XMPP Development
XMPP Development

XMPP Development

XMPP development was the major outcome of the early Jabber community, which focused primarily on open-source software, mainly jabberd.

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Discover Extensible Messaging and the Presence Protocol (XMPP)

As a set of open technologies, Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) to exchange information in real time. Furthermore, XMPP protocols are both open and easily understandable. There are multiple implementations available in the form of clients, servers, server components, and code libraries. A wide range of applications are available that are of interest to individuals and organizations alike. With its core services, it is also possible to create other types of applications.

A wide range of XMPP-based applications can be developed by our developers, including instant messaging, group chat, gaming, systems control, geolocation, middleware, cloud computing, data syndication, VoIP, and identity services. Additionally, we can deliver applications with data transfer, live chat integration with websites, presence-based directories, and mobile device communication capabilities.

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    What are the benefits of XMPP for your business app?

    • Online sharing, receiving, and syncing of files (chat with your personal database).
    • Socialize (text and call).
    • You can play multiplayer games online.
    • Share your screen (screencast, broadcast).
    • A variety of video conference options are available.
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    The key XMPP technologies are:

    • Core – XMPP core technologies used for XML streaming
    • Jingle – An application for voice, video and file transfer using SIP-compatible multimedia signaling
    • Multi-User Chat – An application for voice, video and file transfer using SIP-compatible multimedia signaling
    • PubSub – Data syndication alerts, rich presence, and more
    • BOSH - XMPP (and other) traffic binding via HTTP

Chat Applications That Use XMPP in The Real World

There are many messaging protocols on the internet, but XMPP is one of the most widely used. If you decide to use XMPP in your project, your project will join the ranks of several top companies and apps, including:

  • WhatsApp uses its own version of XMPP
  • The chat feature of Zoom is based on XMPP
  • The Apple push notification system uses XMPP
  • Geolocation-based dating application Grindr uses XMPP for chat functionality
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