience, the ones that follow you and the other that follow them. Collabs helps you bring audience to your business. Influencer marketing is therefore more effective and efficient as it works both ways.

Why you should work with us?

We have a team of award-winning app developers and mobile technology specialists to build the perfect app for you. Along with skills, we carry with us the valuable experience of working with leading fast food and restaurant chains that will make us the right choice for your contactless app development project. Moreover, we offer a range of services like:

  • Mobile App’s UI/UX Design.
  • Project Management and Development.
  • Third-Party API Integrations into Mobile/Web Apps.
  • Manual, Automated, and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Integration of Best App Monitoring and Analytics Tools.
  • App Publishing on the App Stores.
  • App Marketing and User Data Analysis for App Enhancement.
  • Mobile App Maintenance and Support .

Moreover, Beinga tech partner we are always backing you.

Urgently need a contactless dining app for your restaurant?

Benefits You’ll Enjoy with App Enabled Influencer Marketing for

Our mobile app development team works continuously to help you grow your App Enabled Influencer Marketing business and boost your ROIs with an agile MVP approach.

Attract Investors Easily

The MVP of your product helps your startup attract more investors by showing them the potential and viability of your mobile app.

Early App Testing and User Feedback

The MVP of your app allows for early testing of your app’s viability and gathers user feedback for further app enhancements.

Lower Cost and Risk

One can use the MVP to convince investors about his/her startup's viability and potential by showing them how the product works.

Progressive Addition of Features

Focusing on the essential features initially, MVP leaves room for adding new features progressively later after it is launched.

Main Features of our Contactless dining app


Online Table Booking

Thinking to visit your favorite restaurant. But what if when you reach the restaurant and didn’t get a vacant place!! Will that not be a mood spoiler?

So, to avoid such mood spoilers let’s book a table before arriving at the restaurant. This feature offers you similar functionality


QR Code Enabled Check In

This feature can allow guests to check-in after reaching the restaurant and occupy the pre-booked table without visiting the restaurant.


Pre-Ordering Food

Guest can pre-book their orders from the home and this can prevent the time that is being wasted while waiting for the order.


Self-Ordering at the Restaurant

This can help the user to scan food items using a QR code and place an order without human contact.


One-Tap Payment

This functionality can allow a user to pay for their food items once they have received the order.


Review and Rating

Feedback has always been a crucial factor in the business. This feature can boost the revenue of the restaurant as well as let customers know the real-quality of the food that is being served at the restaurants.


Promotion and Push Notification

This feature can allow restaurants to send push notifications to guests and get them updated with the new item in the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the customers can pay with the same app. They don’t need to switch to a different app to make any payment.
Mostly, payment issues are not due to the app but due to the bank servers. Sometimes the servers take time to respond or are out of service for the time being. You can wait for a while till the servers resume or can use an alternate method for payment.
Yes. We will provide a dashboard for the restaurant owners that will showcase monthly and as well as daily income and expenditure. That way you will be able to keep a track record of the performance of your business.

Our approach

Our focus is on making a sophisticated app for your business that can boost your revenue and also help us build a trustworthy and capable app development company. This feature can help users have a personalized dining experience as well as help you to re-market your strategies and gain customer loyalty with time.

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